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Priscilla Jankans Proves Help Comes in Different Forms

Helping other people through one’s profession is a common goal to pursue. This helping profession may take the form of social work, teaching, or the various healthcare fields, among others. Priscilla Jankans is one such person who helps others in multiple ways. She became an Open Heart ICU Registered Nurse in one of the largest hospitals in the United States at 21. For over ten years, she has worked as an ICU nurse, and later on, she worked as a Nurse Executive. Helping people has been the core of her professional life for several years. But Priscilla decided she needed

JLW Consulting, LLC: Unparalleled Management Consultancy to Industry Leaders

Aside from leadership, the secret to any company’s success is having competent employees. This poses the importance of having a reliable talent acquisition and human resource firm. JLW Consulting, LLC is at the forefront of providing companies with the best people in their industries and addressing critical business challenges. JLW Consulting is a leading management consulting firm led by its founder, president, and CEO, Mr. Jermaine Williamson. The company specializes in the areas of talent acquisition, recruitment support, human resources consulting, workforce planning and analytics, and strategic business advisory. Known for its innovative solutions in catering to their clients’ human

Akil Victor on Bouncing Back From a Dark Past and Winning in Life

Akil Victor does not fit anyone’s image of a typical entrepreneur, and a look into his origins will highlight how extraordinary he is. Bouncing back from some of the most significant setbacks in life, he has risen the entrepreneurial ranks and created a mother company that excels in the wireless technology accessory industry and publishing world. Akil Victor is an essayist, novelist, and poet who was born in Chicago but raised in Inglewood, California. The writer is also the owner and founder of Victor Media LLC, which houses the well-known wireless gadget accessory distributor VT Media. As successful as Akil

Hustlers’ Feast: The Story Behind the Motivational Platform for Entrepreneurs

Hustlers’ Feast is a virtual community where entrepreneurs and hustlers from different industries can unite and motivate one another. The platform was created not only to celebrate the accomplishments of each member but also to celebrate the risks they took in pursuing and not giving up on their dreams. Today, its sub-community, Hustlers’ Feast University, equips these hard workers with financial literacy so they can rise in the real world. The woman behind the creation of Hustlers’ Feast is Adaeze “Queen Angel” Henry, an incredible talent manager, entrepreneur, and business mogul. She is best known for managing the social media

The Credit Executive, Authority in Helping People Maximize Their Credit

Credit can be a foreign concept to many. The world faces a profound lack of financial education, and the general masses are often the casualty for this. Due to a lack of an understanding of credit scores, many people fall prey to high-interest rates and rising debt. Anthony Delacruz, also known in the industry as “The Credit Executive,” hopes to change this harsh reality.  Anthony is a credit consultant that helps thousands of people improve their credit scores. In turn, this service helps Americans save money on interest rates, get approvals on loans for homes and cars, and generally improve

Hudson Rose Is Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere for Everyone With a Challenge

Hudson Rose is living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), and he is not allowing any of that stop him from enjoying life. He lives with different challenges and struggles, and he has grown to embrace them. He has a positive outlook about life as he has come to accept that life itself is challenging for everyone. Thus, he sees his disability as just a slight inconvenience to an already challenging life. He is not living in denial, and he has had his share of depression, but he finds a way to block out the voices and enjoy life. All of these

Credit Repair Kings: “Not All Negative Information on Your Credit Score Is Forever”

Good credit scores can allow one to make more conscious lifestyle choices. However, not everyone has the privilege to acquire such status. Statistics reveal that 68 million people across the country have low credit scores, and many suffer from subprime credit. Nonetheless, Credit Repair Kings proves that bad credit is not permanent. With the right credit repair company, there’s always a way to obtain better finances. Credit Repair Kings is a rising credit repair company based in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Mr. Roland Reznik, an expert in the field who, with his credit specialists team, helps countless individuals

GuardeX Masks Gears Public to Feel Safer Outside Homes

With the current health threat being invisible to the naked eye, one can only get the assurance of safety from gears such as face masks and face shields. Upon noticing that the market lacks high-grade face masks, GuardeX New York released its game-changing, affordable antiviral and antibacterial face mask, equipped with ProteX filters to ensure the general public’s safety. Amid the pandemic, safety is people’s top priority. Unlike most fashion masks, GuardeX goes beyond aesthetics and delivers what people need in their everyday protective gear. The brand gives people “optimism, energy, and protection needed to resume their daily lives, in

ShredLikeHarrell Provides Health and Fitness Training with Credibility and Structure

ShredLikeHarrell is a unique fitness company that combines passion, credibility, and service. The company, built around its founder’s life and example, expresses a powerful message of positive transformation. For ShredLikeHarrell founder Joshua Antonio Harrell, the present moment is the best time to commit. He designed his 30-day challenge and other fitness programs to be transformative for anyone who signs up. His wealth of experiences within and beyond the fitness world equips him with the versatility to train a wide range of clients. He trains people who want to be shredded, those who are looking to shed some unwanted weight, and

McIntosh Credit Solutions Helps Clients Attain Financial Freedom

There are certain liberties that people can enjoy when they have excellent credit standings. Leveraging one’s credit scores is an important part of attaining full financial freedom. However, it’s undeniable that most Americans don’t even realize the importance of maintaining a good credit score. It’s a good thing that McIntosh Credit Solutions helps its clients in improving their credit, saving more, and paying off debt, allowing them to live life on their own terms. CEO and Founder of McIntosh Credit Solutions, Matt Mcintosh, utilizes his expertise in credit repair to help over 700 clients get approval on their auto loans,

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