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How Neal Thakkar Turned His Life Around To Create Two Brands To Transform the Lives of Others

It can be difficult for people to bounce back from their inner demons, but people like Neal Thakkar have proven that it is still possible. Since turning his life around, Neal has been training his mind, body, and soul to transform himself into a whole new person. Today, he has been using his knowledge and training to help others do the same.

Neal Thakkar was on a promising journey in soccer, thriving as a collegiate athlete who had the world wide open for him. However, that future was compromised when he fell into drug addiction, effectively ending his career. His addiction held a broken, dirty mirror to his face, showing a distorted image that was unrecognizable to even himself. Neal almost lost his life once when he overdosed on Adderall and Xanax, prompting him to go into rehab. By the time he came out, Neal held on to his new resolve to transform himself. Going into bodybuilding, biohacking, meditation, and personal training, the once-promising soccer star changed his body, brain, and mind.

Since then, Neal decided to start a company centered around human transformation. He created Evolvere on the foundation of helping people transform what he considers the three major human systems—the brain, the body, and the mind. While people generally group the brain and the mind as a single entity, Evolvere educates people on the difference.

“No matter how much you focus on your mindset, if your brain is unhealthy, then you won’t get so far,” Neal said.

Thriving for four years, Evolvere has been providing people with fitness coaching services, dietary supplements, and functional foods. When the brand started, its first supplement called QUANTUMiND became a top seller on Amazon. On August 1, 2021, Catalyst Nootropic Coffee, a functional coffee that helps people focus and burn fat, is also released to the market under the Evolvere brand. 

His battle with psychiatric medications led  Neal to another mission: help create safer alternatives to psychiatric meds. After being failed by the pharmaceutical industry, he decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Genesis Nootropics, which provides individual nootropic ingredients and consulting services for brain health and performance. The two brands primarily focus on helping health-conscious high achievers, biohackers, entrepreneurs, and people who want to become the best version of themselves in all aspects of life. While he has served countless people from all walks of life, they each share a few distinctive traits—a growth mindset, ownership of their health, and commitment to the pursuit of mastery.

A unique aspect that Neal Thakkar brings with his brands is their commitment to three major systems. Whereas most companies only focus on the mind and the body, he includes the brain, something no other company does. Additionally, Neal strives to transform as opposed to other biohacking companies that only optimize.

“We focus on long-term change in the human systems,” Neal assures his clients that they are more than capable of becoming more brilliant, more focused, more athletic, and more muscular by taking ownership and being intentional about changing themselves. 

With the future so full of possibilities, Neal Thakkar hopes to continue his work as the CEO of Evolvere, driving the company to become the top performance company in the world. He also hopes to see Genesis Nootropics evolve into Genesis Cognition and become the leading source for Nootropic information, research, and raw ingredients, researching all brain-enhancing modalities and utilizing technology to help optimize brain health and performance.

Learn more about Neal Thakkar by visiting his official website.

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