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Ahaumna Helps People Be Grounded Despite All the Trials and Tribulations in Life

People from all walks of life take different roads as they grow. Each one’s journey is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes it may feel draining and confusing. Some go on hiatus from social media, and others go soul searching in some deserted place, Ahaumna, an author, keynote speaker, and a founder of her own company at the age of 27, aims to get people to go back to their roots.  Ahaumna is no stranger when it comes to struggles and hardships. One day, she decided to let go of most of her worldly possessions, such as the two-bedroom

The Power Within: Kashon Abdul-Qadir Brings Healing With The Abundant Me

Acknowledging our weaknesses is often seen as letting our guards down and being powerless. However, most of us do not realize that it is only by embracing our shortcomings and fragile nature that we can be truly powerful.  As someone who has had her fair share of humbling experiences, Kashon Abdul-Qadir explains that there should be absolutely no shame in feeling vulnerable. If anything, it is part of being human and is therefore necessary to grasp one’s full potential and discover one’s life purpose.  Having realized this, Kashon took it upon herself to create an avenue to help people become

Why Self Made Millionaire Tyrus Rashod Brown (Tuck) Wants to Promote Financial Education

Entrepreneur “Tuck” has taken it upon himself to help people achieve financial freedom. As a business owner, he noticed that despite new-age education systems, youth often suffer from a lack of direction, and adults suffer from a lack of adequate financial education. These gaps in the system are what the Memphis native aims to fill throughout his career. Tuck has spent much of his career, creating a system of educational business platforms to help people lift themselves out of hardship through the Independent Course online. Tuck has shared his knowledge in seminars, workshops, and other engagements for thousands of people.

‘Millionaire Mindset With Dr. Velma Trayham’ Empowers Women to Rise Above Financially

Women have come a long way since establishing themselves as formidable forces in businesses and in the workplace, but there is still a lot left to do. Award-winning entrepreneur Dr. Velma Trayham stands at the helm with her TV show entitled ‘Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham.’ Velma is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has mentored thousands of women through her non-profit economic empowerment program, Millionaire Mastermind Academy. Besides monthly in-person economic empowerment events, Velma has also written a self-help, inspirational book entitled ‘When God Says Go,’ which has sold over 400,000 copies.  Wanting to

Working on Financial Stability With The Credit Repair Surgeons

Financial stability is something that everyone wants to achieve. Good credit scores make it easier for many people to purchase their own homes or their own cars. But sometimes, achieving a good credit score can be confusing. The Credit Repair Surgeons have made it their mission to help people have better credit to their name. The Credit Repair Surgeons have transformed the lives of thousands. Their team has several years of experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers in asserting their legal rights. They offer their clients credit education and correction services, where they guide their clients throughout the process

This Business Author is Empowering Aspiring Business Professionals to Seize Opportunities and Build Their Dreams

Building one’s dream is a lifetime’s work, and more often than not, it is easier said than done. There are concrete steps, however, to succeed in building dreams such as those involved with business. And this know-how is exactly what business author Ashton Thomas wishes to impart to the world. Business expertise is among the many skills proven to be learned and developed through time. This was the case for Ashton, who started his first business—a baseball and football card shop—when he was in high school. Although this was a short-lived venture, Ashton learned a lot of things during this

Celebrity Stylist Martino Cartier Moves Beyond Past Hurts to Become a Successful Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Many people go through pain and hurt early on in life that paralyzes their confidence and drive to succeed. But some move beyond past wounds and find a way to overcome trials and succeed despite the circumstances they face. One such individual is Martino Cartier, whose success story has inspired many to conquer despite their challenges.  Martino is at the helm of one of the most prestigious styling brands in the country. Since his rise to prominence, he and his companies have become a beacon of quality and excellence. The styling expert is the brain and vision behind the Martino

Ronsanto Cole’s Admirable Journey to Success

Hard working businessman and motivational speaker Ronsanto Cole can attest that success does not just happen to a person, one has to make it happen. Having started his entrepreneurial journey as young as 11 years old, Cole understands the many challenges that establishing a business entails. Instead of settling for employment so he does not have to face these challenges, he opted to see them head-on with a determination very rare for a man of his age.  Now at 32, Cole is effectively running various business ventures using the many skills and strategies he learned along the way as an

Sourcing and Distribution Authority Fast Response Unit Provides Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Admittedly, some business institutions have rightfully deserved the atrocious reputation they have earned for stepping over everything in their pursuit of financial gains. And while it has never been an industry standard to take advantage of customers in need, it has become quite normal for these ventures to bite the hand that feeds them by delivering substandard products and slapping overpriced tags over their goods.  In times of crisis — the recent COVID-19 outbreak, for example — one of the most common issues that crop up is price gouging, and this act of charging excessive prices for necessities when demand

Dr. Charles Lee Nurtures Leaders with an Honest and Refreshing Approach

Author, motivator, and influencer Dr. S. Charles Lee reframes the role of life challenges as catalysts for positive change and sources of strength with his book Winning Season. He also nurtures the next generation of leaders using the common sense approach of his consultancy firm LeaderOptics, LLC. Those who know Dr. Lee best refer to him as the “Duke of Leadership Mastery.” They have designated him with such a title because they have learned and benefited from his leadership style. The celebrated leader is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and now resides on the East Coast of the United States. He