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CEO Taylor Re Lynn Opens Doors for Diverse Voices

Taylor Re Lynn, CEO

As an actress, film producer, and founder of Cultured Focus Magazine, Taylor Re Lynn is part of a unique group of entertainment industry leaders and trendsetters striving to open doors and level the playing field for new talent and creators.

“We must be an advocate and voice for those that have none,” Lynn said. 

Lynn’s producing credits include the critically acclaimed “Love, Gilda” and the Golden Globe-nominated “The Fencer.” Currently, Lynn’s projects include a short called “Il Moro,” and she is the producer for “Hunting Trophies.” 

Lynn is considered by many to be a culturepreneur and a true visionary leader in a diversity movement within the entertainment industry. Lynn’s mission is to help independent filmmakers and artists from varied backgrounds. She is also incredibly dedicated to assisting women with their film projects.

Culturepreneurs are leaders who recognize that a new cultural order is transforming what good leadership looks like and feels like now and in the future. Leaders such as Lynn are establishing a cultural identity in their business models while taking advantage of the tremendous economic opportunities.

Since 2016, the magazine has provided a global platform to showcase and laud international talent and diverse voices. Under her expert leadership and steadfast commitment to cultural diversity and inclusivity, the magazine will continue its design to inspire, make an impact and support the global entertainment community.

Lynn is a proven advocate, supporter, and media partner through Cultured Focus for a diverse global roster of organizations, including the Women in Cinema Awards in Italy, France Modest Fashion, Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, Miami Modest Fashion, and recently the Bronx World Film Festival.

“Being a global citizen, it’s important to look not just in your immediate community, but also beyond to make an impact.”

Lynn is blazing a trail and uplifting voices that ordinarily may not get the opportunity to be heard. As her footprint continues to expand, we look forward to her evolving impact. 

Follow Taylor Re Lynn on Facebook (@taylorrelynnofficial), Twitter (@taylorrelynn, and Instagram (@taylorrelynnofficial) to learn more about her and her upcoming projects.
Website: www.taylorrelynncom.

Magazine Accomplishments

Cultured Focus recently picked its Top 10 Culturepreneurs for the past year. The individuals were selected on their ability to drive growth, innovation, and make an impact within their local communities.

In addition, the magazine held its Cultured Focus Awards 2022 and Diversity in Film Symposium at the 79th Venice Film Festival to celebrate acclaimed film directors and artists for their leadership in breaking down barriers in the film industry and fostering diversity and inclusion. For more on Cultured Focus, visit

Bed Bath & Beyond joins list of companies under fire

Image source: NBC News

Bed Bath & Beyond: On Thursday, Bed Bath & Beyond announced an issue after suffering another setback.

The business claimed that it had no resources to pay off its entire debts.

An anticipated bankruptcy notice was issued as a result of the company’s failure to make payments on its JPMorgan credit line.

Later on Thursday after hours, shares of Bed Bath & Beyond dropped, abruptly suspending trading.

The market value of the shares was $295 million at closing, representing a 22% decline.

The news

In a securities filing, Bed Bath & Beyond stated that the company looked to be short of resources to cover the debts that the Credit Facilities had guaranteed.

If resources are insufficient, the company may need to investigate additional options.

One of its alternatives is restructuring its debt in line with the US Bankruptcy Code.

Bed Bath & Beyond is now attempting to reduce costs by adopting a number of strategies, including:

  • Closing stores
  • Lowering capital expenditures
  • Negotiating lease deals with landlords

The company did issue a cautionary statement, noting that the efforts might not be productive.

Challenging times

Bed Bath & Beyond’s most recent filing is additional proof that its time is running out as a result of its stagnant sales and increased debt.

Additionally, it occurs during a time of economic change during which inflation has been putting a pressure on household budgets.

Consumers are also spending more money on leisure and travel than on domestic goods.

Bed Bath & Beyond demanded early payments in the second quarter of its fiscal year, which led to a decrease in credit limits and a restriction of credit conditions, both of which led to problems.

