Match Group and Tinder Remove CEO, Metaverse Plans Scrapped

Image source: Reuters Online dating giant Match Group recently announced a series of changes to the Tinder management team. The company also announced a number of changes to move the company forward. Shareholder letter Match Group CEO Bernard Kim expressed his dissatisfaction

50 Consecutive Days of Gas Price Drops Show Positive Signs

Image source: Car World Automotive On Wednesday, AAA reported that the national average for regular gasoline fell three cents, and prices dropped to $ 4.16 per gallon. Falling pump prices continue to relieve people, especially in light of inflation and a shrinking

Fighting Mental Stress Pre And Post Relocation

The initial exhilaration of relocating to a different location may be exhilarating and adventurous; yet, many individuals are left with different sensations as the novelty of moving fades. Moving sadness, or relocation depression, may be caused by feelings of tiredness, uncertainty, doubts,

Tech is the Farmers Friend

Illinois is one of the top 10 producing agriculture states, 72,000 farms, and 75% of the states total land is farmland. Profitable farming is crucial for our state. Technology is improving and enhancing all aspects of farming. Drones,precision ag, aerial imagery, GPS

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