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CEO Taylor Re Lynn Opens Doors for Diverse Voices

Taylor Re Lynn, CEO

As an actress, film producer, and founder of Cultured Focus Magazine, Taylor Re Lynn is part of a unique group of entertainment industry leaders and trendsetters striving to open doors and level the playing field for new talent and creators.

“We must be an advocate and voice for those that have none,” Lynn said. 

Lynn’s producing credits include the critically acclaimed “Love, Gilda” and the Golden Globe-nominated “The Fencer.” Currently, Lynn’s projects include a short called “Il Moro,” and she is the producer for “Hunting Trophies.” 

Lynn is considered by many to be a culturepreneur and a true visionary leader in a diversity movement within the entertainment industry. Lynn’s mission is to help independent filmmakers and artists from varied backgrounds. She is also incredibly dedicated to assisting women with their film projects.

Culturepreneurs are leaders who recognize that a new cultural order is transforming what good leadership looks like and feels like now and in the future. Leaders such as Lynn are establishing a cultural identity in their business models while taking advantage of the tremendous economic opportunities.

Since 2016, the magazine has provided a global platform to showcase and laud international talent and diverse voices. Under her expert leadership and steadfast commitment to cultural diversity and inclusivity, the magazine will continue its design to inspire, make an impact and support the global entertainment community.

Lynn is a proven advocate, supporter, and media partner through Cultured Focus for a diverse global roster of organizations, including the Women in Cinema Awards in Italy, France Modest Fashion, Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, Miami Modest Fashion, and recently the Bronx World Film Festival.

“Being a global citizen, it’s important to look not just in your immediate community, but also beyond to make an impact.”

Lynn is blazing a trail and uplifting voices that ordinarily may not get the opportunity to be heard. As her footprint continues to expand, we look forward to her evolving impact. 

Follow Taylor Re Lynn on Facebook (@taylorrelynnofficial), Twitter (@taylorrelynn, and Instagram (@taylorrelynnofficial) to learn more about her and her upcoming projects.
Website: www.taylorrelynncom.

Magazine Accomplishments

Cultured Focus recently picked its 10 Culturepreneurs for the past year. The individuals were selected on their ability to drive growth, innovation, and make an impact within their local communities.

In addition, the magazine held its Cultured Focus Awards 2022 and Diversity in Film Symposium at the 79th Venice Film Festival to celebrate acclaimed film directors and artists for their leadership in breaking down barriers in the film industry and fostering diversity and inclusion. For more on Cultured Focus, visit

Entrepreneur Ryan Margolin on how to conquer the world

With a post-graduate and Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland, Ryan Margolin is a business leader and an experienced entrepreneur. What sets him apart from the rest of his competitors is the fact that Ryan runs 6, 7, and 8-figure companies and has sold over $40 million of products globally. Over the course of his career, he’s taken on seemingly impossible projects and created value by looking at them from a different perspective than everyone else. Having worked in more than 15 countries, he excels at connecting the dots for success. 


Ryan’s expertise lies in his ability to quickly formulate simple, realistic strategies that create value from what others thought were dead ends. Moreover, he is an integral part of his family business, Professional Hair Labs, and contributed to taking it to the top of the industry by becoming the #1 Choice of Hair Replacement Professionals as well as the World Leader in Cosmetic Bonding. He is also the founder of Aesthetic Technology, a consulting firm that helps businesses automate their lead-generation processes and develop business strategies that promote lasting success.


His mantra for success is based on ‘Occam’s Laser’ principle. “You’ve probably heard of the Pareto principle that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. You might have even heard of Occam’s Razor theory, ‘The most likely answer is often the most simple’. But I am sure you’ve never combined the two. And that’s the only reason why you are stuck and can’t seem to scale to 7-figure profits and beyond,” informs Ryan Margolin. “See, Occam’s Laser shows that 80% of a business’s success is due to 20% of its effort. And that it’s usually the simplest, easiest actions that create colossal results,” he elaborates.


