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Beverley Vaughn and Awakening Initiatives on Helping Individuals Maximize Their Full Potential and Position for Success

Someone must have the proper guidance to attain the pinnacle of success in life, in education or in a career. Proper guidance will make the otherwise arduous journey worthwhile and help an individual maximize their full potential. One individual assisting people in channeling their innate skills and talents into the right endeavors and maximizing their success is speaker, author, and televangelist Beverley Vaughn through the Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching.

Beverley Vaughn is an accomplished speaker, author, televangelist, coach, celebrity radio personality, and Christian evangelist leading and empowering people into success in business with a holistic approach. Through her coaching company, Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching, Beverley has created numerous household brands with invigorating and powerful sessions. Her expertise as the coach with a winning formula for success has earned her a reputation as a big-name instructor and counselor of coaches, speakers, and service-based business owners, nurturing them with tools to take their lives to the next level, influence multitudes, and amass wealth.

Having served as a Corporate Global Sales Manager for thirty-three years and in the International Christian Ministry for twenty-two years, Beverley Vaughn disrupts the status quo by bringing unique, strategic insights to coaching, speaking, transformation, and information marketing. Her rigorously experiential business strategies and fiery linguistic prowess helping ordinary people hone their latent skills to achieve extraordinary things. 

A gifted strategic seminar leader and master of sales from the stage, spawning such seminars as The 1099 Shift, Purpose 101, Impact InfluencePurpose Teleseminar (with an international audience), Beverley’s presence is clamored for by people from all over the country who need transformation in their lives and business. She has been featured on NBC sites and affiliates, Atlanta Wire, The Chicago Journal, American Business Stars, New York Weekly, U.S. Universities, Colleges TheWord Network, and International Stages.

Growing up, Beverley was bullied as a teenager because of her features and shape. The experience left its toll on her, and she had to work hard and be intentional about not letting other people destroy her confidence. She is now directing the passion into helping young, middle-aged, and even older women (and some men) who have been through similar challenges to get free from the bullied mindset, helping them regain the confidence to communicate what they offer with authority. “I wish I had someone to encourage me to go into business much earlier in life. Specifically, I wish I had a woman in my life who was passionate about mentoring me, helping me to grow spiritually and maximize my full potential, not just professionally. Still, as a woman,” she shared.

To help other people who might be going through the same predicament through various areas of their lives, she established her own coaching company, Awakening Initiatives, proudly taking on the alias “Wake Up Artist.” Through her coaching programs, Beverley wakes up the dormant potential of those that listen to and follow her guidelines. In the coming years, Beverley Vaughn hopes to spearhead Awakening Initiatives into becoming a powerhouse of excellence in the coaching industry by simplifying things for her clients while making eight figures and being on the covers of industry-leading magazines and international publications.

Learn more about Beverley Vaughn and the Awakening Initiatives Beverley Vaughn Coaching by visiting the official website.

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