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nuEra Is Taking Over the 2023 Cannabis Cup: An Unparalleled Journey Through Quality and Community

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In the bustling landscape of Illinois’ cannabis market, one name stands out—nuEra. This innovative, family-owned cannabis dispensary chain has been a dominant force since its establishment in 2016, under its former name, NuMed. But now, nuEra is poised for its most significant achievement yet: sweeping multiple categories in the highly-anticipated 2023 Cannabis Cup.

A Pioneer in Illinois’ Cannabis Market

What sets nuEra apart starts with its rich history. The company was one of the original licensed operators in Illinois, opening its doors during the state’s pilot medical marijuana program. Fast forward to 2023, and it has six retail locations across the state, with plans for further expansion underway. The brand portfolio of nuEra includes other high-performing names like Interstate 420 and MidWeek Friday, thereby reinforcing its industry leadership.

Safety, Security, and State-of-the-Art Operations

nuEra isn’t just another cannabis company; it’s a paradigm shift in the industry. Dispensary operations are highly regulated and secure, featuring licensed security personnel and state-of-the-art security systems that include indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and alarms. Furthermore, a state-regulated seed-to-sale software program ensures every product’s traceability. With these features, nuEra promises an era of cannabis that is not just legal but also safe and of higher quality than ever before.

Mastering the Art of Cannabis Cultivation

As the nuEra Chicago Team says, “We love helping our customers discover the best products and strains that work for their personal situation.” And indeed, their expertise shows in the strains they cultivate. From Hybrid strains like ‘Joe’s Exotic’ and ‘Jungle Cake’ to Indica strains like ‘O.R.E.O.Z’ and ‘Ice Cream Cake,’ and Sativa strains such as ‘Don Shula’ and ‘Trop Cherry Cookies,’ nuEra offers an impressive variety of cannabis, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Staking Claims at the 2023 Cannabis Cup

This year, nuEra has gone all out, entering a diverse portfolio of products into multiple categories of the Cannabis Cup, including Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Hybrid Flower, and various concentrate and edible categories. Strains like ‘Cobra Milk,’ ‘Don Shula,’ and ‘Frog’s Breath’ are expected to be strong contenders. Beyond flowers, their offerings also extend to unique products like ‘Fire Berries Live Budder’ in the solvent concentrates category and the enticing ‘Pink Lemonade Strain’ named ‘Monkey Business’ in edibles.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Community

It’s not just about profits for nuEra. The company makes a concerted effort to give back to the community. A majority of their staff are sourced from Disproportionately Impacted Areas (DIAs), and partnerships are often formed with minority- and women-owned businesses. Moreover, they’ve donated over $470,000 to various community programs and funds, emphasizing their commitment to social responsibility.

What the Future Holds

The 2023 Cannabis Cup could be a watershed moment for nuEra. As one of the pioneers in Illinois’ cannabis market, the company has played a vital role in the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry. This family-owned and operated enterprise has not only kept pace with the industry’s evolution but also shaped it in significant ways. 

Whether or not nuEra takes home the top honors in the Cannabis Cup, one thing is clear: this company is already a winner in the eyes of its consumers and the community at large.

So, as the anticipation for the 2023 Cannabis Cup mounts, keep an eye on nuEra, the company that’s not just selling cannabis but cultivating a whole new era in the industry. For more information about nuEra visit their Instagram page.

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