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Business Owner, 21-Year-Old, and Entrepreneur — Aslan Rahman

Aslan Rahman is the owner of multiple businesses, including a property management business and multiple coaching businesses. His success at such a young age shows the rewards that hard work can bring.

Aslan grew up in the UK and lived a fairly average life. At 16, he took his first “run” at being an entrepreneur and would sell sandwiches and baguettes to fellow classmates.

Wanting a more stable career with a decent income, Aslan applied to medical school and was accepted. At the same time, however, he was attending multiple business and entrepreneurial events throughout the UK.

He explains: “Throughout 2019, I went to many business events across the UK, meeting countless self-made millionaires in different industries. I was honestly shocked and realized how much opportunity there was in earning an income without needing a degree.”

He was so shocked that he knew he had to try his hand at entrepreneurialism once again. So, he called his university and told them he would take a gap year.

That year, he raised $24,000 from investors and started his own property management company. He would buy leases for large houses and then rent out the rooms. He would also find similar opportunities or deals and sell them to investors.

In just two years, he made $286,000 in revenue with a 28% profit margin of around $80,000. By then, he was also studying at a university to become a medical professional. However, he decided to take a risk and drop out of school to work on his business full-time. After transitioning to working full-time on his business, he started making around $11,000 a month. Then, realizing that he had valuable knowledge to offer and after discovering the online coaching business, he decided to start a coaching business himself.

He focused on teaching others how to start their own property management business. As a result, after just 12 months of starting his coaching business, Aslan made over $164,366 in profit.

He was able to make so much because he learned the key to gaining “high-ticket” clients. Again, realizing that he now has new valuable “know-how” to sell, he plans to expand his coaching business to teaching consultants, coaches, and course creators how they too can land “high-ticket” clients.

Aslan plans to be making seven figures on his coaching business alone by the time he turns 23 years old. One of the keys to his success is all about seeking quality mentors with life experience in the area you want to get into.

He was able to find quality mentors by going to events with other like-minded entrepreneurs. He himself sought out mentors when it came to starting his property management business as well as his coaching business.

In the future, Aslan wants to continue teaching others how they can succeed in business. He explains: “I’ve always had a passion for teaching, originally tutoring teens at A level subjects (college), then teaching fellow property entrepreneurs how to start this property business, and now going into business coaching, helping anyone who wants more clients online.”

Overall, Aslan Rahman’s hard work ethic and determination have resulted in his tremendous success. His willingness to learn from others is also one of the major keys to his success and one that he believes others should take to heart.

The Hop Bag Rethinking the Way Millions of People Travel and Pack

Millions of people travel all the time at any given point. And as exciting and fun as moving from one place to another can be for work or pleasure, not all parts of the experience are enjoyable. There are delayed flights, unforeseen expenses, and the never-ending hassle of packing your belongings in one bag. Now a new product called the Hop Bag looks to change how people travel forever. 

The Hop Bag is the first ever genuinely modular bag that can come together and apart as one needs. It’s a 3-in-1 solution that attaches and detaches with ease so that you can form the bag to your desired form as required. The Hop Bag’s purpose is to make travel fuss-free and fun for anyone, whether it’s frequent work travelers, digital nomads, or families on vacation. The product hopes to become a hassle-free and compact alternative to lugging multiple bags around. 

The Hop Bag has a compartment for a 15-inch laptop, which makes it a great work bag option. There are also eighteen different pockets and sections, so users can better organize their possessions with the bag. A two-way luggage loop and two detachable and adjustable straps help travelers customize how they want to bring the bag around. Add to that a cord pass-through access and external water bottle pocket, and you have a highly versatile travel bag that can provide flexibility when moving around an airport, city, or tourist site. 

The team behind the Hop Bag is a team more than committed to developing products that will help people streamline travel and luggage for all. They focus on designing a multi-utility, modular, and convenient set of solutions that will change how people see and experience their journey. The team also aims to positively impact the environment by making it a durable and long-lasting bag that people can keep for a long time. That way, travelers reduce waste on bag items that often end up in landfills.

