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ProductMentor Relocates HQ from California to Texas for Bigger Opportunities to Joint Venture with Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Texas continues to attract high-profile businesses. San Antonio welcomes ProductMentor™️, who provides Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products and mobile apps. 

There has always been opportunity for entrepreneurs to relocate their businesses to more favorable jurisdictions. ProductMentor follows these trends and constantly finds ways to widen their sphere and impact. Recently, they did so by relocating their headquarters to the Lone Star State.

ProductMentor can help with all aspects of starting or growing a venture, from protecting intellectual property, to fundraising, to app and product development, to making industry connections, they cover all key areas that are vital to startups.

ProductMentor is relocating its corporate office from San Diego, California to San Antonio, Texas in order to better serve a greater audience, scale, and reach. According to Chief Executive Officer Mike Corradini, “As an ambassador of entrepreneurship, we need to lead by example and migrate where it’s more conducive to do business and start companies”. 

However, ProductMentor still happily serves startups throughout the United States and internationally with its global team of experts. In relation to what the future holds for them with the migration of the company, Corradini says, “I believe entrepreneurs should go where they are treated best. Texas allows us to operate with lower taxes, less regulations, and a lower cost of doing business which allows us to deliver even more value.” 

Kody Knighton, ProductMentor’s COO, shared that “Our mission is as large as the wonderful state of Texas. That is to provide joint venture opportunities for inventors who want to license their product, entrepreneurs who want to launch their products or apps, and business owners who want to  take their venture to the next level“.

ProductMentor and its team have helped over 500 entrepreneurs start, launch or grow their business. ProductMentor not only inspires, but educates and equips people from all walks of life to become successful in what they are passionate about. Their goal is to help you build a business and a lifestyle that you love.

Learn more about ProductMentor and how to join their Done-With-You Joint Venture Program to launch or accelerate your business by visiting the website at

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