According to the filing, they prevented the business from properly storing items before the holiday season.

Furthermore, Bed Bath & Beyond made it clear that sellers had to make payments in advance.

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The JPMorgan asset-backed loan still owes $550 million.

In addition, as a result of the credit facility’s renewal in August 2022, Bed Bath & Beyond owes Sixth Street $375 million.

The company’s debt includes unsecured notes worth about $1.2 billion.

As of the notes’ staggered maturity dates of 2024, 2034, and 2044, their trading values have fallen.

Bed Bath & Beyond announced that the company was unable to restructure part of its debt less than a month after assuring investors it would utilize additional credit to pay its bills.

The business recently made substantial acquisitions.

Bed Bath & Beyond issued cash payments on Thursday totaling $890 million for the nine months that ended on November 26.

At that time, the company confirmed that it still had $225.7 million in cash.

Early warning

This month, Bed Bath & Beyond warned that the company was considering filing for bankruptcy owing to a shortage of funds.

There was a higher likelihood that the company wouldn’t have enough cash on hand to fulfill its obligations because of the lower-than-expected revenues.

Sue Gove, the company’s CEO, stated that the company’s primary goals at the time were to renovate Bed Bath & Beyond and ensure that its brands remained the top choice among consumers.

The Bed Bath & Beyond “going concern” warning over its inability to make payments during the challenging quarter is followed by the Thursday update.

Other options

Bed Bath & Beyond has only recently begun weighing alternatives.

The company is considering looking for funding to keep it afloat in the event that it needs to file for bankruptcy.

The firm is currently going through a sales process to locate a buyer and support keeping its doors open for larger brands.

Bed Bath & Beyond is seeking lenders that could provide funding to keep the company afloat in the event that bankruptcy filing is necessary.

“Multiple paths are being explored, and we are determining our next steps thoroughly, and in a timely manner,” a spokeswoman said last week.

Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm, has shown interest in acquiring the company.

The fact that Buybuy Baby has outperformed the larger company interests the firm.

According to sources, Buybuy Baby will remain in operation.

RxPass joins array of Amazon projects in the pharmacy market

Image source: Tom’s Guide

RxPass: A worldwide technology enterprise, Amazon offers various services to customers and companies.

The following are just a handful of the services that customers can avail:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Studios

Amazon operates an online pharmacy and just unveiled a new marketing plan.

Amazon Pharmacy

Using the company’s website or mobile application, customers can procure either over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals from Amazon Pharmacy.

Customers have access to their order history, may schedule recurring refills, and receive special offers and discounts based on their insurance or Amazon Prime subscription.

They have the choice between picking up their meds from a nearby pharmacy or having them delivered to their home.

However, only US residents can utilize Amazon Pharmacy.

Tuesday saw the introduction of RxPass, a brand-new prescription service for Prime subscribers.

The perk

The recent addition to Amazon Pharmacy is intended to bring in more users and subscriptions.

RxPass customers have access to 50 generic medications in as many dosages as they need to address more than 80 common chronic conditions.

These meds include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes

Since delivery is free, there are no shipping charges to worry about, and the RxPass only costs $5 per month to use.

Venture into health care

For years, Amazon has worked to build a solid reputation in the healthcare sector.

During the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce giant launched Amazon Pharmacy, which supplied medication at more reasonable rates.

PillPack, an online pharmacy that specialized in shipping customers presorted medications in handy containers, was acquired by Amazon in 2018.

Consequently, Amazon Pharmacy was created.

This acquisition allowed Amazon to expand its clientele and offer a more specialized service in the market for the delivery of prescription medications.

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The company’s entry into the healthcare sector produced Amazon Care, but it was later discontinued.

For employees of partner firms, Amazon Care provided virtual primary care, follow-up care, medicine delivery, and video consultations with medical specialists.

Amazon shifted course and bought upscale primary care company One Medical in July 2022.

