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How Neal Thakkar Turned His Life Around To Create Two Brands To Transform the Lives of Others

It can be difficult for people to bounce back from their inner demons, but people like Neal Thakkar have proven that it is still possible. Since turning his life around, Neal has been training his mind, body, and soul to transform himself into a whole new person. Today, he has been using his knowledge and training to help others do the same.

Neal Thakkar was on a promising journey in soccer, thriving as a collegiate athlete who had the world wide open for him. However, that future was compromised when he fell into drug addiction, effectively ending his career. His addiction held a broken, dirty mirror to his face, showing a distorted image that was unrecognizable to even himself. Neal almost lost his life once when he overdosed on Adderall and Xanax, prompting him to go into rehab. By the time he came out, Neal held on to his new resolve to transform himself. Going into bodybuilding, biohacking, meditation, and personal training, the once-promising soccer star changed his body, brain, and mind.

Since then, Neal decided to start a company centered around human transformation. He created Evolvere on the foundation of helping people transform what he considers the three major human systems—the brain, the body, and the mind. While people generally group the brain and the mind as a single entity, Evolvere educates people on the difference.

“No matter how much you focus on your mindset, if your brain is unhealthy, then you won’t get so far,” Neal said.

Thriving for four years, Evolvere has been providing people with fitness coaching services, dietary supplements, and functional foods. When the brand started, its first supplement called QUANTUMiND became a top seller on Amazon. On August 1, 2021, Catalyst Nootropic Coffee, a functional coffee that helps people focus and burn fat, is also released to the market under the Evolvere brand. 

His battle with psychiatric medications led  Neal to another mission: help create safer alternatives to psychiatric meds. After being failed by the pharmaceutical industry, he decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Genesis Nootropics, which provides individual nootropic ingredients and consulting services for brain health and performance. The two brands primarily focus on helping health-conscious high achievers, biohackers, entrepreneurs, and people who want to become the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. While he has served countless people from all walks of life, they each share a few distinctive traits—a growth mindset, ownership of their health, and commitment to the pursuit of mastery.

A unique aspect that Neal Thakkar brings with his brands is their commitment to three major systems. Whereas most companies only focus on the mind and the body, he includes the brain, something no other company does. Additionally, Neal strives to transform as opposed to other biohacking companies that only optimize.

“We focus on long-term change in the human systems,” Neal assures his clients that they are more than capable of becoming more brilliant, more focused, more athletic, and more muscular by taking ownership and being intentional about changing themselves. 

With the future so full of possibilities, Neal Thakkar hopes to continue his work as the CEO of Evolvere, driving the company to become the top performance company in the world. He also hopes to see Genesis Nootropics evolve into Genesis Cognition and become the leading source for Nootropic information, research, and raw ingredients, researching all brain-enhancing modalities and utilizing technology to help optimize brain health and performance.

Learn more about Neal Thakkar by visiting his official website.

ProductMentor Relocates HQ from California to Texas for Bigger Opportunities to Joint Venture with Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Texas continues to attract high-profile businesses. San Antonio welcomes ProductMentor™️, who provides Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products and mobile apps. 

There has always been opportunity for entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses to more favorable jurisdictions. ProductMentor follows these trends and constantly finds ways to widen their sphere and impact. Recently, they did so by relocating their headquarters to the Lone Star State.

ProductMentor can help with all aspects of starting or growing a venture, from protecting intellectual property, to fundraising, to app and product development, to making industry connections, they cover all key areas that are vital to startups.

ProductMentor is relocating its corporate office from San Diego, California to San Antonio, Texas in order to better serve a greater audience, scale, and reach. According to Chief Executive Officer Mike Corradini, “As an ambassador of entrepreneurship, we need to lead by example and migrate where it’s more conducive to do business and start companies”. 

However, ProductMentor still happily serves startups throughout the United States and internationally with its global team of experts. In relation to what the future holds for them with the migration of the company, Corradini says, “I believe entrepreneurs should go where they are treated best. Texas allows us to operate with lower taxes, less regulations, and a lower cost of doing business which allows us to deliver even more value.” 

