Introducing Leilani Kristina: Why This Mixed Race Millennial Loves Working with Others Who Give Back

Working for brands that one fully believes embody their own ideals is indeed a game-changer. For Leilani Kristina, having such opportunities has allowed her to grow more and bloom to be the artist she was always born to be. Today, she is successfully working with brands that forward the things she believes in and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Leilani Kristina is an influencer, brand ambassador, model, dancer, singer, and more–the true epitome of an entertainer. After seeing the late Prince perform on an awards show, she was driven to become a professional dancer. Consequently, hearing Mariah Carey

Groundbreaking Application Interviewly Helps Aspiring Professionals Land Their Dream Jobs

Many people, especially the youth, have careers that they would love to pursue. However, not everyone has the innate ability to handle the interview that comes with the application process skillfully. Because of this, a one-of-a-kind app, Interviewly, was created to help those individuals gain confidence, ace interviews, and land their dream jobs. The groundbreaking app was made with the mission to help applicants hone their skills. Not only is it an excellent fit for first-time job candidates, but it is also for those who wish to shift into a different industry. Using tried-and-tested training and other strategies, the platform

Stryker the Cat Is Releasing an NFT Collection to Help Vulnerable Animals

There is no shortage of unique concepts in the crypto space. As such, it can be challenging for new ventures to stand out in the highly competitive industry. Nevertheless, one upcoming collection is making waves and is taking the NFT scene by storm for its stunning designs and awe-inspiring advocacy—Stryker the Cat. The one-of-a-kind project takes inspiration from the beloved social media sensation, Stryker the Cat. Because of his love for raw chicken and cute antics, he quickly became viral. As a result, the adorable kitten has amassed a huge following on TikTok and Instagram of almost 10 million users.

Ana Skoumal on Utilizing Social Media to Create Ana Law LLC

While social media initially started to connect people, certain individuals realized that it had the potential to be something more. They took to social to monetize their talents and interests, paving the way for influencers today. In comes Ana Skoumal, who has started a career as an attorney to help online entrepreneurs and digital creators protect their brands. Long before the influencers of 2021, Ana Skoumal started sharing lifestyle content on her social media profiles. When she saw the potential of making connections on social media, Ana decided to maximize its power by monetizing it. “I was a very early

Anthony Napolitano Teaches Financial Literacy in Every Corner of the World

Financial literacy is a misnomer and only became a widespread phenomenon due to the introduction of social media. Thanks to the internet, financial experts and planners have stressed the importance of being financially literate and teaching how money works and how to make money work. Creating a path to financial freedom and building generational wealth is the other importance of financial literacy. However, despite its importance, only one in three adults is financially literate in the United States. For financial guru Anthony Napolitano, fixing this problem motivates him every day. With only a few years of experience working professionally in

One of a Kind Fragrance Line ‘Benigna Parfums’ Is Hollywood’s Next Big Thing

Benigna Parfums has caught the attention of the fragrance and luxury lovers by creating unique and one of a kind products in the world. Benigna Parfums is known for using the rarest and the world’s most expensive ingredients, which result in unique and luxurious exquisite fragrances. The company offers a line of exquisite gender-neutral perfumes that have captivated their fans with its unique artistry and storytelling. Their fragrances  have powerful heart notes that make you smell and feel like a million bucks. The brand offers an exceptional and unique customer experience; even going as far as offering an air lift

From a Broke Immigrant to a Renowned Business Mogul: Sam Jidd Shares His Story

For many people, getting started on a professional journey is directed at choosing a more traditional and socially acceptable career. However, choosing an unconventional career path without a college degree that fully satisfies one’s inner desire is no small feat as it requires calculated steps and sacrifices. Sam Jidd is one of the people setting the trend for career fulfillment and happiness as one brave enough to follow the yearnings of his heart. Sam Jidd is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Sam Jidd Luxury, and one of the co-founders of Jidd Motors, a car dealership committed to exceeding clients’

Felicia S Cunningham on Inspiring Others to Take Charge and Live a Life of Purpose

Hailing from Elgin, Illinois, Felicia S Cunningham is an accomplished author, singer, songwriter, businesswoman, wife, mother to three beautiful children, and a motivational speaker who travels the globe extensively to help people who are hurting or have given up on life and inspiring them to fight on and live a life of purpose, hope and empowerment. She also utilizes the vast resources of social media to help the people of God become mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally free and teach and motivate other women to become the best versions of themselves in all areas of life.  Born to Wayne and

Kamil Hage Continues to Dominate the Business Arena with Newly Launched Brand, Munchies

At the heart of every success story lies a deep message of faith, perseverance, and strength. As a matter of fact, today’s most successful people are proof that stark beginnings and humble origins can lead to the sweetest of victories. In the case of Kamil Hage, the esteemed founder of Munchies, it is shown that any dream can turn into reality as long as one is dedicated and determined enough to go out of their comfort zone and test their limits.  Armed with twelve years’ worth of experience in marketing and management, Kamil Hage is hailed for being an all-around

Upcoming Project the Cheetah Gang Quickens Its Pace to Join the NFT Community

With the epoch of technology at its peak, creative minds have taken to digital platforms to breathe life into their concepts that have slowly taken the world by storm. In the past decade, digital currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoins have become a trend. Recently, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have grown in popularity, with many tokens surging in the digital market. Joining the NFT community is one of the most anticipated tokens, the Cheetah Gang. Although NFTs have been around the same time as cryptocurrencies, it wasn’t until 2021 that they started to surge. The Cheetah Gang is among the latest

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