The team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that hit its goal in only four days. With less than a month left in its campaign, the crowdfunding has already raised more than its target amount. Avid buyers still flock to their projects to get their hands on the bag and other perks and add-ons like laptop bags, hygiene kits, earplugs, inflatable pillows, slippers, towels, and so much more.

Apart from being designed for optimal function, the Hop Bag also has a fantastic form. The sleek design has received raving reviews from backers who are more than eager to get their hands on the finished product. “I love [their bag],” writes one backer on their Kickstarter page. “All the items are monogrammed individually, which is just perfect and special. I already know what I am gifting my better half this birthday. Thank you!”The Hop Bag also comes with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects to give their buyers and backers complete confidence in their product’s quality. The makers have also committed to using vegan leather to further strengthen its desire to have a positive effect on the community and environment apart from their own bottom line. The Hop Bag is running a promotion as of writing, with discounts up for grabs on their site.

Thomas Berkley Shares His Expertise on the ATM Business Through ATM Freedom University

Fondly referred to as an “All-Time Money Machine,” ATMs are arguably one of the best inventions in the financial industry, providing round-the-clock service to consumers for quick self-service transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and transfers between accounts. However, more than being a convenient banking outlet that helps you avoid those long bank queues, ATMs can also be a lucrative investment and a source of passive income, a fact that Thomas Berkley, CEO of ATM Freedom University, knows all too well. So the industry leader now aims to teach others about the business side of ATMs. 

Thomas Berkley is a ten-year Air Force Veteran, a serial entrepreneur with a personal portfolio of over fifty ATMs across Ohio, and CEO of ATM Freedom University. This institution teaches entrepreneurs how to make passive income using ATMs and build these businesses out for them. Now an industry leader, Thomas’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was 18 and first enlisted in the Air Force. It was here in the service of his country that he met his first business mentor, who hailed from a small town back in Ohio. 

The pair quickly bonded over shared interests, and the mentor shared his invaluable business knowledge, especially about his long-standing ATM business. Recalling the fateful conversation, Thomas shared: “He told me that an individual could own the same ATMs that banks did, minus the cute coat of paint. He took me under his wing and helped me start my own ATM business right out of the military, and everything skyrocketed for me from there.”

After succeeding in the ATM business, Thomas wanted to help other aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge of the untapped industry. So, in 2018, he posted his first tutorial video on starting an ATM business on YouTube, and the response was overwhelming. After that, his subscribers asked for more videos. 

Eventually, people started inquiring whether he could do everything for them for a fee. Heeding these requests, Thomas Berkley founded ATM Freedom University to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build, manage, and operate their ATM businesses. Since its inception, the academy has helped over 600 students build successful ATM businesses.

Additionally, the reputable company also offers entrepreneurs a “done-for-you” business model that takes care of every little detail needed to ensure the success of their ventures, such as onboarding a new client, negotiation, shipping, and more, thus allowing these emerging business owners to build a passive income. “We’re the only company that negotiates contracts for our students, and we’re the only ones who have techs all over the US that will install programs and service clients’ machines for them,” Thomas says.

As he remains dedicated to building his empire and educating others, the power player has earned several accolades for his astute business acumen and unparalleled teaching method. He is a ClickFunnels Two Comma Club award winner for building a seven-figure company and runs multiple six-figure companies under his belt.

In the coming years, Thomas Berkley aims to expand his business and educate more people on making a passive income. His primary audience is anyone willing to grow, improve, and adapt to the current times, people who want more and are interested in growing and being a part of something greater.

Perfect for Real Estate Professionals, Virtudesk is the Leading Service for Remote-Working Personal Assistants

Hiring a personal assistant can sound like a capital burden, but according to a recent survey, it is one of the essential requirements for a successful business. In fact, a study by 99content revealed that companies that hire personal assistants are more likely to save up to 78 percent of their expenses. With the remote work option opening up after the global pandemic, hiring assistants has become much more accessible and affordable. Remote assistants can help employers handle administrative and logistical tasks at a fraction of the cost. 