One Medical provided general care and telemedicine through a network of walk-in clinics and online therapeutic options.

They provided the following:

  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Home medication delivery
  • Same-day visits
  • Online scheduling
  • 24/7 virtual care.

One Medical sought to increase patient accessibility, comfort, and personalization of primary care.

One of the services that Amazon provides is RxPass.

Customers who make use of the Prime Prescription Savings Benefit can reduce the cost of generic drugs by up to 80%.

It also falls to 40% when using drugs from famous brands.

Subscription program & layoffs

The CEO of the biggest e-commerce company on the planet, Andy Jassy, is determined to reducing expenses while growing the Prime membership program.

Members of Amazon Prime may access a number of benefits and services for a nominal monthly subscription, including:

  • Free two-day shipping on eligible items
  • Streaming of movies, TV shows, and music
  • Access to a rotating selection of e-books, magazines and other content

Also, Prime members get access to exclusive deals and reduced prices on a variety of goods.

Additionally, the service provides free same-day or one-day shipping on qualified products to a certain number of urban regions, as well as free release-date delivery on qualified pre-order items.

The corporation also intends to abandon other projects, freeze corporate employment, and let some 18,000 staff go.

Amazon has pledged to focus on long-term opportunities, such as the healthcare sector, which Jassy confirmed.

Pharmaceutical competition

In the pharmaceutical industry, Amazon is up against competitors from long-running businesses like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

The company has not yet provided an update on its efforts to launch the online pharmacy since its formation.

According to Business Insider, a Morgan Stanley report from August indicated that Prime members did not consider Amazon Pharmacy to be one of their most vital services.

Vin Gupta, chief medical officer of Amazon, says the firm is committed to offering a distinctive pharmacy experience from that of other vendors.

“This is still day one for us when we’re at our beginning stages here, but we recognize that change is needed,” said Gupta.

“That’s what patients across the country are telling us, and that’s what Amazon is responding to.”

RxPass does not yet offer insulin or other specialized drugs, and Medicaid or Medicare recipients cannot use it.

As for whether Amazon would soon boost the amount of prescription medications it offers through RxPass, Vin Gupta remained silent on the subject.

Gupta estimates that around 150 million people are using at least one of the prescription medications made available through RxPass.

NetChoice claims California law violates First Amendment, sues state

Image source: Knight Columbia

The extensive industry group NetChoice comprises tech giants like Amazon, Google, Meta, TikTok, and Twitter.

On Wednesday, the group announced its intention to sue California.

They decided to overturn the state’s recently approved Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, which they believe violates the First Amendment.

The Age-Appropriate Design Code Act

California’s legislation was modeled after those in the UK.

It wants to establish rules to make the internet safer for young people.

The Age-Appropriate Design Code Act mandates that kids always have the most privacy enabled.

Additionally, it mandates that websites intended for children under 18 assess the possibility of user abuse or exploitation.

The lawsuit

The NetChoice lawsuit is a developing legal case involving online free expression.

Legislators routinely want to weaken the extensive liability protections offered by online platforms for user posts and content control.

All political parties are impacted by privacy and content control issues.

However, there is still disagreement between Republicans and Democrats regarding the best ways to solve the issues.

Even though a majority Democratic legislature supported the California act, NetChoice filed lawsuits against Texas and Florida for the social media laws passed by those states’ legislatures.

By requiring tech corporations to delete posts with political undertones, the legislation seeks to make them accountable.


In contrast to what it was supposed to do, the new law in California would harm adolescents rather than protect them, claims NetChoice.

Furthermore, they contend that compelling businesses to deduce from consumers the meaning of “inherently subjective terms” violates their First Amendment rights to free speech.

According to NetChoice, the state may impose financially ruinous fines if the companies are wrong.

“The State can also impose such penalties if companies fail to enforce their content moderation standards to the Attorney General’s satisfaction,” said the group.

The Age-Appropriate Design Code Act is anticipated to take effect in July 2024.