In fact, Ryan claims that following this principle has allowed him to achieve success as far as all his businesses are concerned. Apart from that, he has also helped many of his clients create breakthroughs after being stuck for years. Being a proficient entrepreneur and managing many businesses successfully, he believes in sharing the secret of success as well as his strategies with all those who want their companies to thrive. This is not all! He has a passion for mentorship and believes in empowering small businesses. Ryan frequently leverages his wealth of experience in order to assist other business owners. With his help, many start-ups have made the most of their concepts while successfully scaling their businesses without sacrificing flexibility, clarity, or dedication to putting people first. 


Ryan Margolin grew up in a house where both his parents worked as business owners in the hair replacement industry. Watching them manage their business, along with the ups and downs over many years, inspired him to take a similar route. He learned that taking risks is essential. If it works, that’d be great for your business, but if it fails, then it provides valuable opportunities to learn and grow. 


As for his company, Professional Hair Labs has been named among the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the USA for three consecutive years. They have also won awards for the best export company in the National Enterprise Awards in Dublin, Ireland, in 2022. They have taken the business from a 6-figure company to an 8-figure one after launching Ghostbond adhesive in 2009. Hence, their simple strategies of focusing on the right team members to provide excellent customer service have worked wonders for them. 


Success is something that anyone can achieve, given that they have the right attitude and mindset. “The truth is that it all starts with taking a good look at yourself in the mirror,” shares Ryan. His mentor taught him, and he recalls, “You can cheat in every aspect of your life. You can be dishonest with others. But at the end of the day, you can’t cheat that reflection in the mirror looking at you straight in the eye. In essence, if you pay close attention to the person in the mirror and learn how to take an honest look at yourself, you can get through any challenge and accomplish anything you set your mind to.” 


Moving on further, he explains that you will often find that nobody will believe in you until you have already achieved success. What many people fail to understand is that hard work has to come before you earn the belief and support. This means that you are going to have to work by yourself. For a long time. With no applause. No awards. And no recognition. You will have to learn how to be your own inspiration to continue when the going gets tough.


To sum it up, at the beginning of our lives, everyone will have an opinion on how things should be done or what you should or should not pursue. If you are passionate about something, do it. If anything, you will learn from it. Take every step and every curve as a learning process. Whether it helps build your business or not, it will definitely refine your personality. 


Ryan Margolin’s ethos is based on the core values of putting people first, challenging industry standards, and paying it forward wherever possible. His intuitive business sense, attention to detail, and dedication to his customers have paved the way to his success, and this is what he instills in aspiring entrepreneurs too. 

Andrew Giorgi Rises Above Despite Coming From Humble Beginnings and Facing Adversities

Far from being smooth, the path to success is riddled with countless naysayers and challenging obstacles. True enough, the ultimate test for go-getters and dreamers is not how fast they can reach the summits of their chosen field but how they manage to overcome challenges, move past rejections, and rise above failures – a circumstance that Andrew Giorgi is intimately familiar with.

From the get-go, Andrew Giorgi has always been adamant about translating his dreams into reality. Ever since dipping his toes into the realms of business and entrepreneurship, he has made significant strides to materialize his vision of success in this dog-eat-dog world. Despite the countless adversities and naysayers’ assertions, this go-getting personality continued to soldier through it all and became one of the industry’s must-watch forces.

Andrew Giorgi is an entrepreneur whose humble beginnings speak volumes of his passion-driven spirit and resilient mindset. Coming from a home that earns a low income with little to no opportunities, this power player has had his fair share of ups and downs before reaching the summits of his chosen trade. While these unfortunate circumstances might faze an ordinary dreamer, they served as a primary fuel that drove this powerhouse towards reaching his goals. Years later, Andrew managed to carve his own path and build his enterprise.

Over the years, Andrew Giorgi has successfully made waves in his respective trade. As a matter of fact, he has generated over seven figures from a YouTube channel with under 5,000 subscribers. He has also generated multiple six figures within the first few months of his ecommerce journey and turned two companies into seven-figure businesses.

Although Andrew has achieved several promising milestones, he admits that his path has not always been smooth. “The biggest challenge that I have faced over the years is paying my debts,” he shared. “My first business was filled with challenges, especially when my business partner screwed me over. I had to pay $35,000 while reinvesting in new ventures,” he added. Regardless of these odds, Andrew continued to explore more opportunities and equip himself with the necessary tools to launch his ventures to greater heights. “One’s first success will not last forever. Continue to strive for excellence and discover more paths that allow you to open more doors of opportunities,” he shared.