While an experienced personal assistant can take a significant burden off your shoulders, managing them can be a challenging task in itself. Most professionals struggle to find highly skilled assistants who are familiar with their line of work and are willing to work at an affordable pay grade. To solve the problem of limited availability and high fees, Virtudesk has created one of the most effective remote assistance platforms in the world. Virtudesk acts as a bridge between talented virtual assistants (VAs) from the Philippines and businesses in the US and Canada. Not only do they aim to offer efficient virtual assistance services to their clients, but they also ensure that their VAs are punctual, responsive, as well as responsible. 

CEO and founder of Virtudesk, Pavel Stepanov, developed the inspiration for his company after he hired a virtual assistant for himself. According to him, he was a successful real estate broker and felt drained after 12 to 16 hours of work daily. He was inundated with administrative tasks and decided to hire his first-ever virtual assistant. The service he received allowed him to save time and scale up his business faster than he had imagined. Pavel was highly impressed by the potential benefits of a virtual assistant and realized that entrepreneurs and agents could glean significant benefits from hiring the right type of VA. Thus, he founded Virtudesk, with a critical focus on strategically developed systems. These systems ensured that the virtual assistants associated with his company were well-vetted, adequately trained, and efficient at their jobs. 

Virtudesk is known for its quality and impressive services. Unlike other platforms, Virtudesk is among those that take responsibility for their VAs. They ensure that their VAs know how to perform their tasks by providing them with 5-10 days of training. This training is mandatory, and only upon its completion can a VA be assigned to a client. Their account managers, who coordinate between the client and Virtudesk, ensure that the assigned VA is not just familiar with the field and possesses the knowledge but is also equipped with all the necessary tools. They provide timely updates to their clients and are available to address any inquiries. 

Understanding the assistant job is necessary to increase productivity and improve work quality, Virtudesk uses a monitoring tool to check the productivity and attendance of their VAs. They also have a workforce team that ensures all their virtual assistants stay on track and deliver according to the schedule. That’s not all! At Virtudesk, the privacy and confidentiality of clients and their data are also top priorities. Their cybersecurity insurance eases any privacy concerns that their clients may potentially have.

Paving its way to success, Virtudesk has been recognized and praised for its services by many well-known platforms. They have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and hold a place in the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. Virtudesk even won the Titan Business Awards for the exponential growth they have shown. They were named Best Virtual Assistant Solutions in 2022 by the International Business Magazine and received the title of the fastest growing company by Growjo and Financial Times.

While being a futuristic and visionary company, Virtudesk’s mission isn’t limited to providing the best virtual assistant to corporations. They also work tirelessly to create more opportunities in the Philippines to help people find work from the comfort of their homes. Their tremendous efforts have enabled many single mothers and Filipino families to return to life financially and utilize their skills and talent most efficiently. They strive to give their VAs a work-life balance, which is definitely needed to stay happy and succeed in life. They also have a retirement plan, PTO, health coverage, and financial aid program for their virtual assistants so they can get extra help in times of need. It would not be an understatement if we say that Virtudesk is a one-stop solution for various organizations and skilled employees.

Nina Hersher: Corporate Training Leader and Digital Wellbeing Industry Pioneer

American speaker, author and educator Nina Claire Hersher is the Chief Learning Officer of The Digital Wellness Institute. Known for her advocacy of digital wellness, Nina has co-authored the bestselling book, ‘Your Playbook for Thriving in the Remote Work Era.’ Moreover, she is a highly sought-after speaker with a specialized Master of Social Work in Digital Culture and Program Development. She also co-founded the annual Digital Wellness Day, which has, to date, reached over 7 million people in around 36 countries. 

Digital wellness or digital wellbeing is the optimum state of health and wellbeing that each individual using technology is capable of achieving. In other words, it addresses the use of technology to ensure a person’s physical and mental health in our fast-paced and connected world. In recent times, employees have relied heavily on their digital devices and the internet to perform their tasks. Not just employees; these days, everyone is glued to their gadgets. When it comes to digital wellness, both the intentional use and development of technology are key. The aim is to design technology in such a way that it promotes healthy use while proactively assisting the user in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, digital wellness doesn’t just mean that employees take time to disconnect from devices. It’s, in fact, also about optimizing productivity and digital habits to free up leisure time, family time, and time for sleep. It’s a comprehensive way for people to think about how their relationship with technology can be improved to affect other aspects of their lives. 