According to NetChoice, the bill will force content providers to drastically reduce their output to avoid paying fines for creating what California deems harmful.

“The over-moderation will stifle important resources, particularly for vulnerable youth who rely on the Internet for life-saving information,” said NetChoice.

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Defense of the law

A representative for California Attorney General Rob Bonta defended the legislation despite the accusations.

The statement claims that the policy provides essential new safeguards against the collection and use of children’s data.

Furthermore, it addresses some verifiable negative consequences of social networking and other online products and services.

“We are reviewing the complaint and look forward to defending this important children’s safety law in court.”

Prior concerns

The lawsuit’s language is similar to a bipartisan federal bill that aims to provide children with online protection but is being contested by civil society organizations.

The groups expressed concern that the bill would increase the danger posed by children and teenagers.

The following organizations were among those opposed to the legislation:

  • The American Civil Liberties Union
  • Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Fight for the Future
  • Glaad
  • Wikimedia Foundation

Concerning the bill’s potential negative impacts, notably on the rights of the LGBTQ community, the organizations issued a warning.

People in the community are already concerned about how political prejudices can affect the standards used by content filters.

The bipartisan bill

The law would have imposed requirements on websites that minors under the age of 16 are likely to access.

Therefore, it would be their responsibility to reduce the likelihood of physical or psychological harm to young users, especially by encouraging the following:

  • Self-harm or suicide
  • Encouragement of addictive behavior
  • Enabling online bullying
  • Predatory marketing

“KOSA would require online services to ‘prevent’ a set of harms to minors, which is effectively an instruction to employ broad content filtering to limit minors’ access to certain online content,” wrote the groups.

“Online service would face substantial pressure to over-moderate, including from state Attorneys General seeking to make political points about what kind of information is appropriate for young people.”

“At a time when books with LGBTQ+ themes are being banned from school libraries, and people providing healthcare to trans children are being falsely accused of ‘grooming,’ KOSA would cut off another vital avenue to access to information for vulnerable youth.”

Revamping the federal bipartisan bill

The responsible legislators attempted to address the problems in a revised version of the legislation.

On Tuesday night, updates that addressed issues raised by the LGBTQ community and significant lawmakers were released.

In order to address worries that attorneys general with anti-LGBTQ attitudes may abuse the law, a modified “duty of care” language was introduced.

Additionally, a language stating that companies are not required to collect additional user information to determine the user’s age was changed.

Despite the changes, certain groups nevertheless opposed the law.

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Content moderation

NetChoice opposes the laws in Florida and Texas that would weaken Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which shields the tech industry from legal culpability.

The Act safeguards the right to manage content.

Republicans, on the other hand, have been attempting to enact more regulations on social media because they believe that conservative ideas are being suppressed on well-known websites.

Popular sites have denied unfairly implementing their community guidelines when this has occurred.

According to a reputable study, internet discussions are often dominated by conservative viewpoints.

A Texas version was barred from taking effect in May by the Supreme Court.

The merits of the case were not, however, decided.

Lower courts have thus far rejected Florida’s version.


Tech industry group sues to block California law designed to protect kids online over free speech concerns

Kids Online Safety Act may harm minors, civil society groups warn lawmakers

Revamped kids’ online privacy bill emerges in year-end push (1)

Covid-19 surges among senior citizens or ‘senior waves’

Image source: Vox

Covid-19: Despite a spike in hospitalizations throughout the majority of states in the winter of 2022, Covid-19 has only slightly increased.

When compared to other surges, the overall rate is still a very small portion of what it once was.

Cases involving senior individuals have so far been the only prominent exception.

Senior hospitalization

The age difference is at its widest degree ever as senior hospitalizations approach the height of the Delta spike.

In Covid-19, the hospitalization rate for seniors has been four times higher than the national average since October.

There was never a gap between nursing facilities greater than threefold, even during the winter spike in 2020.

Seniors who tested positive for Covid-19 during the pandemic have repeatedly been a source of concern.