Apart from keeping a resilient attitude, Andrew revealed in an interview that building relationships is the most significant factor that strengthens one’s position in their chosen field. In his experience, having the right people has allowed him to climb the summits of success with grace. “Knowledge and execution alone can propel you to the industry’s summits, but relationships and connections will take you to greater heights,” Andrew said. Thus, success is not wrapped with passion, precision, and perseverance alone; it requires relationships that have been proven vital to one’s growth in any industry.

By continuing to defy odds, Andrew Giorgi has managed to turn his struggles into successes, owing much to the passion-driven spirit and persevering attitude he has maintained, as well as the social connections he has possessed throughout the years. As he reaches impressive heights, this go-getting personality hopes to inspire the next generation of dreamers to never give up and consistently rise above adversities.

How REAP Inc.’s Intuitive Programs Level the Playing Field for the Underprivileged Youth

Even though most people dream of a society with a level playing field, the reality remains that not everyone has equal opportunities. Statistics show that many of those who come from poverty will accomplish significantly less than those who are born into affluent families. Aware of this, one inspiring venture based in Portland has been dedicated to helping the youth from low-income communities find success.

Since its inception in 2001, REAP Inc. has offered services designed to mold resilient and empowered leaders who are not afraid to go after their dreams. Most recently, the enterprise has shifted its focus on helping school communities wherein a significant number of families are in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speakers.

What motivated the brand to pursue such noble advocacy is its realization that children of these families often face the most challenging experience in navigating school and life. As such, REAP Inc. has developed intuitive subjects and modules that are rooted in five key facets: Leadership, Student Voice, Cooperative Management (Conflict Resolution), and Entrepreneurship. 

The organization thoroughly explained, “The REAP Solution program is a 10-month leadership curriculum open to students from all backgrounds and cultures. The curriculum provides an extensive series of interactive leadership modules focused on civics, education, health, business, and entrepreneurship. In addition, program offerings are focused on specialized, applied learning approaches emphasizing writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry.”

Because of its incredible courses, its students learn leadership skills both in school and the community. Specifically, it helps them cultivate a strong set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and teamwork. On top of that, REAP has a Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP, which “creates opportunities for students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth to become self-sufficient.”

Aside from its well-thought-out programs, what makes the organization stand out is its flexibility and versatility. It had demonstrated an incredible commitment to innovation, especially during the pandemic when it had to adapt to various changes quickly. Looking back on the experience, the venture proudly shared, ” Transitioning REAP programs to a virtual setting has been costly, but 100% worth it for our students. Donations play an integral role in helping us to maintain, develop, and strengthen the quality of our online offerings.”

Given this, REAP Inc. is hoping to connect with more groups or individuals, including federal funders, CEOs, philanthropists, social change agents and organizations, NGOs, and donors who share the same vision of guiding the youth towards success. 

Moving forward, the company intends to broaden its horizons and reach a wider audience so it can help change more lives. In line with this goal, the organization is already planning on expanding to new districts and states. In addition, it is working on creating world-class eLearning and afterschool programs. Above all, it hopes to continue its advocacy of building strong youth leaders who can create a more progressive future. 

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Kevin J Davenport: Helping Organizations Fly High and Succeed

Every organization wants to succeed and grow, but not all teams have what it takes to achieve their goals. Kevin J Davenport has a burden for such organizations and works tirelessly to help leaders set targets, strategize, execute plans, and reach their full potential through his many leadership training programs and lessons. 

Kevin Davenport is an Airbus Captain, US Marine Corps veteran, and leadership consultant. He owns and operates Stratus Leadership Development, a leadership facilitating, educating, and coaching firm that helps companies achieve their goals and visions. Kevin brings to the table decades of experience and proven leadership principles that he has picked up from his days in the US Marine Corps and as an airplane pilot. Those lessons have proven highly effective in helping leaders in various organizations build relationships with their clients, employees, and stakeholders.

Stratus Leadership Development brought together over twenty years of leadership experience and tried and tested strategies that have helped over a hundred large and small corporations experience significant growth to employee happiness and the bottom line. The company offers various programs for all companies of different shapes and sizes, both for-profit and nonprofit. 