Kody Knighton, ProductMentor’s COO, shared that “Our mission is as large as the wonderful state of Texas. That is to provide joint venture opportunities for inventors who want to license their product, entrepreneurs who want to launch their products or apps, and business owners who want to  take their venture to the next level“.

ProductMentor and its team have helped over 500 entrepreneurs start, launch or grow their business. ProductMentor not only inspires, but educates and equips people from all walks of life to become successful in what they are passionate about. Their goal is to help you build a business and a lifestyle that you love.

Learn more about ProductMentor and how to join their Done-With-You Joint Venture Program to launch or accelerate your business by visiting the website at

Mso Scorpio on Pursuing a Career in Music in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Growing up with a father who loves making R&B music has helped Mso Scorpio develop a love and passion for music and the arts. This creative individual is always brimming with ideas and feels a strong need to express himself and his artistry. He always finds himself thinking of the next creative track or coming up with unique melodies on a daily basis. 

Before becoming Mso Scorpio, the bonafide man of the arts was first known as Detrick Miller Jr. to his friends and family. This creative soul has dabbled in other art forms as well. As a young boy, he was part of a theater group. He also gravitated toward poetry which made his transition to composing much more manageable. Only then did he realize that singing and songwriting are his strongest suits. Eventually, he decided to follow this calling and started pursuing his passion for music as a career.

When he was still starting, the young artist has had his fair share of challenges and setbacks. However, he did not let any of it hinder him from achieving his goals. The singer-songwriter looks at these struggles and considers them as lessons that can help him avoid similar difficult situations in the future. 

His strong will has immensely helped him, and his career thrive despite the pandemic. While most people have been using this time to take a break, Mso Scorpio has been hard at work by promoting his music, writing singles, and producing videos. He has made it his mission to establish a brand that shows his uniqueness as an artist. Ultimately, he wants to break into the music scene and become widely known.

The musician also shared that he considers his individuality to be his primary source of inspiration. He acknowledges that being wired differently and embracing his unique self will be his ticket to stardom. 

Several of his works are currently available on online platforms such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Aside from creating music, he is also working on producing theatrical music videos that give the audience a vision and understanding of the kind of content he delivers.

At present, his most successful single Want from Me has been played over 5,000 times on numerous streaming platforms and has garnered thousands of views on Youtube in just a span of 2 months. Another one of his tracks is hip-hop and rap song Sheesh, which is available on SoundCloud. His most recent release is a track titled Juicce, which is available on most music streaming sites. 

Together with his goal of becoming a famous musician, the ambitious singer dreams of setting up his own music studio and production house, which he plans to call Scorpio Production. He also wants to collaborate with like-minded individuals and artists.  

This is just the start for Mso Scorpio. People should be on the lookout for this talented young musician as he prepares to release fresh tracks in the coming months.

Learn more about Mso Scorpio and his music by visiting his website.

Beverley Vaughn and Awakening Initiatives on Helping Individuals Maximize Their Full Potential and Position for Success

Someone must have the proper guidance to attain the pinnacle of success in life, in education or in a career. Proper guidance will make the otherwise arduous journey worthwhile and help an individual maximize their full potential. One individual assisting people in channeling their innate skills and talents into the right endeavors and maximizing their success is speaker, author, and televangelist Beverley Vaughn through the Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching.

Beverley Vaughn is an accomplished speaker, author, televangelist, coach, celebrity radio personality, and Christian evangelist leading and empowering people into success in business with a holistic approach. Through her coaching company, Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching, Beverley has created numerous household brands with invigorating and powerful sessions. Her expertise as the coach with a winning formula for success has earned her a reputation as a big-name instructor and counselor of coaches, speakers, and service-based business owners, nurturing them with tools to take their lives to the next level, influence multitudes, and amass wealth.

Having served as a Corporate Global Sales Manager for thirty-three years and in the International Christian Ministry for twenty-two years, Beverley Vaughn disrupts the status quo by bringing unique, strategic insights to coaching, speaking, transformation, and information marketing. Her rigorously experiential business strategies and fiery linguistic prowess helping ordinary people hone their latent skills to achieve extraordinary things. 

