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New York City-based Luxury Apparel and Accessories Company Launches Collaborative Creative Coffee Table Book in Celebration of Quiet Luxury Line

Photo Courtesy: Ron Dyce / @officialrondyce
Photo Courtesy: Ron Dyce / @officialrondyce

By: Pamela Broussard

Ron Dyce will launch a collaborative creative coffee table book on May 18th, curated by industry creatives, to celebrate his latest quiet luxury line. The line focuses on designing high-quality custom apparel and accessories without grandiose labels.

Ron Dyson, Owner + Designer of Ron Dyce, is one of the first designers to create a collaborative fashion coffee table highlighting his apparel and accessory designs without the influence of other brands. Dyson’s goal with the launch of this book was to create a shared space to see creatives from all backgrounds win while showcasing the quiet side of luxury. Throughout his work over the past year, connecting with creatives of different backgrounds has allowed this vision to come to life. From independent creative directors to models, stylists, hair and makeup artists, videographers, and photographers, launching this book celebrates what the industry could be like when people come together. 

The fashion industry is often full of an underlying competitive nature between creatives, but sharing a space that fosters connections and growth amongst creatives of different backgrounds and skill levels to empower them is exactly why Dyson wanted to build this idea behind his own personal 

story as a designer. Within the luxury realm of fashion, Dyson often sees various roles within the industry being overlooked, so by incorporating people into this concept all over the country; he has been able to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work through his apparel and accessories on a much bigger scale than they typically would have access to. To Dyson, every role matters, and no artist is more important than another within the creative process. From major ad campaigns we see on billboards to fashion show productions, so many people are involved behind the scenes to make that magic happen and create a final result. Without each integral part, the product we see would not come to fruition. 

“The launch of this book is just one piece to a bigger puzzle,” says Dyson, Owner and Designer. “It’s not only about celebrating the launch of my new line and sharing my personal story but connecting creatives from all over because when we come together, magic can be made. I always wanted to see designer-specific books growing up that not only focused on the looks themselves but also the people behind the scenes making the magic happen. That’s what this book launch and fashion show event is all about. I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful artists throughout this process, from photographers to hair and makeup artists, stylists, models, directors, and so many others. I am eager to know that everyone who attends or purchases a copy of the book will be able to connect with the way they all wanted to communicate their own creative stories and see themselves in the clothing my team and I have worked so hard to create. My hope is to inspire younger creatives when they look at this book and to know that their artistry matters. I created my brand because art was a huge part of my life, and being able to share that art with people is a dream come true.” 

The fashion showcase and book launch presentation will take place in a downtown daylight studio on May 18th from 5-11 PM and will be ticketed for guests hoping to attend. Ron Dyce’s team will display the new collection of apparel and accessories alongside world-renowned violinist performances, a book signing, and an evening of creative connection. If you cannot attend the event but wish to purchase a copy of the coffee table book, it can be found on the Ron Dyce brand’s website.

Stay up to date with the event: Ron Dyce Coffee Table Book Launch 


Founded by Brooklyn-born and raised Ron Dyce and inspired by the street styles intertwined throughout the city, his designs combine elegant statement pieces with stunning, timelessly modern basics that keep things lively in the closet.


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