As far as its importance is concerned, it enables employees to be more engaged and productive, as well as lead healthier lives during and outside of work. Nina Hersher teaches people how to achieve digital wellness and harness technology in a way that fuels rather than fatigues. Due to COVID-19, the prevalence of isolation and remote work has highlighted the need to integrate how mental health intersects with our digital habits. As this revolution in work and life evolves, so must our terminology, practices, and intentions for living in a fast-paced world. 

From compulsive device usage to FOMO, nomophobia, and technology-based insomnia – everyone has a different entry point to the topic of digital wellness – or in other words – it causes them to explore what mental health and wellness mean. While some may have seen overly plugged-in children and are worried about gaming addiction, others may have personally experienced depression, distraction, and a loss of productivity with doomscrolling. 

An expert in the field, Nina holds a specialized Master of Social Work in Norms of Connectivity, Digital Culture and Program Development and is an all-around wellness guru of the digital times. Growing up, the talented entrepreneur wrote music for the iTunes album ‘Listen’ and performed alongside award-winning artists, including Adriane Lenox, Kelli O’Hara, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and the cast of Spring Awakening, using her voice to promote stuttering awareness and education. How did she end up in Digital Wellness?

Frustrated with the lack of resources and education in the field of digital wellness after graduate school, Nina co-founded The Digital Wellness Warriors in 2018 which was rebranded as the Digital Wellness Collective: the only global trade association for Digital Wellness professionals. The Digital Wellness Collective evolved into The Digital Wellness Institute as the expert network developed the first of its kind standardized education for the field. Her leadership brought to life the first nationally accredited ‘Certified Digital Wellness Educator’ program, leading to an official impact partnership with the 2-time Emmy award-winning documentary, The Social Dilemma.

There is more to Nina Hersher than what meets the eye. She is not only a highly sought after keynote speaker in the digital wellness industry, but she also conducts international workshops, team retreats, and develops curricula related to digital wellbeing and Digital Flourishing®. Nina’s vision for the Digital Flourishing® wheel led to the creation of the first scientifically validated survey instrument to measure wellbeing in the digital age headed by Digital Wellness Institute Research Director and Positive Media Psychologist, Sophie Janicke-Bowles, Ph.D.. It includes productivity, environment, communication, relationships, mental health, physical health, digital citizenship and quantified self.

When the pandemic hit, employees started working from home and spending more time on their devices, and their mental health started deteriorating, which also affected their physical health. This is where Nina’s curriculum and teachings come into play. She helps people by giving them the language and framework to normalize common digital challenges while focusing on the way forward. Her techniques have been helping people reclaim their peace of mind, an absolute must in this fast-paced digital world we live in. 

Today, 83 percent of employees are looking to their employers for guidance in navigating the pressures of remote work. Yet many feel ill-equipped to deal with these new pressures. Therefore, Nina co-authored the bestselling Digital Wellness Playbook, to provide employers with actionable, research-based guidance to support their team, reclaim their attention, and act with full intention. Not only is this playbook packed with great information, but it includes practical strategies for the entire team that can be immediately implemented. 

Over the years, Nina Hersher’s work has received an increasing amount of press and glowing reviews from organizations that have used her services and have experienced a positive change in their team dynamics and ways of working. From her work at Digital Wellbeing Consulting, to her impact at the Digital Wellness Institute and vision launching Digital Wellness Day she has touched millions of lives and provided countless resources on digital wellness and tech-life.

As a digital wellbeing industry pioneer, Nina Hersher is a member of several speakers bureaus and has been invited internationally to present at retreat centers, corporations and conferences like Kripalu, Wisdom 2.0, Spotify, Dolby and The King Abdulaziz Center. Along with this, her work has been featured in publications ranging from Forbes to The Stanford Social Innovation Review, Al Jazeera, and Voice of America.