A gifted strategic seminar leader and master of sales from the stage, spawning such seminars as The 1099 Shift, Purpose 101, Impact InfluencePurpose Teleseminar (with an international audience), Beverley’s presence is clamored for by people from all over the country who need transformation in their lives and business. She has been featured on NBC sites and affiliates, Atlanta Wire, The Chicago Journal, American Business Stars, New York Weekly, U.S. Universities, Colleges TheWord Network, and International Stages.

Growing up, Beverley was bullied as a teenager because of her features and shape. The experience left its toll on her, and she had to work hard and be intentional about not letting other people destroy her confidence. She is now directing the passion into helping young, middle-aged, and even older women (and some men) who have been through similar challenges to get free from the bullied mindset, helping them regain the confidence to communicate what they offer with authority. “I wish I had someone to encourage me to go into business much earlier in life. Specifically, I wish I had a woman in my life who was passionate about mentoring me, helping me to grow spiritually and maximize my full potential, not just professionally. Still, as a woman,” she shared.

To help other people who might be going through the same predicament through various areas of their lives, she established her own coaching company, Awakening Initiatives, proudly taking on the alias “Wake Up Artist.” Through her coaching programs, Beverley wakes up the dormant potential of those that listen to and follow her guidelines. In the coming years, Beverley Vaughn hopes to spearhead Awakening Initiatives into becoming a powerhouse of excellence in the coaching industry by simplifying things for her clients while making eight figures and being on the covers of industry-leading magazines and international publications.

Learn more about Beverley Vaughn and the Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching by visiting the official website.

Oak Street Health Inc. Providing Access to Primary Care in Chicago and Beyond

Oak Street Health Inc. was established to address the inability of many people to access primary care. It was founded in 2012 with a specific focus on patients living with chronic conditions who may need to access primary care frequently. Oak Street Health Inc. operates 79 primary care centers across eleven states in the United States with benefits like transportation to appointments, a 24/7 patient support line, and community events. The healthcare company caters to Medicare patients, and its primary source of revenue is its capitation contracts with Medicare Advantage plans.

Oak Street Health Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, but it has centers in Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas. Oak Street Health, Inc. receives a monthly payment from insurers per patient while sharing in the risk for patients’ healthcare costs. The company has said that this revenue model has contributed to a drastic reduction in hospital admissions and readmission rates by 51% and 42%, respectively. Oak Street Health Inc. has been able to enjoy success because the healthcare industry has seen many people seeking to take control of their health, and with Oak Street, they can easily avail that option without hassles.

In July 2020, Oak Street went public on the New York Stock Exchange, proving that its bet on patients over the years finally paid off. More than 86% of the healthcare company’s patients live with chronic conditions, while about 40% have behavioral health conditions. Oak Street Health took advantage of the lack of quality care and has made itself the number provider of that care to the community. The company’s most admirable characteristic is the people it is helping as access to healthcare with Oak Street Health has nothing to do with income nor disease burden.

Oak Street Health has established itself as one of the healthcare companies that help their parents navigate their health care journey to achieve better care, improved quality of life, and more impressive outcomes. With its methods, patients enjoy a more holistic approach to healthcare and chronic conditions management. In the past year, the bulk of Oak Street’s patient visits was powered by technology, even though its goal is to carry out more in-person consultations and expand its physical footprints nationwide. The company’s mission is to keep healthcare processes and outcomes at a consistently high quality. It set out to solve the problem of poor outcomes and rising costs. It is a strong proponent of delivering quality healthcare to everyone regardless of who they are.

The company also pays special attention to older adults who have specific healthcare needs. It ensures they receive the care they need with extensive consultations and personalized treatment plans. Oak Street Health utilizes a value-based managed care model that simultaneously fits the patients, insurance providers, and payors. It is a healthcare company that provides the solution of healthcare costs reduction and raising the quality of healthcare delivered to patients.



Geechee One Films Releases New Film Trap FLIX Party, Garners Global Recognition

After bagging multiple awards, the Trap FLIX Party film takes on another milestone as it premieres on various platforms such as Tubi, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Vudu, HOOPLA, and more. Created by Geechee One Films, Trap FLIX Party will surely strike a chord with viewers not only in the country but across the globe.