Kevin J Davenport runs one-on-one coaching with managers and C-level staff who want to bring their careers and organizations to the next level. The leadership facilitator also helps companies set short to long-term goals and targets through careful planning and organizing. Stratus Leadership also provides a boot camp for professionals on leveraging LinkedIn marketing strategies to get more clients and grow their business.

What motivated Kevin to start a leadership consultancy firm despite his busy flying schedule was the massive gap in the market that he saw in leadership development courses that teach the lessons he ascribes to most. “I have found that people shift blame, not take responsibility, or use an excuse not to take that next step of owning their careers,” shares the captain and leadership expert. “I want to help bring awareness to the fact that if you take responsibility, your relationships will improve and make for a better life.”

Kevin is also an author who has penned two titles. His first book is entitled “Navigate Your Success.” His other book is one he co-authored—a children’s leadership book called Molly’s Leadership Follies: Power From An Idea Book One. Kevin J Davenport enjoys working with managers, executives, professionals, and employees who want to create more cohesive team dynamics, create a tactical advantage, and help employees get the promotion they’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

As the captain of an Airbus A-320, Kevin has learned to maneuver through proverbial and literal storms to keep hundreds of people safe while bringing them from point A to point B, something he hopes to translate in principle into hundreds of companies across the nation. The leadership consultant and airplane pilot has successfully flown over 1,000,000 passengers in his life, emphasizing excellent customer service and expectation management. Kevin J Davenport’s enthusiasm and spirit are contagious, creating a sense of hope, camaraderie, and optimism in companies he works with. He hopes to speak to thousands more and hopefully write a third title very soon. Learn more about Kevin by visiting his website and LinkedIn profile.

King Luxe Club Raises the Bar for High-End Car Showmanship, Club Events, and Social Impact

In many ways, King Luxe Club has everything one would expect from an exotic car club. Members enjoy supercars, luxury mansions, concierge services, and lavish trips. What makes King Luxe Club stand out is its emphasis on helping people grow. As a community, King Luxe Club spreads positivity among its members and to the community.

Abhi Malhotra, also known as KING AM, founded King Luxe Club not only to establish an organization but also to promote an entire lifestyle. Coming from a wealthy family, KING AM collected multiple exotic cars as a hobby. He took his passion even further when he formed his company and club in 2019, using personal funds and working hard to expand his enterprise.

King Luxe Club reflects KING AM’s international background and outlook. He was born in India, brought up in Dubai, and came to the United States ten years ago. Today, he uses his unique abilities and vision to bring together a worldwide audience excited about both high-end cars and self-development.

For KING AM, his success is thanks to the FIT BOYS who motivate him. The FIST BOYS is composed of Sam Kumar, Sal Iqbal, Karan Motwani, Gulaam Mujtaba, and Jaseem Siddiqui. They are the people who pushed KING AM to every level and trusted him enough for every move he makes. He also mentioned GS MOTOR CLUB from New Jersey who supported him all the way.

The King Luxe Club community comprises various professionals from a wide range of industries, such as doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and celebrities. Together, the club members share their interests, experiences, and expertise. They help each other grow and become inspired to live the luxury lifestyle. Specifically, King Luxe Club guides its members with learning investment strategies. The growing community also assists with all automotive work.

A focus on profitability is a growing trend among car clubs. However, King Luxe Club gives equal attention to building lasting relationships. To keep members engaged, the club facilitates events across the United States and internationally. Careful planning goes into these events to ensure that every experience enhances the main event. The company’s goal is to push the envelope of high-end car racing and showmanship. 

Because of the team’s comprehensive approach, often securing accommodations and other travel necessities, King Luxe Club has built a close-knit organizational culture and strengthened countless friendships. The common passion and shared memories between club members make them feel part of a family unit.

Recently, King Luxe Club has diversified into other industries. KLC Real Estate is already in operation, constructing homes for sale. The company is also preparing the launch of its own line of vodka and single malt scotch. As he ventures into the liquor industry, KING AM will utilize skills he acquired earlier in life. His father had a liquor business, and KING AM worked in that company for a few years.

