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Alexa’s Transformation: From Robotic Assistant to Conversational Genius

Amazon’s Alexa is set to undergo a groundbreaking transformation, thanks to the integration of generative AI technology. In a recent announcement made at Amazon’s new Arlington, Virginia campus, the company revealed its plans to revolutionize the way we interact with its ubiquitous voice assistant. This update promises to make Alexa

Ghroth886: Establishes Hyperlinks Between Digital Media and Traditional Symbols

Ghroth886: Establishes Hyperlinks Between Digital Media and Traditional Symbols

Ghroth886, a new media artist born in 1999, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of the Arts London and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Goldsmiths, University of London. He divides his time between Chengdu and London, and his work revolves around computer art, often combining virtual reality

AI hallucination

The Challenge of AI Hallucinations: When Machines Make Things Up

The News Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides in recent years, captivating us with its ability to generate authoritative and human-sounding responses to various queries. However, this technological marvel is not without its flaws. One of the most significant issues plaguing AI-powered tools like ChatGPT is what researchers term


Google’s $93 Million Settlement for Unauthorized Location Data Collection

In a landmark development, Google has recently concluded a significant legal settlement with the state of California, agreeing to pay a substantial sum of $93 million. This settlement stems from allegations of unauthorized data collection and the use of such data without users’ informed consent. In this article, we will

St. Anthony

Bridging Distances: St. Anthony Hospital’s Innovative Video Technology Connects New Mothers and Families Across Borders

A Touching Story of Connectivity Amidst New Beginnings In the heart of St. Anthony Hospital, a transformative narrative unfolds as cutting-edge video technology fosters connections between new mothers and their families, transcending geographical boundaries. Maria Cervantes, a resilient 34-year-old mother expecting twin girls, found herself on the brink of an


Twitter’s Policy Shift: Allowing Political Ads Amidst Concerns

Over three years ago, Twitter took a bold stance, prohibiting political and issue-based advertisements, driven by the fear that politicians could exploit the platform with misinformation. Fast forward to today, under the new ownership of Elon Musk, the social media giant is reversing this ban. This policy shift, while potentially


Gannett’s AI Experiment Halted Amidst Controversy

Newspaper conglomerate Gannett has recently decided to pause its utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) for crafting high school sports articles. This decision comes in the wake of numerous errors and shortcomings discovered in articles produced by an AI service known as LedeAI, which were published in at least one of

ChatGPT already presenting a challenge for schoolwork

ChatGPT — Technological progress is always worthwhile to embrace since it may make life easier. However, there may be drawbacks, notably in terms of education. The AI race With the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI in late 2022, artificial intelligence has become the most popular topic on the internet. Because

Whale sharks studied with new method that could open up to more research

Whale sharks — Science and technology are fascinating because they enable us to learn more about topics in which we were previously interested. Ultrasound was not used for pregnancy testing until the 1950s and 1970s. Because of comparable breakthroughs, humans can also track the pregnancy of animals, notably cats and

ChatGPT: performance has fallen following several updates

ChatGPT: performance has fallen following several updates

ChatGPT — OpenAI startled the world in late 2022 when it released ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI language model. The AI service’s success paved the way for a one-of-a-kind AI race, with hundreds of tech companies vying to emulate it. Despite the criticism, OpenAI has upgraded the service, making the language

Methods of Uploading Data into Salesforce: 6 Effective Approaches

Methods of Uploading Data into Salesforce: 6 Effective Approaches

Uploading data into Salesforce is mostly used in various business scenarios to improve data management and increase business operations. Importing data into Salesforce is a common task that allows you to upload records in objects, such as leads, contacts, accounts, or custom objects with information from external sources. Salesforce provides

Galaxy S23 steps up on aesthetics, follows Ultra look

Galaxy S23: No matter how many businesses are vying for the top place, just two brands have conquered the smartphone market. Over the decade, Apple and Samsung have engaged in intense rivalry. The advantage of having a wide variety of models to choose from has always belonged to Samsung, as

Apple aware of thieves eyeing iPhone passcodes

Apple – When it comes to quality products, no other company comes close to Apple’s reputation. Apple iPhones have been among the market’s most popular items. As a result, if left unsecured, it may become the target of a swarm of bandits seeking to grab one from its owners. Yet,

BuzzFeed wants to take advantage of AI

Buzzfeed: The majority of people would be relieved to finally take time off from work, but others would elect to spend extra in the office. Jonah Peretti, co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, had the opportunity to learn more about artificial intelligence during the holidays. Peretti is one of those individuals

Modernize Without the Mayhem: Endeavor's Guide to Seamless Network Transformation

Modernize Without the Mayhem: Endeavor’s Guide to Seamless Network Transformation

In today’s fast-paced tech landscape, the name Endeavor has become synonymous with bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern network infrastructures. Founded with a vision to simplify the complexities of technological transitions, Endeavor helps businesses navigate the intricate waters of network transformation.  Commenting on the company’s unique approach to


8 Reasons to Use VPN While Traveling

In an increasingly interconnected world, travel has become an opportunity to explore new horizons both physically and digitally. As you embark on your journeys, it’s significant to prioritize your online security, privacy, and anonymity. This is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) rescues you.  Tourists sometimes fall into the traps