Trap FLIX Party is a film filled with drama and suspense, masterfully crafted to capture audiences from all walks of life with its impeccable storytelling and talented cast. Geechee One Films recently partnered with Maverick Entertainment, the leading film distribution company in Black cinema. The collaboration ensures the success of the new film and of many more projects to come. Geechee One Films is owned by a talented duo of producers, writers, and directors, Felicia Rivers and Isaac Hilton Jr. After only three years in the industry, Geechee One Films’ projects have already gained international attention.

Felicia Rivers built Geechee One Magazine while attending Claflin University. She wanted it to be a platform where she can showcase the stories she used to write. As she has been writing since the early age of three, Felicia has significantly improved in her craft over the years. Eventually, her passion fueled her desire to venture into creating films and turning her stories into a visual reality. Asked where the name Geechee was derived from, Felicia shared that it is the term used for people from Charleston life herself, and she felt that it was a unique name for the brand.

Since then, Geechee One films has produced creative and enjoyable films that deviate from the status quo. Felicia and her team strive to put forth stories that are worth watching, and they have successfully harbored recognition worldwide. Trap FLIX Party is the company’s breakout film, the beginning of many more projects to be released later in the year, including a full-length feature film entitled Treasure Box

Geechee One Films is continually creating content to keep audiences engaged. The company will be participating at the CareFree Black Girl Cookout on June 12 in Brooklyn, NY. Geechee will also participate in the OnPoint Network Awards on June 19 in Alabama, where it received five nominations: Felicia Rivers for Best Director, Tiffany the Doll for Best Short Film, Trap FLIX Party for Best Film, Geechee One Films for Best Film Company, and For the Love of Bee Badd for Best Reality Series. 

Geechee One Films currently works with over 100 actors and actresses. One of them is Patrice Jennings, who also starred in Trap FLIX Party, Treasure Box, Glory Mountain, and Carolina Dreamz

“My experience working with Geechee One Films has been amazing. I really enjoy getting to meet new people, networking, traveling to different cities and states,” shared Patrice. “Never in a million years did I see myself as an actor. I find myself to be kind of shy, and I don’t really like to speak in front of crowds, but Felicia found me and was persistent that I would be perfect for a film she was planning. I had already seen a few of her films, and I could tell she was serious about her craft, so for her to reach out to me, I felt I had to take the leap of faith and try something new. I am forever grateful that I did,” the actress added. 

To learn more about Geechee One Films and Trap FLIX Party, visit their website. Watch Trap Flix Party on Tubi.

Benjamin Geller Sets His Sights on County Legislator to Build On His Lifelong Career as a Public Servant

After years of distinguished service in various health and humanitarian organizations, Benjamin Geller has decided to run for Dutchess County Legislator in New York’s 4th District. Campaigning with the slogan, “The People’s Voice,” Geller hopes to establish transparent, approachable, and accessible communication between elected officials and the public.

Currently, Benjamin Geller works as an emergency medical technician for an advanced life support agency. He also does clinic work in West Africa and has been assisting the vaccine site operations in Dutchess County. Admittedly, Geller is not a politician by trade. Instead, he is a seasoned public servant—and that differentiates him from most elected officials.

As opposed to viewing it as a disadvantage, Benjamin Geller is proud of his notable public service background and humanitarian work in lieu of extensive political experience. In fact, it’s because of these experiences that he was asked to run by the leadership in New York. His profession and passion provide him with insight into the needs of the people he seeks to represent.

Benjamin Geller’s primary motivation for running is not only to continue but expand his ability to serve his community. And if his past performance is any indicator, the public can be assured that he is not working towards a personal agenda. “I want to start a revolution of waking up America and starting the conversation that brings healing to our nation,” explained Benjamin Geller.

