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Thomas Berkley Shares His Expertise on the ATM Business Through ATM Freedom University

Fondly referred to as an “All-Time Money Machine,” ATMs are arguably one of the best inventions in the financial industry, providing round-the-clock service to consumers for quick self-service transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and transfers between accounts. However, more than being a convenient banking outlet that helps you avoid those long bank queues, ATMs can also be a lucrative investment and a source of passive income, a fact that Thomas Berkley, CEO of ATM Freedom University, knows all too well. So the industry leader now aims to teach others about the business side of ATMs. 

Thomas Berkley is a ten-year Air Force Veteran, a serial entrepreneur with a personal portfolio of over fifty ATMs across Ohio, and CEO of ATM Freedom University. This institution teaches entrepreneurs how to make passive income using ATMs and build these businesses out for them. Now an industry leader, Thomas’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was 18 and first enlisted in the Air Force. It was here in the service of his country that he met his first business mentor, who hailed from a small town back in Ohio. 

The pair quickly bonded over shared interests, and the mentor shared his invaluable business knowledge, especially about his long-standing ATM business. Recalling the fateful conversation, Thomas shared: “He told me that an individual could own the same ATMs that banks did, minus the cute coat of paint. He took me under his wing and helped me start my own ATM business right out of the military, and everything skyrocketed for me from there.”

After succeeding in the ATM business, Thomas wanted to help other aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge of the untapped industry. So, in 2018, he posted his first tutorial video on starting an ATM business on YouTube, and the response was overwhelming. After that, his subscribers asked for more videos. 

Eventually, people started inquiring whether he could do everything for them for a fee. Heeding these requests, Thomas Berkley founded ATM Freedom University to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build, manage, and operate their ATM businesses. Since its inception, the academy has helped over 600 students build successful ATM businesses.

Additionally, the reputable company also offers entrepreneurs a “done-for-you” business model that takes care of every little detail needed to ensure the success of their ventures, such as onboarding a new client, negotiation, shipping, and more, thus allowing these emerging business owners to build a passive income. “We’re the only company that negotiates contracts for our students, and we’re the only ones who have techs all over the US that will install programs and service clients’ machines for them,” Thomas says.

As he remains dedicated to building his empire and educating others, the power player has earned several accolades for his astute business acumen and unparalleled teaching method. He is a ClickFunnels Two Comma Club award winner for building a seven-figure company and runs multiple six-figure companies under his belt.

In the coming years, Thomas Berkley aims to expand his business and educate more people on making a passive income. His primary audience is anyone willing to grow, improve, and adapt to the current times, people who want more and are interested in growing and being a part of something greater.

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