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CEO Taylor Re Lynn Opens Doors for Diverse Voices

Taylor Re Lynn
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Taylor Re Lynn, CEO

As an actress, film producer, and founder of Cultured Focus Magazine, Taylor Re Lynn is part of a unique group of entertainment industry leaders and trendsetters striving to open doors and level the playing field for new talent and creators.

“We must be an advocate and voice for those that have none,” Lynn said. 

Lynn’s producing credits include the critically acclaimed “Love, Gilda” and the Golden Globe-nominated “The Fencer.” Currently, Lynn’s projects include a short called “Il Moro,” and she is the producer for “Hunting Trophies.” 

Lynn is considered by many to be a culturepreneur and a true visionary leader in a diversity movement within the entertainment industry. Lynn’s mission is to help independent filmmakers and artists from varied backgrounds. She is also incredibly dedicated to assisting women with their film projects.

Culturepreneurs are leaders who recognize that a new cultural order is transforming what good leadership looks like and feels like now and in the future. Leaders such as Lynn are establishing a cultural identity in their business models while taking advantage of the tremendous economic opportunities.

Since 2016, the magazine has provided a global platform to showcase and laud international talent and diverse voices. Under her expert leadership and steadfast commitment to cultural diversity and inclusivity, the magazine will continue its design to inspire, make an impact and support the global entertainment community.

Lynn is a proven advocate, supporter, and media partner through Cultured Focus for a diverse global roster of organizations, including the Women in Cinema Awards in Italy, France Modest Fashion, Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, Miami Modest Fashion, and recently the Bronx World Film Festival.

“Being a global citizen, it’s important to look not just in your immediate community, but also beyond to make an impact.”

Lynn is blazing a trail and uplifting voices that ordinarily may not get the opportunity to be heard. As her footprint continues to expand, we look forward to her evolving impact. 

Follow Taylor Re Lynn on Facebook (@taylorrelynnofficial), Twitter (@taylorrelynn, and Instagram (@taylorrelynnofficial) to learn more about her and her upcoming projects.
Website: www.taylorrelynncom.

Magazine Accomplishments

Cultured Focus recently picked its 10 Culturepreneurs for the past year. The individuals were selected on their ability to drive growth, innovation, and make an impact within their local communities.

In addition, the magazine held its Cultured Focus Awards 2022 and Diversity in Film Symposium at the 79th Venice Film Festival to celebrate acclaimed film directors and artists for their leadership in breaking down barriers in the film industry and fostering diversity and inclusion. For more on Cultured Focus, visit

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