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Geechee One Films Releases New Film Trap FLIX Party, Garners Global Recognition

After bagging multiple awards, the Trap FLIX Party film takes on another milestone as it premieres on various platforms such as Tubi, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Vudu, HOOPLA, and more. Created by Geechee One Films, Trap FLIX Party will surely strike a chord with viewers not only in the country but across the globe.

Trap FLIX Party is a film filled with drama and suspense, masterfully crafted to capture audiences from all walks of life with its impeccable storytelling and talented cast. Geechee One Films recently partnered with Maverick Entertainment, the leading film distribution company in Black cinema. The collaboration ensures the success of the new film and of many more projects to come. Geechee One Films is owned by a talented duo of producers, writers, and directors, Felicia Rivers and Isaac Hilton Jr. After only three years in the industry, Geechee One Films’ projects have already gained international attention.

Felicia Rivers built Geechee One Magazine while attending Claflin University. She wanted it to be a platform where she can showcase the stories she used to write. As she has been writing since the early age of three, Felicia has significantly improved in her craft over the years. Eventually, her passion fueled her desire to venture into creating films and turning her stories into a visual reality. Asked where the name Geechee was derived from, Felicia shared that it is the term used for people from Charleston life herself, and she felt that it was a unique name for the brand.

Since then, Geechee One films has produced creative and enjoyable films that deviate from the status quo. Felicia and her team strive to put forth stories that are worth watching, and they have successfully harbored recognition worldwide. Trap FLIX Party is the company’s breakout film, the beginning of many more projects to be released later in the year, including a full-length feature film entitled Treasure Box

Geechee One Films is continually creating content to keep audiences engaged. The company will be participating at the CareFree Black Girl Cookout on June 12 in Brooklyn, NY. Geechee will also participate in the OnPoint Network Awards on June 19 in Alabama, where it received five nominations: Felicia Rivers for Best Director, Tiffany the Doll for Best Short Film, Trap FLIX Party for Best Film, Geechee One Films for Best Film Company, and For the Love of Bee Badd for Best Reality Series. 

Geechee One Films currently works with over 100 actors and actresses. One of them is Patrice Jennings, who also starred in Trap FLIX Party, Treasure Box, Glory Mountain, and Carolina Dreamz

“My experience working with Geechee One Films has been amazing. I really enjoy getting to meet new people, networking, traveling to different cities and states,” shared Patrice. “Never in a million years did I see myself as an actor. I find myself to be kind of shy, and I don’t really like to speak in front of crowds, but Felicia found me and was persistent that I would be perfect for a film she was planning. I had already seen a few of her films, and I could tell she was serious about her craft, so for her to reach out to me, I felt I had to take the leap of faith and try something new. I am forever grateful that I did,” the actress added. 

To learn more about Geechee One Films and Trap FLIX Party, visit their website. Watch Trap Flix Party on Tubi.

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