The global community has witnessed the widening division in the United States and the suffering this has caused. For Benjamin Geller, rebuilding the country should take precedence over partisanship. From his years of doing his best to make his community a little better one day at a time, Geller knows that he can reach out to the average American voter and promote unity. The lifelong public servant knows that this unity starts with simple acts of neighborly kindness. “I want voters to show some extra love to their neighbors. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, check up on the elderly lady next door, hold the elevator,” said Geller.

Focusing on his fellow New Yorkers, Benjamin Geller recognizes the diligence, passion, and strength of the people he hopes to represent, lead, and serve. His goal is to be instrumental in lowering their taxes and addressing the mental health crisis running rampant in America. These are some of the responsibilities that he believes an elected official who has the best interest of their constituents at heart should champion. Already, Benjamin Geller exhibits one of the most crucial qualities of a leader—having a vision for the future.

As often happens when a person contemplates the possibility of significant life changes in the pursuit of grand undertakings, Benjamin Geller leans on the lessons from his past. During one of his travels to Africa, a wise physician told him that “we are meant to live extraordinary lives.” Geller has every intention to lead such a life. He is even open to the opportunity of running for Congress in 2026. Regardless of where life takes him, Geller will devote himself to serving the people of New York.

For more information on Benjamin Geller and his campaign for Dutchess County Legislator, you can visit his website

Jason Nemes Promoting Healthy Living and Business Savvy

Jason Nemes, also known as Tattedprezzz, has taken it upon himself to show the world that it’s possible to enjoy more than one side of life. Jason Nemes and everything he represents are products of years of toil and work that resulted in the enviable lifestyle he leads today.

Over the years, Jason has fueled his drive to success with self-improvement, motivation, and focus. At a young age, he already painted a picture of what he wanted his life to look like in the future, and he put in the work to make it happen. He got a job at a profitable business, moved on from that, regrouped and went back to college, tried a different field, and made it big in another line of business. His wellness coaching programs, team building skills, and motivational words have helped thousands of people worldwide improve their lives. He has inspired people to make life-changing moves and take their finances more seriously. His journey with the direct selling company is a testament to the fact that focus can get anybody anything they desire.

When he joined the company, he was just like every other person, but he proved his mettle within three years and broke into the top 3 percent of the company. In another three years, he got into the top 1 percent. These are unprecedented achievements that have put Jason Nemes in the spotlight as a positive role model for the company. His business now does millions of dollars in annual revenue, making him one of the highest-earning network marketers in the world. “Having a goal and the willingness to work towards it have been the most important things to me. The tough times will come and attempt to derail you on your journey, but having your sight set on your goal and WHY you want to achieve these goals will keep you going,” Jason shares.

The journey of becoming Tattedprezzz is a long-winding one that started as far back as when Jason was a teenager. Jason Nemes does not only teach people how to actively pursue their goals. He emphasizes the importance of sacrifice and determination. “When something is important to you, you go all the way to make it happen, and with the right steps, amazing things happen. You should never stop pursuing your dreams,” Jason wisely imparts. Jason travels all over the world talking about business success and living healthily.

Learn more about Jason Nemes, AKA Tattedprezzz, on his official Instagram page. Also, check out Jason’s website to learn more about his business and the life-changing lessons he frequently shares.

Jennifer Hudson’s New Movie to Start Streaming on Netflix this May 7

Source: Jennifer Hudson’s Instagram account

Movie fans have not seen much of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson lately, but there is reason to celebrate as her film Monster is set to stream on Netflix starting on May 7. The drama film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival three years ago and finally landed with Netflix after going through negotiations with other streaming platforms. 

Monster is an adaptation of the 1999 novel written by Walter Dean Myers. The story revolves around the character of 17-year-old African-American boy Steve Harmon, whose life turns upside down overnight when he gets accused of murder. The character struggles to make sense of things, including his parents. Jennifer Hudson plays Steve’s mother alongside Jeffrey Wright, who plays the father. 

The family drama sees Steve’s life spiral downwards as the honor student from an elite high school is arrested and faces charges for a fatal robbery incident. A complicated and heart-wrenching legal battle ensues, and the characters are caught in a web of uncertainty, confusion, and fear as Steve faces the worst possible scenario – spending a lifetime behind bars. 

