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Award-Winning Hair Stylist Kelly Cahen Shares Industry Secrets on Scissors Make Cents

A person’s hair tells a story. One’s hair should be able to reflect where one has been and where one is going, whether that person is off to make a lasting first impression or is about to land multi-million dollar deals. For many years, Kelly Cahen has stayed on top of her game as an award-winning hairstylist. Today, she shares her trade secrets through her book entitled Scissors Make Cents: Business, Ethics & Empowerment Essentials for Running a Hair Salon that Thrives

Scissors Make Cents is more than just a book; it’s an essential investment. The author reveals her unique experiences as a stylist and hands-on business owner in hopes of enlightening and empowering others like herself in the industry to push their boundaries. The book provides a “one-of-a-kind education experience that combines entertaining stories of personal experience and encouragement with tasks and accountability for stylists or salon owners who are looking to build a rock-solid brand.”

While hair professionals may enroll in academies to learn about the craft, nothing is better than learning from someone who has walked the talk. Kelly Cahen has established a name for herself in the hairstyling business, both locally and nationally. Her hands have created some of the most iconic looks for professional athletes, top models, and celebrities. Kelly is the founder and owner of 1213 Hair Salon in Richmond, Virginia, a hair establishment known for its unparalleled customer service, clean and modern design, and dynamic team of hair professionals.

Furthermore, Kelly Cahen is well-traveled, having explored throughout Europe. She acquired some of her distinct skills during her time at the London and Ireland Wella Institutes in 2012. The experience opened her eyes to all the possibilities one can do to one’s hair, and she wanted to bring her knowledge back home to Virginia.

Kelly Cahen specializes in multi-dimensional color, hair extensions, and small business coaching. She was named a Master of Beauty by the Empire Beauty System and Nick Arrojo. Merging her vision to help other entrepreneurs in their business pursuits and passion for hair, Kelly wrote Scissors Make Cents to make a difference in her field. The award-winning stylist wanted to provide her readers with a glimpse of her firsthand experiences and a detail-oriented guide that takes aspiring entrepreneurs through the real behind-the-scenes of the salon business. The author seeks to instill that despite the challenges in the hairstyling business, there is also great joy in it. 

“Choose to be the person, the small business owner, and the professional you want to be, putting your best out into the world and expecting nothing but the best back. Is this entitlement? Hell no. It’s grit. It’s hustling. It’s working hard with a dedicated focus on systems, strategy, and your life goals. You can have goals, or you can achieve them. What are you going to do with yours?” expressed Kelly Cahen. With Scissors Make Cents, the stylist and author is taking a crucial step to uplift other individuals and help them achieve their goals. The book goes beyond merely providing readers with know-hows but aims to help them find integrity and joy and living the best life possible. 

To learn more about Scissors Make Cents, visit its website.

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