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The Christmas Miracle of Hope: Sarantos’ Inspiring New Single Release

The Christmas Miracle of Hope: Sarantos' Inspiring New Single Release
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Spreading holiday cheer through the power of music, acclaimed Chicago-based musical artist Sarantos introduces his harmonious Christmas single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, on November 20th, 2023. This fresh addition accompanies his newest album, “Somethin’ to Believe In,” which made its debut on the same day. With an assortment of hit tracks such as three Top 10 UK iTunes singles and two additional Top 40 songs, this comprehensive collection has already raked in an exceptional 300k streams.

“The Time (For Miracles)” hones the essence of the merry season via its cordial message of hope, miracles, and goodwill. Coupled with its mellifluous, light tones and optimistic lyrics, it seamlessly captures and reverberates the warmth of the Christmas holiday.

Sarantos’ signature sound lenses blends the spirit of 80s rock and modern pop, nurturing a relatable, soulful tune that resonates with the masses. Compelling comparisons of his vocals and songwriting finesse with luminaries like the Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber further highlight his credible stature in the music industry. Emphasising the potential of miracles at any time, even amidst the festive holiday season, Sarantos’ new song ignites a ray of hope and reaffirms the magic of belief.

Sarantos’ music project efficiency is notably remarkable. For over 11 years, he has been consistent in releasing a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter, and poem every month. His relentless dedication and passion for music have catapulted him onto the pedestals of recognition. This unwavering commitment has earned him a grand spectrum of awards, nominations and even an influential consideration for the coveted Grammy Award.

Indispensable for a heart-warming Christmas playlist, “The Time (For Miracles)” reverberates a universal message of hope and miracles. As Sarantos aptly states, “Its message of hope and belief in miracles is something that everyone can relate to, especially during the holiday season.”

Apart from crafting soothing melodies, Sarantos hosts the popular Songwriters Show on Reality Radio. This platform is a sanctuary for him to share his music and spotlight the exceptional talent of diverse artists. With syndication across more than 60 channels, including giant platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes, this radio show enjoys a substantial listener base.

Fans and music admirers can indulge in Sarantos’ music on various streaming platforms. In addition, followers can anticipate the release of his surprise instrumental CD annually in November.

For updates on Sarantos’ musical journey and more information, please connect via his official website, or engage with him on social platforms: Facebook –, Twitter –, Youtube –, Instagram –, Tik Tok –, Apple Music – and Spotify –

Sarantos’ new single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, doesn’t just encapsulate the Christmas spirit; it articulates the perennial sentiment of hope and belief, resonating universally regardless of the season. Join the captivating musical journey of Sarantos, and let his melodies kindle hope while inspiring miracles in your life.

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