The film’s trailer gives excited fans a glimpse of Steve’s warm and likable character, someone who attempts to thrive in the arts through his photography. As he comes of age, he goes through experiences that normal boys his age go through – falling in love with a girl, attempting to belong, and finding his inner strength to combat life’s challenges. 

Monster was made possible through the collective effort of executive producers John Legend, Nasir “Nas” Jones, Jeffrey Wright, and director Anthony Mandler. Its release on Netflix comes at a time when all of the world has been introduced to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that hopes to address systemic racism in the United States. It highlights realities on how many African-Americans are being targeted and marginalized because of the color of their skin. The movement was amplified by a series of events that resulted in the senseless deaths of innocent African-Americans at the hands of authorities. 

The film depicts this hard reality that many African-Americans face today in the United States and other parts of the world. It hopes to promote the need to uphold communities that are fair and just so that the senseless killings never happen again and young African-Americans are given a chance to establish themselves as peace-loving and productive citizens. 

Jennifer Hudson revealed in an interview with ET that she has never felt closer to any role before than playing Steve’s mother in the movie. As a mother to her 11-year-old son David, she fully empathizes with the desperation and struggles of her character. 

“When you are family like the Harmons, and you have a child that could not be walking a better path, and you still can’t protect them, and they still end up in those types of scenarios and situations. It leaves a parent like, ‘Oh my god, what can you do?'” Hudson shares. “What do you do when you’ve already done what you’re supposed to as a parent, and your child has done what they’re supposed to as a child? It’s scary.”

American actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. plays the role of Steve Harmon in the film. He has appeared in other films, including 12 Years a Slave and Ender’s Game


Kanye West Seen Still Wearing His Wedding Ring Despite Divorce Proceedings with Kim Kardashian

Source: DJ Khaled’s Instagram account

A few days ago, rapper and Yeezy owner Kanye West made the news again as fans were quick to notice that he is still wearing his wedding ring two months after his wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. A black and white photo of West was posted by his good friend DJ Khaled on Instagram when he visited the latter’s house early one morning. In the photo, West was seated with his arms stretched upwards, giving everyone a clear view of his wedding band. 

Kanye West has been married to Kardashian for seven years, and they have four children together: North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, who will be turning two in May. Just this April, West filed his response to Kardashian’s petition asking for joint legal and physical custody of their four children. 

Despite the emotional turmoil that West and Kardashian are experiencing at the moment, a source close to the couple told People that the divorce is proceeding smoothly. 

“Kim and Kanye are getting along,” the source reveals to People. “They have both stayed true to their commitment to making the best situation for the kids. Kim is very happy that they have managed to keep things calm. She thinks Kanye is a good dad. She wants him to be able to spend as much time with the kids as he wants.”

In the same report, the source also revealed that Kardashian is happy once again and that she believes that divorcing West is the best course of action moving forward. The support of her mother, Kris Jenner, and siblings is allowing her to brave this season. Since she filed for divorce, Kardashian has been staying in the Hidden Hills mansion with her children, the same home she shared with West when they were still together. 

Sources reveal that it is highly likely that Kardashian will continue to stay in the mansion even after the divorce is completed. It was previously reported that Kanye West and Kardashian previously agreed that they do not want the children to go through stress. He is known to love his children deeply and wants to make sure that they remain happy. 

Amidst his very public divorce proceedings, Kanye West put aside his personal battles to do a good deed for his friend, the late DMX, who passed away last April 9 due to a heart attack brought about by a reported drug overdose. Balenciaga designed a custom memorial shirt for DMX that was commissioned by the Yeezy brand. In 24 hours, the stocks were sold out, and the West-initiated event generated a whopping $1 million for the family of the late rapper. 

DMX, born Earl Simmons, was 50 years old when he died. On April 24, Kanye West once again appeared in his tribute, set on the same day as his funeral. To further express his deep love for his deceased friend, West designed the elaborate stage together with his Yeezy team. The Sunday Service Choir performed on that same stage, and friends of the late actor and rapper also shared warm sentiments and their fondest memories of him on it. West, however, opted to keep a low profile throughout the tribute.