Inside the Mind of Tevin Everett

One upcoming director is no stranger to making things happen. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking, wrote screenplays picked up by one of the biggest networks in the industry, and most of all, explored how he can use his voice

Antonio Pelayo: Finding Home in His Art

Art comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. It is often associated with how it conveys a message and evokes emotions. Empathy is essential to art. There is no greater feeling for artists than having others feel what they are feeling through

Vibe Body Care Ushers in the Future of Hairstyling

The idea that the youth will lead society to the future through innovations, both large and small, gains traction each day. Case in point: 19-year-old Timothy Morris has launched Vibe Body Care and ushers in the future of hairstyling. Finally, as guaranteed

UDooh Redefines Graphic Design With User-Friendly Interface

The business landscape is notorious for its fierce and intense cutthroat system. In an industry saturated with powerhouses and other established entities, entrepreneurial players must always be on the lookout for strategic ways to stand out and make a name for themselves.

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