Only 13% of all cases reported in the US were adults 65 years of age or older, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, that age group has been responsible for 50% of all hospitalizations and 75% of all deaths.

According to larger trends, the hospitalization rate for seniors in Covid-19 has changed.

Before seeing a steep drop in the summer, it hit a record high during the Omicron spike last winter.

However, senior hospitalization rates have often been greater than those of other age groups.

Age Gap

Professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research, Dr. Eric Topol, has termed the latest increase the “senior wave.”

“Right now, we have an immunity wall built up against the Omicron family – between shots and prior infections and combinations thereof – that seems to be keeping younger folks in pretty good stead,” said Topol.

“But the immune systems of people of advanced age are not as strong.”

Topol says that the most recent wave is likely having disproportionately severe effects on young people who have immunocompromised systems.

To assess the trends in that age range, however, not enough data is available.

According to Dr. Eric Topol, a factor in the growth in senior hospitalization rates may have been the underuse of medications like Paxlovid and new, immune-evasive variants.

He emphasized booster deficiency as the main culprit, notwithstanding the appallingly low rates.

“It all points to waning immunity,” said Topol.

“If more seniors had their booster, the effect would be minimal.”

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Vaccines & boosters

Only a third of those 65 and older had an updated booster shot, according to CDC data, which worries experts.

Infectious diseases and geriatric medicine specialist Dr. Preeti Malani from University of Michigan Health said: “It’s very, very concerning.”

“There’s a sizable number of people who actually got previous boosters who have not gotten this one and I worry that there’s confusion, there’s misinformation,” Malani added.

“So to seniors – and to everyone – I say: if you have not been boosted, get boosted.”

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 60% of seniors were concerned about an increase in Covid-19 cases and hospital admissions this winter.

More over 40% of respondents said they were concerned about becoming sick, but almost as many said they had no immediate plans to get the new booster.

Additionally, 25% of seniors claim they don’t have any plans to get a booster and will only do so if it’s required.


Vaccinations and booster doses continue to be effective at preventing serious illnesses.

Seniors still utilize boosters more frequently than other age groups, despite their low uptake.

Less than 10% of adults under 50 and less than 5% of children got their most recent booster, according to CDC data.

Despite this, experts insist that the difference in hospitalization rates cannot be explained by the expanding gap in vaccination rates alone.

“The truth is that, really, anyone can get this,” said Dr. Preeti Malani.

“But the older you are, the more likely you are to have severe symptoms, the more likely you are to be hospitalized, and the more likely you are to die.”

According to experts, viral diseases like COVID-19 spread equally among older and younger people.

Seniors are often introduced to Covid-19 by family, friends, and the greater community since they are more likely to suffer more serious consequences.

“Seniors are the most at risk, but we bring it to them,” said Malani.

“A thing unique to older adults is that many of them are grandparents and many of them provide childcare for their grandchildren.”

“So they sometimes get infected from their grandkids, who may also be going to school or daycare.”

Malani also emphasized the particular risks that senior citizens who live in communal settings, like nursing homes, present.

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Nursing homes

Despite how vulnerable they may appear, seniors do not constitute the majority of population growth.

A government watchdog report from earlier this month discovered a strong connection between breakouts in nursing homes and community spread.

This winter, nursing homes are at risk once more.

With the exception of the initial winter wave and the Omicron wave, weekly cases among residents have already surpassed previous highs.

They continue to rise.

However, according to information from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, only 22% of the staff and 47% of the residents had received all of their vaccines.

The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists’ executive director, Janet Hamilton, said:

“We all would have hoped that we would have a vaccine that prevents transmission. We don’t have a vaccine that does that, but it does reduce transmission and it does reduce severe outcomes.”

Hamilton underscored the importance of vaccination for elders who interact with other seniors in order to avoid detrimental consequences.

“But really, any individuals that come in contact with high-risk groups need to be the primary focus for getting vaccinated.”


