Journey of Brian Mark: From a drug addict to fitness champion

Many athletes have been open about their drug and alcohol use and getting sober. The story of Brian Mark is no exception. From hitting rock bottom to establishing a million-dollar business, this thirty-year-old entrepreneur’s life was no less than a bumpy ride.

Iren Cara, iconic 80s singer, passed away

Image source: Syracuse Irene Cara, the “Fame” and “Flashdance” singer and actress, died this weekend at the age of 63. Judith A. Moose, her publicist, confirmed Cara’s death, revealing the singer died at her home in Florida. The news Moose announced Irene

Break-ins in Portland force store to close for good

Image source: Oregon Live Break-ins have become a persistent problem in Portland, Oregon, and a clothing store was recently closed for good due to the thefts. This month, a series of break-ins have left the store in financial ruin. They then posted

New York tragedy with two children dead in stabbing

Image source: Fox 13 Memphis New York: According to police, disaster struck this weekend when two young brothers were stabbed to death in New York City. The news The two victims – a 3-year-old boy and an 11-month-old boy – were found

The Chicago Police prepares new database policy

Image source: Crain’s Chicago Businesses The Chicago Police Department will roll out a new system that tracks and identifies citizens if they are gang members. The system comes after more than three years after a city watchdog warned the records were riddled

Qatar World Cup debut ends in loss to Ecuador

Image source: Getty Images Qatar hosted the first game of the 2022 World Cup last night but what should have been a dream turned into a nightmare. Qatar faced Ecuador in their opening game, and the quality of both teams could not

Shooting in LGBTQ nightclub results in five dead

Image source: MassLive Shootings continue to plague the United States as an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs has become the latest victim of yet another mass shooting. Before midnight on Saturday, a 22-year-old gunman entered Club Q and opened fire on the

Jason David Frank confirmed dead over the weekend

Image source: Getty Images Jason David Frank was a famous actor in the 1990s for playing Tommy Oliver in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Of all the franchise actors, Frank was one of the most active, if not the most active,

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