In addition to these luxurious events and business ventures, King Luxe Club is also engaged in charity runs. The company has partnered with local brands in New York City to help them generate business and recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. King Luxe Club also hosts philanthropic activities that benefit children and cancer patients.

Being in King Luxe Club provides people with opportunities to celebrate life’s success. In the words of KING AM, the goal of the club is to “Inspire people to do better in life, spend money on themselves and their family, and enjoy life to the fullest in a top-shelf way.”

Visit the King Luxe Club website for more information.

Shylo Eckstrom on Being a Survivor and a Thriving Entrepreneur

Among those who leave the most significant impact on this world are people who use their crafts to helping others turn dreams into reality. As facilitators of success and enablers of victory, these individuals have dedicated themselves to encouraging aspirants to step into their light and realize their potential. In the case of Shylo Eckstrom, it is shown how one’s years’ worth of experience can be used as a formative tool in creating leaders in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

Widely acknowledged for her incomparably resilient character, Shylo Eckstrom embarks on a mission grounded on compelling others to become the best versions of themselves. Through her entrepreneurial acumen, this visionary sheds light on what it takes to reach the summit of success. 

Although she is recognized as a laudable figure in the business landscape, Shylo Eckstrom is also a dedicated and loving mother to three amazing children. Proving to be unstoppable at her game, this ball of fire now owns a multi-million dollar business and a rapidly growing brand. On top of that, she is also a highly regarded public speaker. 

Standing at the helm of a thriving and flourishing career, Shylo Eckstrom explains that life has not always been easy for her. As a matter of fact, she had to undergo a series of misfortunes before getting to where she is today. 

Being someone who has been through her fair share of trials and tribulations, Shylo Eckstrom is intimately familiar with extracting valuable lessons from difficult situations and trying circumstances. For this reason, she addressed herself to the challenge of bringing hope to those on the brink of giving up on their dreams due to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Using her story and previous experiences, she inspires others to keep moving forward and transcend any adversities that come their way. 

If there is one thing that Shylo Eckstrom wants aspiring and success-driven individuals to remember, it is that they should always embrace their authenticity and stay true to themselves. “I am 100% and unapologetically me. However, this wasn’t always the case. I tried to dress and talk a certain way to fit in and be successful. I ended up burning out and felt like a failure,” she said. For this reason, she encourages everyone to take pride in who they are and not get swayed by others’ standards. 

Aside from her skills and abilities, Shylo Eckstrom is acclaimed for her compassionate stance in dealing with clients. “I am passionate about people and their success. My ultimate goal is to help people live the life they deserve,” the luminary said. As someone who has been through the depths of rock bottom, she understands how disheartening it can be to carry on. Thus, she strives to remind others that hardships are nothing but necessary steps in the road to success. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Shylo Eckstrom recently added a podcast called “Grit & Grace,” where she highlights high-figure entrepreneurs along and engages with real people. In the coming years, this go-getter wants to take her brand to the next level as she reaches global profit-sharing and supports her multi-million dollar team. 

After everything she has been through, Shylo Eckstrom sends across the message that one’s painful experiences in the past have no control over the greatness that awaits in the future. Indeed, anything is possible for those who set their hearts and minds into realizing their dreams. Learn more about Shylo Eckstrom here.

Mompreneur Mastery Offers Guidance to Moms with Business Aspirations

Motherhood is not an easy feat. There’s a lot to get done on a day-to-day basis and plenty to handle. But in recent times, there has been a rising trend of mothers seeking to start businesses alongside raising children. As rewarding as the road can be, it’s not easy. Thankfully, the world has mother coaches like Kasey Labrie and programs like Mompreneur Mastery. 

Kasey is a mother of four and a wife to a military man. She is also an author and businesswoman who has launched two successful ventures within six months of one another—Buffalo Group Tours and her recent start-up Mompreneur Mastery. Labrie has a big heart for mothers worldwide and seeks to help them chase after their dreams despite the stigmas that weigh them down and the busy schedules they often wrestle with frequently.

“After launching two businesses, I thought it might be time to start sharing some industry advice,” shares the entrepreneur. “Mompreneruship is not for the faint of heart. It can easily become very overwhelming. But if you have a good support system and valuable resources at your fingertips, you can find great success.” 

