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Midwest Duct Works LLC: The Rising Duct Works Company of Toby Welsh

From serving only two projects a day to welcoming 1,200 new customers yearly on top of serving past clients, Midwest Duct Works LLC has been on the rise in the ductworks industry. The impressive testimonials from their clients featured on their page are proof of the unparalleled services they provide. Midwest Duct Works LLC was established in 2018 by Toby Welsh. He first managed the company alone until it grew to have a total of eight staff with five company vehicles loaded to work on big or small projects. The company handles cleaning residential homes as well as commercial and

Jason Wojo Is Helping Regular Business Owners Crack The Code On Running Profitable Facebook Ads After Generating $10,000,000 For 7 and 8 Figure Businesses In The Past 2-3 Years

Have you ever tried running Facebook ads and it didn’t work? Well you’re NOT alone. Time and time again I have business owners come to me saying things like: “Jason, Facebook Ads are a scam…” “I tried running ads and lost all my money. “I’m scared to run ads because, what if they don’t work?” The thing is if you keep thinking like this, it WON’T get you anywhere. Luckily, after spending MILLIONS testing ads, creatives and targeting options… I was able to crack the code to running successful ads for any business or niche, between A-Z and now it’s

Trycera Financial Inc.: Helping Soldiers Keep Their Security Clearance and Giving Them a Fresh Start!

Fighting for our country and saving lives requires the utmost concentration. Trycera Financial Inc. helps first responders and military personnel take their minds off their credit and financial stress so they can focus on their jobs.  Trycera Financial Inc. is the leading personal finance management and consumer credit company. Based in Newport Beach, California, the finance company is dedicated to providing quality and user-friendly consumer products and education. Trycera Financial Inc. offers its services to everyone in need but has prepared special services for the military and first responders provided under the Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA).  Whereas most companies

Taking a Leap of Faith in Life and Overcoming Fears with Layla Al-Otaibi

As a 22-year-old mother and entrepreneur, Layla Al-Otaibi has seen the different sides that life has to offer. She has learned a lot from experiencing the highs and the lows of her journey, and she continues to gain a deeper understanding of life. But one thing is clear for this young entrepreneur, her mission in life is to make a change in the world, and she plans to do this in an effortless way of relating to people.   For Layla, some people are consumed with the idea of becoming financially wealthy without genuinely understanding their purpose in life. Most of

Jowy Cenat Shows the World How Passion Can Turn into Profit


Social media helps people stay connected and updated with daily happenings, especially during the pandemic, where physical distancing is required. Aside from keeping in touch, people can find ways to monetize their social media accounts, based on an idea or passion that they may have. Monetizing accounts may be daunting and discouraging for some, especially comparing engagements from more prominent and more established accounts. Jowy Cenat, too, has felt that familiar hesitance before. However, his passion for having creative freedom and creating content pushed him forward. Now, Jowy plays the piano and can convert his social media accounts to a

CEO Jay Vinson: Turning Pain into Purpose

Founder and CEO of JJV Enterprises, Jay Vinson, has been through the ups and downs of life. For him, his previous trials and tribulation molded him to become the excellent entrepreneur that he is today. Jay Vinson was born on October 4, 1990, in Alabama. Currently, he resides in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, pursuing his many interests and business ventures. Vinson discovered his entrepreneurial spirit at the early age of 15. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Vinson is also an author, educator, transformation life coach, faith-based leader, and public speaker. The young bachelor is also the founder of Jay Vinson Ministries

E-Commerce Expert Nestor Castro Shares His Journey Towards Success


It took years for Nestor Castro to find his true calling in the e-commerce industry. Similar to many success stories that have been told and retold from person to person, there are inevitable reroutes and hurdles before finally achieving a triumphant finish. It required Castro several sacrifices and risks to emerge as one of the leading e-commerce experts in the market. Castro served in the US Army for a year. Stationed at a war zone in Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan, he became witness to the horrors of war and the bothersome conflict between nations that could potentially take away lives.

3 Effective Business Tips for the Student Who Are into Business

Studying requires financial stability especially if you are a self-sustained student. Indeed, we cannot think of other ways to generate an income except business. Students nowadays is engaged in entrepreneurship to sustain their tuition, books, and daily necessities.  Most of the superstar entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, have started their business in college. Do you know what else these billionares have in common? They took risk to get started. To be a student entrepreneur is really challenging. Aside from your homeworks and recitation, you have also to divide your time in marketing your business. How

8 Sustainable and Effective Marketing your Online Business at Home

Online Business – The competition in E-commerce is really tight and challenging. One must be creative and resourceful in order to boost your business. Fret not and take note of these 8 ways to market your business online. 1. Formulate and Plan your Strategy  Selling your products online needs an effective strategy. You must determine your target customer and their demands.  This includes your sales channels – are you online only (just selling via the website) or do you also have a physical store? You also need to identify the range of your product you’re going to sell online. It

Voice of the Customer Really Matters

Customers are becoming demanding than ever. With the ever-changing demands of the customer, adjustments and innovation will be our primary matra to keep the business relations at peace. It is really essential to pay attention of the wants, feedbacks, suggestions and comments of the customer to improve the quality business we are running. So, it is really important to open your eyes and ears to see and hear the feedbacks of your customers. In business, we have to be more assertive and critical in meeting the demands of the customer. Disregarding their voice will lead your company in the turmoil.