Jimmy Easton Is a GenZ Artist Enriching Atlanta Art Scene

Working in a creative industry has been seen in an unpleasant light for a long time, but recently people have gained an appreciation for artists. Their work is viewed as important by many, thus encouraging many young individuals to explore different ways

Colin McDowell on What the Future of Real Estate Looks Like

For the majority of the year 2020, the world has felt the brunt effects of COVID-19. Economies have slowed down, and industries severely hit. However the real estate industry is booming. Experts like real estate and mortgage coach Colin Daugherty McDowell, believe

Manifesting Secrets Sheds Light on Holistic Wellness

Beneath the surface of a seemingly progressing and developing world lies pressing problems such as deteriorating health and apathy toward social issues. As sad as this may sound, the harsh reality is that people are growing more and more disconnected. And as

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