When starting her businesses, Kasey faced many struggles. On top of dealing with time management issues, she often felt lonely. There is a significant gap in terms of communities for mothers with businesses, leaving many moms lacking the support system and guidance to traverse through their atypical challenges when running a demanding start-up, especially in the early stages. Kasey conceptualized Mompreneur Mastery, seeking to provide that support system. 

Many mothers spend dozens of hours per week homemaking and child-raising, leaving very little room to start a business. But the recent rise of digital technology has made it possible for women at home to start businesses alongside raising kids and managing households. That’s not to say that it isn’t challenging anymore, as most women struggle to get over the steep learning curve of starting a virtual business.

Mompreneur and coach Kasey Labrie hopes to help mothers get over the hurdles of business start-ups by launching Mompreneur Mastery. The company provides women with learning programs that teach them how to successfully launch businesses and rise above the overwhelming demands of juggling kids, home, and entrepreneurship. The company’s slogan declares, “Staying inspired when you’re just plain tired.” The tagline is both a salute to mothers everywhere and a promise to help them get over business and life challenges. 

Kasey Labrie and Mompreneur Mastery have appeared on many podcasts and publications for their work in empowering mothers everywhere who seek to marry two callings: one at home and one in the virtual business world.

Kasey Labrie’s main activity through Mompreneur Mastery is providing coaching services to mothers with aspirations of launching a successful business. She is unique as a coach in that she leaves room for blurred lines. “Being a mom of four, I fully understand it is not always practical to shut your kids out of the room to focus on your work,” explains Kasey. “That is, in fact, quite counterproductive since most mothers have decided on the entrepreneurial journey to spend more time with their families, not the latter.”

Kasey hopes that Mompreneur Mastery will turn into chapters worldwide and expand into a movement that inspires women to chase after their dreams. Learn more about the company and its founder, Kasey Labrie, by visiting the official website.

Chrissy Grigoropoulos on Care and Love for Business

Chrissy Grigoropoulos and her team have appeared in the list of distinguished attorneys’ editions. Due to their good work, they rank in the top 100 magazines. The much experience gained by Grigoropoulos and her team has made their firm grow and gain popularity very fast. Chrissy is observed to be very careful and in love with her attorney business based on her performance of her roles and the Law Group’s organization. The idea of Grigoropoulos setting up ‘The Grigoropoulos Law Group, PLLC,’ demonstrates love for her work and the urge to help other people achieve their rights through the appropriate judgment of court cases. She also ensures that all the employed attorneys in the organization are well trained, experienced, and committed to attaining their clients’ best results.

Chrissy and her team are always proud of advocating for clients who have sustained an injury by other people’s negligence. They work hard to make sure that the people they represent get the results that they deserve. They offer achievable goals, realistic promises, and just results rather than filling their customers’ heads with dream scenarios. The accomplishment of the goals and objectives set by Grigoropoulos acts as one of the motivating factors to her and the overall team. A successful advocate system that yields good results to clients helps in building and maintaining strong relationships. Provision of excellent services to clients serves as a pillar of building the firm’s brand, attracting more clients in need of advocate services. The firm’s constant reputation from Grigoropoulos’ firm has helped the firm grow consistently, building more motivation for Chrissy and the whole team.

Due to the love of helping as many clients as possible, Grigoropoulos have engaged additional languages apart from English, such as French, Korean, Greek, and Spanish. The diversity in languages has helped serve many people all over New York. The firm also offers consultation rooms to new and existing customers to discuss their interests and the family’s interests to ensure that they are protected. The aim and interests of Chrissy are to aggressively respond to the needs of the clients and help them achieve optimum results from the service. The love of Grigoropoulos in her business is to ensure that legal matters are run smoothly, and the protection of rights is done.

The care and love of Grigoropoulos in her career and business have enhanced her to gain more recognition and success in her work. She has been able to expand her services into different Districts in New York. The good management of the Law Group through an assurance of quality services and qualified attorneys is also a root of its development. Excellent services that meet every client’s needs are offered, including free initiation guidance and consultations to each client. The start-up consultations help customers get the law’s legal process and the stages to be undergone to ensure that the rights are protected while eliminating unnecessary convictions and sentences. For emergency purposes, the firm offers 24/7 services throughout the week, where someone is appointed to receive emergency calls. The full-time operations ensure that no client misses the services and that all clients feel accommodated. It also helped in creating a healthy and bidding connection with clients.

