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Erskine Faush Launches Effort to Secure 250 Internships for HBCU Students

Erskine Faush Launches Effort to Secure 250 Internships for HBCU Students
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In a move designed to bring transformative change to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) students, Erskine Faush launched the 250X2025 initiative. The purpose is to secure 250 internships, specifically aimed at aiding students to become creators, innovators, and disrupters. By 2025, this initiative aspires to translate these internships into $100,000 jobs generating an earnings impact of $250M and contribute to societal advancements.

The announcement at Smart City NYC  is the launch of the HBCU Research & Policy Institute (RPI) focused on Ready, the intelligent interview. Ready for students is a an exercise that measures and aligns their talents, skills with industry, sectors and businesses. For companies, Ready prioritizes talent, reduces bias and increases fairness and ensures next year is next now job – career placement. As well, our large language model (“LLM”) tool, trained with additional African American content for use by students is called Latimer built to arm students with intelligence and agility beyond “search”, while minimizing risk and mitigating bias and data deficiencies of black and brown historical events.

Erskine Faush, known for his prolific contribution to developing projects, communities, and ideas, is determined to foster growth in people and places. His role is acting as a curator and a communicator of impactful stories. The 250X2025 initiative is the subsequent phase of a $1 million campaign initiated four years ago now completed with six HBCU’s.

He’s completed Phase 1 of a $1M effort awarding and empowering HBCU students and institutions with Think Big pitch competition scholarships and grants. It offered students the opportunity to manifest their ideas and innovations and created a progressive environment with innovation hubs Dream Spaces at Alabama A&M and Tennessee State Universities. 

But Faush isn’t stopping there. Recognizing the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements, the next phase introduces AI smart interview career builders. These AI tools will enable students to hone their interview skills and develop essential career-building strategies. This integration of AI promises to revolutionize the traditional hiring processes, ensuring that HBCU students are equipped with the best tools to showcase their skills and potential to prospective employers.

Erskine Faush’s reputation as a “producer of possibilities” is validated by his extensive portfolio of transformative campaigns and projects. He developed the “50 YEARS FORWARD” multi city civil rights campaign resulting in Birmingham’s civil rights district receiving a Presidential National Monument designation and he was part of orchestrating the Infrastructure Innovation and Inclusion campaign with past president of the US CONF MAYORS. His recent accolades include receiving awards for the “We Are Pembroke Strong” campaign by the International Economic Development Council. This campaign exemplified community resilience and the spirit of togetherness, further establishing Faush’s reputation as someone who fosters community-building, economic development, and positive change.

However, Faush’s efforts are not merely to provide temporary solutions or momentary opportunities. Rather, his projects support his vision to create sustained impact and progressive change. The core driver behind his current initiative is to channel the raw, untapped talent from HBCUs and provide them with opportunities in mainstream industries. The result furthers his vision of long-term positive contributions to the nation’s economy.

This is why the internships secured through this initiative extend beyond employment opportunities. They are the breeding grounds for the next generation of thinkers, creators, and leaders. They are envisioned to be the catalysts that will empower students to disrupt existing paradigms, innovate novel solutions, and create media reflecting the diversity and richness of their experiences and perspectives.

Erskine Faush’s initiative offers profound empowerment and hope for HBCU students, local and global economies. Through endeavors like 250X2025, he is not just creating opportunities. He is crafting a legacy marked by inclusion, innovation, and immense possibilities. With a track record of spearheading successful campaigns and a clear vision for the future, Faush’s endeavors are set to leave an indelible mark on the academic and corporate worlds.

Faush says, “We have a great team of like minded, forward thinking, give back emagineers and we’re looking forward to matchmaking mentors and mentees in a see who you can be campaign that starts at an internship and moves to a job and ends with an incredible career.” He’s inviting both job givers and job seekers to join the movement. 

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