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Mso Scorpio on Pursuing a Career in Music in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Growing up with a father who loves making R&B music has helped Mso Scorpio develop a love and passion for music and the arts. This creative individual is always brimming with ideas and feels a strong need to express himself and his artistry. He always finds himself thinking of the next creative track or coming up with unique melodies on a daily basis. 

Before becoming Mso Scorpio, the bonafide man of the arts was first known as Detrick Miller Jr. to his friends and family. This creative soul has dabbled in other art forms as well. As a young boy, he was part of a theater group. He also gravitated toward poetry which made his transition to composing much more manageable. Only then did he realize that singing and songwriting are his strongest suits. Eventually, he decided to follow this calling and started pursuing his passion for music as a career.

When he was still starting, the young artist has had his fair share of challenges and setbacks. However, he did not let any of it hinder him from achieving his goals. The singer-songwriter looks at these struggles and considers them as lessons that can help him avoid similar difficult situations in the future. 

His strong will has immensely helped him, and his career thrive despite the pandemic. While most people have been using this time to take a break, Mso Scorpio has been hard at work by promoting his music, writing singles, and producing videos. He has made it his mission to establish a brand that shows his uniqueness as an artist. Ultimately, he wants to break into the music scene and become widely known.

The musician also shared that he considers his individuality to be his primary source of inspiration. He acknowledges that being wired differently and embracing his unique self will be his ticket to stardom. 

Several of his works are currently available on online platforms such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Aside from creating music, he is also working on producing theatrical music videos that give the audience a vision and understanding of the kind of content he delivers.

At present, his most successful single Want from Me has been played over 5,000 times on numerous streaming platforms and has garnered thousands of views on Youtube in just a span of 2 months. Another one of his tracks is hip-hop and rap song Sheesh, which is available on SoundCloud. His most recent release is a track titled Juicce, which is available on most music streaming sites. 

Together with his goal of becoming a famous musician, the ambitious singer dreams of setting up his own music studio and production house, which he plans to call Scorpio Production. He also wants to collaborate with like-minded individuals and artists.  

This is just the start for Mso Scorpio. People should be on the lookout for this talented young musician as he prepares to release fresh tracks in the coming months.

Learn more about Mso Scorpio and his music by visiting his website.

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