Besides all the services offered by Grigoropoulos and her team, her hard work and determination are evident in the academic qualifications and achievements. Ms. Grigoropoulos was only 16 years when she completed her high school education. She later went to Saint Joseph College for a sociology degree and a Doctor’s degree from Michigan University. She was very attentive in her work and managed to be awarded a lot of certification for her profession and experiences. She is highly respected by her clients and school colleagues for her success. She is also fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek, which helps create client services diversity.

Ask Shonda: This Black Female Entrepreneur is Uplifting Small Business Owners Through Pop-Up Shops

Starting a business is no easy task, a challenge that LaShonda Johnson knows all too well. Better known as Ask Shonda, the Black female entrepreneur has been through the struggles of building a start-up with zero experience or connections. Still, Shonda has a vision in mind, not only for herself but also for a community of budding entrepreneurs.

While social media marketing and traditional advertising works for most brands, Ask Shonda believes that they are not the only promotional ways start-up entrepreneurs should abide by. As the founder of Hustlers Expo Events Inc., Shonda understands the power of showcasing products and services upfront and directly to consumers. By organizing nationwide pop-up shop events, the entrepreneur is uplifting an entire circle of start-up entrepreneurs, striving to make their marks in the industry.

Hustlers Expo Events Inc. was created to help start-up entrepreneurs showcase their products and services from one city to another. Ask Shonda and her team put together small business owners and allow them to build relationships with each other, network among like-minded people, gain organic traffic and followers, meet new customers, and ultimately, increase sales. With every pop-up shop event organized by Hustlers Expo, Shonda plays a pivotal role for entrepreneurs struggling to compete with big-name brands.

Before founding Hustlers Expo Events Inc., Ask Shonda started her own hair company called 360impressionz LLC. Unfortunately, the business failed, and the entrepreneur realized that she lacked one vital support system: a mentor. Since then, Shonda has corrected many of her mistakes and is now on a mission to guide aspiring business owners by providing them with a platform for their brands. “I feel that I create an impact on every city I pop up to by bringing 20-40+ small black-owned businesses together under one venue, working together bringing awareness to the small businesses that wanted to give up and did all they thought they could for their small business,” Ask Shonda said.

Furthermore, Ask Shonda argues that pop-up shop events bring more success than social media marketing alone. While the medium reaches broad audiences worldwide, social media impressions and reactions do not necessarily translate directly to sales. The entrepreneur also stressed that not every customer on the market is social media-friendly.

“Yes, social media plays a huge part in most big and small companies, but social media is not the only way to bring awareness to your small business, and one of those ways is Hustlers Expo pop-up shop events,” said Ask Shonda.

Additionally, as Hustlers Expo Events Inc. is built by a Black Female entrepreneur, it provides people of color with a new avenue to promote their small businesses. Ask Shonda understands that start-up entrepreneurs do not have the necessary credit line and are not granted loans right away. Hence, Hustlers Expo provides a temporary setting for entrepreneurs to join—no contract, no rent, no utilities, and no LLC is required for one merchant to become part of the growing community. 

Hustlers Expo Events Inc. will also continually promote the brands and businesses that joined its community. “When you register to be a vendor with Hustlers Expo Events Inc., you’re tied to Hustlers Expo for life! We don’t delete pictures, videos, or any promotional material, so anyone visiting our website or social media pages will continue to be looked upon,” said Ask Shonda. 

Besides being a business consultant and CEO of Hustlers Expo Events Inc., Ask Shonda is also a graphic designer, brand builder, online and offline business start-up mentor, logo designer, website consultant, and is well-versed with business branding. To add to her impressive list of qualifications, Shonda is also a credit repair specialist. Asked what her motto is when it comes to entrepreneurship, she shared, “Hustle Hard Like Your Lyfe Depends On It!”To learn more about Hustlers Expo Events Inc., visit its website.