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What Kind of Job Can a New Immigrant Work in the USA?

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Work for immigrants in the United States remains a relevant pursuit. Every year, the interest in employment opportunities in the country steadily grows. This trend is driven by improvements in the legal framework, ensuring foreign nationals legal employment and quality social support.

For immigrants, the journey often begins with one fundamental question: “What kind of job can I get?” People with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences come to the United States for permanent residency. However, they often find themselves needing to undergo retraining in order to secure employment.

Are there immigration jobs in the USA that are available to everyone, regardless of skills? Which professions require knowledge of English? Can you work somewhere while learning the language? Is a higher education degree mandatory for finding a job?

To address these important questions, the editorial team at The Chicago Journal sought advice from experts at the internet portal. They provided a selection of professions suitable for new immigrants and shared insights on how newcomers from abroad should search for employment.

Top Jobs for New Immigrants

In this section, we introduce four popular and in-demand job opportunities that do not require professional qualifications or mandatory knowledge of the English language. They provide the opportunity for decent wages and the potential for career growth.


A popular job in New York for Ukrainians. You can become a cleaner through two different paths: joining a Russian/American company’s team or working independently. The responsibilities, requirements, and salary may vary based on your personal preference.

Job Responsibilities:

If you work for a cleaning agency, your responsibilities will include visiting clients and performing house cleaning tasks.

If you’re your own boss, you’ll primarily be responsible for finding clients, purchasing necessary cleaning supplies and equipment, and handling organizational matters.


Working for a Russian cleaning company does not require formal training, while working for an American company typically involves completing courses that last around a month.


  • Education: Not required.
  • Language: Basic knowledge is sufficient for working with a company; conversational skills are needed for your own business.
  • Gender: Male/Female.
  • Age: 18 to 50 years (physical stamina is important).

Starting Pay/After 3 Years:

If you work as an employee – $12-20 per hour plus tips from clients. If you’re self-employed – starting from $23 per hour plus holiday benefits. Pay remains consistent regardless of experience.

Specialist in HVAC 

The nature of the work depends on the organization you work for. You may have a specific specialization or a variety of responsibilities. Your salary and the demand for your expertise will gradually increase as you gain experience and obtain the necessary licenses and certificates.

Job Responsibilities:

Installation of both outdoor and indoor air conditioning units, cleaning, minor repairs, servicing, and refilling split-systems.


You can work as an assistant from day one. With experience and acquired skills, you can become an installer in about six months.


  • Education: Not required.
  • Language: Basic knowledge is sufficient.
  • Gender: Predominantly male.
  • Age: Not relevant.

Starting Pay/After 3 Years: 

Starting pay ranges from $17 to $30 per hour, increasing to $30 to $38 per hour after three years.

Cargo Van / Box Truck  Driver

An excellent job for new immigrants in New York. Being a cargo van or box truck driver is a well-paying profession that offers the opportunity to travel across the USA and other countries.

There are two employment options:

  • Cargo Van: Intense cargo transportation with frequent stops. You need valid licenses from each state.
  • Box Truck: Transporting larger quantities of cargo within set deadlines. In addition to regular licenses, you’ll need a special permit to operate vehicles weighing up to 26,000 pounds.

Job Responsibilities:

Transporting cargo across states. If you have a green card, trips to Canada and Mexico are possible.


No additional training is required if you have a valid driver’s license, driving experience, and basic documentation.


  • Education: Not required, but a strong sense of direction is essential.
  • Language: For cargo van drivers, language skills are not required; for box truck drivers, conversational skills are needed to communicate with shippers, law enforcement, and the DOT.
  • Gender: Predominantly male.
  • Age: Starting from 30 years old, but some companies hire drivers as young as 21.

Starting Pay/After 3 Years: 

You can earn $1,000 to $2,000 per week. After three years, you can obtain a CDL and earn $4,000 to $7,000.


A mover is a professional specializing in organizing moves from residential spaces and offices. They accompany clients throughout the entire moving process.

Job Responsibilities:

Duties vary depending on the position you hold:

  • A helper carries, packs, and unpacks items, among other responsibilities.
  • A driver does the same, with the added role of driving a truck.
  • A foreman manages the process, communicates with clients, handles paperwork, assigns and oversees tasks, and manages financial transactions.


No training is required.


  • Education: Not required, but the ability to navigate and use a GPS is essential.
  • Language: Conversational level required.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: Starting from 16 years old (physical fitness is important).

Starting Pay/After 3 Years: 

Salary varies by city. On average: helper – $23 per hour, driver/foreman – $25-27, foreman/driver – $26-29.

After three years, you can start your own business and earn around $200 per day.’s Tips to Find a First Job

Finding jobs for new immigrants can be challenging, consuming a lot of energy and time. Experts at have shared recommendations to help newly arrived foreigners secure employment:

  • Explore the job market: Research which professions are in demand and do not require specialized training or language skills.
  • Obtain licenses and documents: Ensure you have all the necessary permits to work in the USA.
  • Education and skill enhancement: Consider additional training or courses to increase your chances of employment.
  • Use online resources: The internet is a powerful tool for job hunting. One useful platform is, which offers many jobs for immigrants.

Be persistent and patient – and you will definitely be able to find a well-paying job that suits you.

Jobs in the USA on

The USA offers access to a wide range of opportunities for both temporary and permanent employment, as well as career advancement.

The job search process in the USA comes with its challenges. However, you’ll achieve results sooner than you might think by demonstrating persistence and using reliable and reputable online resources like

Register on the portal today and start your journey toward landing your desired position!

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