Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For In 2020

A trip downtown or a casual stroll inside a mall is enough for you to observe that everywhere businesses exist. Apparently, there are millions of them in the whole world, and at any given time, they compete to get the largest possible

Uplift Provisions Company LLC: Rocco’s Danieli’s Medium for Giving Back to Society

Overcoming addiction is a big deal, and drawing strength from that victory is even a bigger deal. Rocco Danieli has hit rock bottom before, but he found a way to bounce back, pull himself up, and is now on a path of helping others get their lives back together. The idea to launch Uplift Provisions Company LLC was conceived in 2017 in Rocco’s kitchen. At that time, he was broken spiritually and emotionally and undergoing a 12-step recovery process. His recovery entailed focusing on new things, which gave life to Uplift Provisions Company. Being a professional and experienced barber, Rocco

Acclaimed Wealth Strategist TD Brewer on Helping People Realize Their Potential

Personal growth is an undertaking that is, at times, difficult to face head-on and achieve on one’s own. For some, it is the inability to see their blind spots that can prove to be challenging, while for others, their lack of knowledge of where to start and how to approach the goal of transforming into a better version of themselves could be the problem. This is where TD Brewer, a leading personal development coach, comes in to lend a hand in translating one’s vision of growth into reality. Widely acclaimed, TD Brewer is known globally for his commitment to maximizing

Criss Bellini: The Number One Source of Unique, Customized and Branded Artwork

The value that comes with a piece of artwork is mostly derived from its exclusivity. Being an artist that values quality over quantity, Criss Bellini decided to make art exclusivity his core value offering. In his words, “I was inspired by people who are averse to mediocrity! I no longer wanted anyone to only have options like cheap posters and overpriced artworks, so I created a middle ground by launching my brand which offers exclusivity at an affordable price.” The Criss Bellini brand sells all its artwork on the official website, and they can never be bought anywhere else. Based

Antonio Pelayo: Finding Home in His Art

Art comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. It is often associated with how it conveys a message and evokes emotions. Empathy is essential to art. There is no greater feeling for artists than having others feel what they are feeling through their pieces of work. Antonio Pelayo has emerged from the artists’ kingdom to showcase his talent through exceptional pieces of art figures and animations. In this modern world, the demand for these kinds of art is rapidly growing.  Born in a comfortable home situated in an American suburb where picket fences and laughing neighbors sharing their homemade lemonades

Venerated Capital Group Sheds Light on the Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy has become one of the most highly coveted skills across many industries in this day and age. Aside from having a shield against financial failures, being financially literate also means having the ability to equip oneself with the necessary know-how to thrive in this highly competitive world. And as someone who has spent most of his life creating a path towards freedom and success, Preston Buhrmaster made it his mission to create avenues that educate people on the value of financial literacy. For this reason, he decided to create the Venerated Capital Group (VCG). As one of the

Vibe Body Care Ushers in the Future of Hairstyling

The idea that the youth will lead society to the future through innovations, both large and small, gains traction each day. Case in point: 19-year-old Timothy Morris has launched Vibe Body Care and ushers in the future of hairstyling. Finally, as guaranteed by the company, men can enjoy hair products that smell as good as they style. Timothy Morris started Vibe Body Care in his garage with only one product in limited quantity: the brand’s hair pomade with only 94 items in stock. Soon after, Timothy scaled Vibe Body Care. The company now offers five products and has about 10,000

UDooh Redefines Graphic Design With User-Friendly Interface

The business landscape is notorious for its fierce and intense cutthroat system. In an industry saturated with powerhouses and other established entities, entrepreneurial players must always be on the lookout for strategic ways to stand out and make a name for themselves. For this reason, celebrity graphic designer Dukwon “D.Cap” Jones took it upon himself to create a platform that would help businesses with exposure and visibility. As a result, he came up with UDooh, a revolutionary mobile app geared towards entrepreneurs.  Determined to help budding proprietors and other aspiring business owners gain public consciousness, Dukwon “D.Cap” Jones stepped into

Black-Owned Company ThykSkynn Aims to Amplify Peace Through Bulletproof Clothing

Cases of gun violence have been rising exponentially over the past decade, especially among the members of the black community. The human rights issue drove and inspired fashion designer Michael Allen to build ThykSkynn, a black-owned clothing brand that merges fashion and bulletproof protective gear. ThykSkynn is the first of its kind in the country to merge intricate clothing styles with bulletproof materials. The company upholds a mission to spread peaceful protection around the world, emphasizing that a vest does not promote violence but rather raises awareness of the need for protection. The apparel brand seeks to protect the energy,

TSL Rentals Provides the Luxury Experience for Property Rentals in Southern California

TSL Rentals reimagines luxury property rental and corporate housing with a wide range of top-shelf housing options, offering the best locations and views in Southern California. Company founder Kyle Biskit opens a window into a unique lifestyle fit for business travelers, entertainment personalities, and high-profile celebrities. More than just having a beautiful place to stay in, TSL Rentals provides its clients with opportunities to experience luxury. TSL Rentals has some of the most exclusive properties in Southern California in its listing. These highly sought-after properties include luxury villas in Hollywood hills and beach houses that offer stunning ocean views. Clients

Revolutionary and Unconventional: How Cannon Wealth Solutions Transforms the Financial Space

Much has been said that the secret to achieving success requires talent, skill, and precision. And while proficiency is undoubtedly one aspect that serves as a precondition in creating a path towards greatness, it all boils down to grit, passion, and determination. Indeed, some trailblazing moguls owe much of their successes to the amount of devotion they have invested in chasing their dreams. And in the case of Robert Cannon, it was his burning zeal and compassion that allowed him to dauntlessly dwell into an industry filled with tension and ruthless rivalry. Through his passion-driven spirit and creative mind, Robert

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