A Covid-19 ‘senior wave’ is diving up hospitalizations

The USMNT move forward after beating Iran

Image source: CBS Sport

The USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) finished their group matches by defeating Iran in the World Cup in Qatar.

After a draw in the first two games, the team needed a win to advance to the next round.

However, thanks to a goal from Christian Pulisic, the USMNT managed to break through.


The game against Iran was a make-or-break situation for Gregg Berhalter and the USMNT after they failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

Despite a past absence, the team more than made up for that after three games.

While the first two games were problematic, as Team USA dropped four points to Wales and England, the USMNT managed to move on to the next phase.

Christian Pulisic scored in the first half and gave Iran a mountain to climb.

At the final whistle, the USMNT reached the round of 16 for the first time since the 2014 World Cup.

However, Berhalter and the young Americans became concerned after star player Pulisic suffered an abdominal injury while scoring the game-winning goal.

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Gregg Berhalter fielded a solid eleven against Iran in a game they needed to win.

The team consisted of the following people:

  • Matt Turner
  • Antonee Robinson
  • Tim Ream
  • Cameron Carter-Vickers
  • Sergino Dest
  • Tyler Adams
  • Yunus Musah
  • Weston McKennie
  • Christian Pulisic
  • Josh Sargent
  • Tim Weah

Meanwhile, Iran assembled a strong team to make life difficult for the American side.

Carlos Queiroz built a team that included:

  • Alireza Beiranvand
  • Ehsan Hajsafi
  • Milad Mohammadi
  • Saeid Ezatolahi
  • Morteza Pouraliganji
  • Mehdi Taremi
  • Ali Gholizadeh
  • Majid Hosseini
  • Sardar Azmoun
  • Ahmad Nourollahi
  • Ramin Rezaeian

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The match

The clash between the USMNT and Iran would always be intense.

It was also their first meeting on the soccer field.

Gregg Berhalter’s team showed determination during the match, and the USMNT started with 65% possession.

However, Team USA’s first chance came after about half an hour.

The Iranian keeper quickly intercepted an attempt by Tim Weah, but that only spurred the USMNT to do better.

Finally, Christian Pulisic broke the deadlock while clashing with Beiranvand.

“Captain America” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​had to be helped off the field by two medics.

Even when he returned to the game, Pulisic was clearly in pain.

As the second half began, Iran did everything possible to hold back the United States.

Substitute Saman Ghoddos had two chances to level the field, but Matt Turner remained unmoved.

Iran claimed a penalty when Mehdi Taremi fouled Carter-Vickers.

However, VAR ruled it was not a penalty.

Referee Mateu Lahoz blew the final whistle signaling progress for the USMNT and heartache for Iran.

Team USA meets a robust Dutch side who beat hosts Qatar 2-0 in the next round.


USMNT advances to World Cup knockout stage with hard-fought victory over Iran

Nets are thriving with their signings

Image source: Heavy

Nets: Without Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets dropped their next four matches while going through 11 games without Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons.

They are 29-17 in the Eastern Conference standings and one game behind the second-place Philadelphia 76ers.

On January 9, the Nets had the second-best record in the NBA until they announced that Durant had hurt his MCL.

After 18 victories in 20 games, they were only one game behind the league-leading Boston Celtics thanks to their offense and solid defense.

If the Nets had all of their players, they could win the championship with ease.

Durant, however, is not the cause of their current predicament.

Instead, they should be grateful for a plan that came to fruition.


In the first round of the playoffs in May 2022, the Celtics beat the Nets in four exhilarating games.

The team president, Sean Marks, said they needed to bolster their squad with more strength, flexibility, and intellect.

He underlined the importance of having players that wanted to make a difference with the team.

Kevin Durant requested a trade prior to signing with the Brooklyn Nets because they lack adequate resources at their disposal.

But given that the regular season is now halfway through, it is clear that their summer purchases were a series of bargains.

The 23-year-old player they re-signed showed remarkable development.

