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Jennifer Chapman: Surviving Stroke and Starting Just Commit Coaching

After suffering and surviving a stroke at only 34 years old, Jennifer Chapman rediscovered life and its value through life coaching sessions. Today, she has taken on the role of a life coach at “Just Commit Coaching,” seeking to help others who find themselves in the same position she was in. She is committed to helping them overcome the struggles that come with surviving a stroke. Jennifer Chapman grew up in Colt’s Country, surrounded by her loving family. At the young age of 11, she lost her biggest supporter in life, her mother. Life went on with her dad and

Farmshopcbd Offers Fantastic Cure for Various Ailments

The saying “health is wealth” has been around for hundreds of years, and it remains relevant today. Especially amid the pandemic, people need to watch over their health just as much as any other aspect of life. Farmshopcbd is providing an effective product that will lead people to optimal health status.  Farmshopcbd is founded by Carrie Birkel to address pain, anxiety, high stress, epilepsy, and other ailments and diseases, including cancer. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the primary component of the company’s product. Over the years, CBD has been utilized for many uses and acclaimed for its substantial pain control

LA Gold Masks, Hollywood’s Secret Behind Celebrity Skin

As the pandemic has kept most of us inside, skincare rituals have sadly become collateral damage … literally. With personal hygiene on the decline in our new work-from-home “normal,” and device screen time on the rise,  skincare has taken an unfortunate backseat to the list of people’s priorities. Fortunately, research shows there are ways of combating these damaging effects.  A solution: LA Gold Masks. LA Gold Masks Pure 24k Gold Anti-Aging Peel-Off, which retails for $29, combats the adverse effects of today’s technological demands and restores the skin’s natural glow. Although face masks have been used for centuries across the

Young Credit Repair Company Workout My Credit Solutions LLC Delivers Promising Results

Having good credit scores is a necessity in today’s day and age. Workout My Credit Solutions LLC understands how life-changing excellent credit can be for their clients, which is why the company strives to provide the best credit repair solutions and extensive financial education to achieve financial freedom. Workout My Credit Solutions LLC specializes in strategies to guarantee their clients to generate capital, acquire home and auto loans, and the likes. Building a good credit reputation, especially ones tainted with negativities, may sound overwhelming. But the company guarantees promising results within six months or less. Despite its fast-paced system, the

Cody Cruz Sets His Sights on Even Bigger Things

The digital marketing industry might be a young industry, but it’s been booming ever since its conception. There have been various key players in the industry that have quickly risen due to their invaluable skills and talent. The young marketer known as Cody Cruz, is one of those masterful marketers that have managed to make a name for themselves in such a cutthroat industry. In such a short amount of time, Cody Cruz has amassed multiple successes that even those that have had an early start in the industry couldn’t attain. In the near future, he hopes to build his

How Pierce Media & Associates is Reimagining Methods With a 2.0 Relaunch to Help Brands Thrive During the Pandemic

As we approach the last quarter of the year 2020, this global health crisis has continued to test the waters for businesses worldwide. And as these challenges continue to creep in most entrepreneurs and enterprises, some have taken it upon themselves to revolutionize their business dealings. One such company is Pierce Media & Associates. Created and established by entrepreneur Thomas E. Pierce, Pierce Media & Associates is a company that is committed to mashing innovation with a creative flair in the realms of marketing and public relations. And with a founder who has dedicated his professional life to shaping the

Meet Boris Medvedo, the 19-Year-Old Trading Expert

While some people believe that climbing the ladders of success does not come naturally for young individuals, Boris Medvedo proves that there is no standard age for obtaining success. True enough, people sometimes underestimate the power of today’s youth, which often result in unsolicited, stereotypical views born out of how the media portrays millennials. Remaining steadfast despite these tribulations, 19-year-old Boris Medvedo continues to persevere in order to attain his dreams. Boris Medvedo, mostly known for conquering the trading industry at a young age, has dedicated his life to learning the ropes behind one of the most complicated facets in

OurLoveWontFail Co-Founders Share How Learning from Experiences Keeps Relationships Intact

Experiences, no matter how memorable or traumatizing they are, have their way of breathing life into passion-driven pursuits. In other words, these bittersweet encounters propel some people to venture into trades designed to help others go through life and the challenges that come with it. And more often than not, these same individuals go out of their way to improve other people’s lives for the better. So as people who have experienced countless trials before, Joseph and Tenaya Taplin of OurLoveWontFail wish to translate their experiences as a training ground for others to learn from — especially in maintaining intimate

Terrel “T-Time” Davis Is Starting a $10.7-Million-Dollar Venture Capital and Private Equity Firm Called HBCU Seed

While attending Oakwood University as a business major, Terrel Davis became a serial student entrepreneur who recognized three significant problems that HBCU students faced: lack of resources, services, and funding. As such, he decided to establish HBCU Seed, a venture capital and private equity firm that solely invests in businesses owned by HBCU students, alumni, faculty, and staff. As an HBCU student, Davis witnessed firsthand the socioeconomic difficulties that student entrepreneurs had to face. HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) generally only receive minimal financial support and amenities. That in turn leaves less money for them to support student entrepreneurs.

American Special Investigative Group’s Toby Braun on Being Hailed as an Expert in Intelligence and Investigation

With the emergence of various players in the business field worldwide, bouts of legal and ethical problems have also skyrocketed. Due to the continuing onslaught of these challenges, intelligence and investigation services across industries have become a compelling force in society.  In a complex world where information is power, Toby Braun decided to become the frontier of American Special Investigative Group – a company geared towards uncovering truth and procuring information.  Nestled at the heart of Fort Lauderdale in Florida but offering its services across the nation and even abroad, American Special Investigative Group has gained recognition for its unrivaled

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