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How One 7th Grader Built the World’s Largest Online Interior Design Directory

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When 12-year-old Mason Monahan launched an online directory for interior designers, he simply hoped to share his love of design after losing his home in a fire. But through relentless drive, his humble start-up rapidly grew into the world’s largest of its kind.

Driven by determination uncommon for his age, Mason expanded the fledgling platform to over 1,000 design experts across continents, making it the top global destination connecting clients and professionals.

Balancing explosive growth with middle school, Mason serves as Founder and CEO. His unprecedented accomplishments have been featured by major media outlets. But most meaningful to Mason is inspiring other youth to pursue their dreams.

Armed with $500 in seed money, Mason brought his vision to life: creating the #1 hub where interior designers attract new business and clients find their perfect partner. Through tireless outreach and optimization, Mason built a thriving directory that ranked for hundreds of competitive keywords.

Realizing the potential, Mason assembled a dedicated team to provide round-the-clock support. He prides himself on leading with care while pursuing bold expansion goals.

“After losing our home in a fire, I felt compelled to turn my lifelong passion for interior design into something positive. I started to connect clients with talented professionals while earning income to help my family rebuild. With $500 saved from birthdays, I bought a domain name, designed a logo, and built a basic directory website.” said Mason Monahan.

“Reaching out to local designers, I explained my vision to create the web’s top resource for both clients and pros. The response was immediately positive, with designers eagerly signing up. Once I had 100 members, I realized I needed help scaling further.”

“Hiring my first employee at 12 years old was surreal but we quickly found our groove. Within months, I had three full-time team members supporting me. I make sure to show them appreciation and give clear direction the way I hope to be treated.”

“In just under 6 months we’ve grown the platform to over 1,000 members globally. I spend time each day optimizing the site and developing new offerings. My favorite part is exchanging ideas with our members – their excitement motivates me.”

“While it’s uncommon to have employees and grow a business so young, determination has driven me. My ultimate goal is to keep enhancing into the definitive design resource worldwide. I hope my journey inspires other kids to turn their passion into purpose. There’s no age limit on making your vision a reality.”

As an 8th grader, Mason aims to teach peers how they too can achieve financial freedom by dedicating time to a worthwhile pursuit versus entertainment alone. By solving problems creatively, Mason built a strong foundation for rapid growth.

While balancing demanding duties and schoolwork is challenging, Mason stays driven by fulfilling his ambitions. He aspires to evolve into a top global design resource.

Mason’s story proves that age need not limit vision. By uniting passion with purpose, he found healing after devastation. Mason Monahan hopes to empower youth worldwide to unlock their potential and ignite meaningful ventures.

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