The glue player who cost them a first-round pick later in the draft is settling in..

The Nets’ versatile forward, who they snatched, is now the NBA’s top three-point shooter.

The gunslinger is getting back into the form he was in just before his surgeries.


Nic Claxton is making the progress that many envisioned last year because of his increased strength as the anchor of the Net.

As a result, he is a candidate for the All-Defensive team.

Claxton has been consistently neutralizing threats in addition to contesting more shots and fouling less.

“The more reps that I’ve gotten in the NBA, just guarding guys, picking up on tendencies, knowing where I need to be,” said Claxton of his refinement.

“It’s really taken my game to a different level on the defensive end.”

“I’m more confident,” he continued. “I’m not worried so much about just messing out there, so I’m just able to try more things and be more creative.”

“And I just have a better feel for the game, just with the experience that I’ve gotten.”


The Nets signed Royce O’Neale because they were in dire need of a shooter who could also guard wings.

He was lauded for being a reliable 3-and-D player.

But his proclivity for passing the ball, attacking close-outs, and supremacy in pick-and-rolls and dribble-handoffs surprised them..

“It felt good,” said O’Neale. “I mean, I’ve always kind of been able to play with the ball more.”

“Just reading different situations, and then becoming more comfortable with it, confident.”

When he initially joined the team, he intended to perform all tasks the Nets demanded of him, including ball handling.

Nic Claxton was quite kind in his praise of his teammate.

“He just comes in every day, just works, plays his role, doesn’t have a huge ego,” said Claxton.

“He just wants to come out and play basketball at a high level and win basketball games.”

“It’s always good to have glue guys like that on the roster who can bring that every single night. And he plays extremely hard defensively, can knock down shots.”

O’Neale believes he can do any job in any setting, notwithstanding the fact that any club could employ him.

“As long as I get to play basketball, I’m cool.”

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The signing of Yuta Watanabe caught everyone off guard.

When he was a player with the Toronto Raptors, he struggled with insecurity and always put pressure on himself to do more.

Watanabe had a leg injury while working out with the Raptors in the preseason, and while making recovery, his playing time was restricted.

However, Brooklyn experienced a positive change.

“At this point, it’s a mental game. No matter how bad or how good I shoot before the game or in practice or whatever, I’m always in the present,” he said.

“I always focus on the shot right in front of me. I think that’s the biggest difference between in Toronto and here.”

“Having an experience like that in Toronto is really helping me right now.”

Since joining the Nets, Yuta Watanabe has attempted 84 shots altogether, giving him a shooting percentage of 59.2% on open three-pointers.

“I was kind of surprised how much I’ve changed. Nothing really changed, but like how I’m shooting now. This didn’t happen overnight or like over a day,” said Watanabe.

“This is a process of going to the gym every day, getting shots up every day, and it’s a process of years.”

When he hit 17 points in 21 minutes during the December contest in Toronto, his confidence reached an all-time high.

“Every time I catch the ball, I feel like my shots are going in.”


TJ Warren experienced a nightmare after his 2020 season.

Due to his history of several surgeries and stress fractures, he decided to sign a one-year, veteran-minimum contract with the Nets.

Prior to his injury, Warren was a well-known shooter, but since joining the Nets, he has grown into a reliable backup.

Despite not being in the same shape as in the past, TJ Warren has shown to be a crucial element of the attack.

“He’s going to be a big help for us,” said O’Neale. “As he already is.”

“I think just him being confident on both ends, knowing what he’s capable of doing, it’s going to help us in the long run.”

“Our depth that we got, he’s a big part of it.”

Children susceptible to more illness if codetection finds Covid and another virus

Image source: Healthier, Happier Lives Blog

Children: There is still a lot to learn about the fatal virus, despite the fact that it has stalled since the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic.

Even now, researchers are working to better comprehend the virus.

According to a recent study, children under the age of five who test positive for another respiratory virus typically get worse.

They also get more illnesses.

According to research published on Wednesday in the journal Pediatrics, hospitalized children under the age of five who test positive for both Covid and other respiratory viruses have a doubled risk of developing serious respiratory diseases.

The study

When RSV, flu, Covid-19, and other respiratory infections filled children’s hospitals, research was conducted.

The results demonstrate the impact such viruses have on pediatric hospitals.

It also demonstrates how ongoing monitoring of Covid-19 and other viruses in circulation might aid in projecting future spikes in hospitalization.

Researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as from other institutions and health agencies around the country, conducted the study.

Firsthand account

Caring for children with overlapping respiratory conditions may be difficult, as Jenevieve Silva discovered throughout the pandemic.

Silva is a mother of eight and resides in San Jose, California.

She has had to cope with a slew of illnesses since her twin boys, who are toddlers, started preschool in May 2021.

“The height of the illness was from September through mid-November, when our household just could not catch a break,” she said.

Her twins tested positive for Covid-19 in October 2022.

Their pediatrician eventually diagnosed them with what they later developed as having another respiratory disease, perhaps a respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

“Based on what the pediatrician told us, she said, ‘I highly believe that they had these overlapping viruses,'” said Silva.

She also mentioned the following symptoms with the boys:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

In addition, one twin developed a temperature of 105 degrees for four days in a row.

Jenevieve Silva said watching her boys suffer was heartbreaking, despite the warm baths and Vicks VaporRub on their backs and chests helped them manage the discomfort.

“They had just looked so frail – they looked sick, like something deeper than back-to-back viruses,” noted Silva.

“It was hell. I mean, it was really bad.”

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The boys of Jenevieve Silva have now recovered from the illnesses.

Although they are doing better today and have put on healthy weight, she is still concerned that their fevers may have caused them to develop asthma.

The doctor stated it appeared to have possibly induced asthma since October when the twins had overlapping infections, added Silva.

They then start to have asthma symptoms like coughing and possibly throwing up if they get a cold.

“I can’t be the only mom dealing with virus after virus,” Silva said.

“Be patient. Listen to your doctor.”


The most recent research contains data on 4,372 kids who were hospitalized with Covid-19.

21% of individuals who were tested for other respiratory viruses had a codetection, meaning that additional viruses were also found in their test findings.

Researchers remarked that rather than coinfection, they were concentrating on codetection.

The child may not have been actively sick despite testing positive for the two viruses.

According to the study, detections of respiratory viruses were few throughout the first year of the pandemic.

While influenza codetections were scarce during the first two years of the pandemic, RSV and rhinovirus (or enterovirus) codetections surged during the Delta-predominant era.

The data showed that children with codetections were mostly younger than five.

Additionally, they were more likely to be admitted to critical care units and get increased oxygen support.

When children under two test positive for RSV while receiving Covid, they frequently develop serious illnesses.

Pandemic lessons

Dr. Ascuncion Mejias, an associate professor of pediatric infectious diseases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, said that the children she treated with Covid-19 and other viral codetections frequently required critical care and oxygen support.

“Covid is a very proinflammatory virus, so it really weakens your immune response,” said Mejias.

“And when you haven’t recovered yet, and you get a second hit, in this case, RSV or rhinovirus, you develop a more severe disease.”

The new study’s results, according to Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Division of Infectious Disease, highlight the significance of keeping children up to date on their vaccines.

Mejias added her two cents, emphasizing the significance of safe procedures to prevent diseases from spreading to infants who are too young to get vaccinations.

“The pandemic taught us how contagious these viruses are,” said Mejias. “If somebody is sick, try to avoid contact.”

“These viruses are not only transmitted by saliva and secretions, but by hands. It can survive in your hands for more than 30 minutes.”

“So if you touch your mouth and then touch a little baby, the baby can self inoculate the virus and become infected.”

“So washing hands and all these measures are very important.”


When young children test positive for Covid-19 and another respiratory virus, their illness may be much more severe, a new study suggests