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DTM: The Unstoppable Rise of a Bedroom Producer to Billboard Sensation

In the dynamic realm of music, where passion and persistence often intertwine, the story of Douglas Tyler McKee, known artistically as DTM, stands as a beacon of inspiration and innovation. Breaking into the music industry in June 2023 with his hit single “Talk Like That,” DTM’s journey from a bedroom producer to capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide epitomizes the essence of dedication and raw talent.

DTM’s musical odyssey began long before his breakthrough, rooted in an unwavering passion for sound and rhythm. His journey was not one without obstacles; however, these very challenges honed his resolve and sharpened his craft. “Talk Like That,” a blend of hip hop, rap, and melodic vocals, emerged as a testament to DTM’s versatility and a narrative that resonated across genres and borders.

The genesis of “Talk Like That” marked a pivotal moment in DTM’s career. As both artist and producer, he crafted a fresh yet nostalgically familiar sound. This duality struck a chord with listeners globally, fostering an “overnight” surge in streaming numbers. From under 1,000 plays to becoming the crown jewel in his catalog, “Talk Like That” catapulted DTM into the spotlight he so rightfully deserved.

The appeal of “Talk Like That” transcended beyond mere listeners to capture the attention of established European artists and remixers. Collaborations with renowned names such as Jadion, C02, and Grammy-nominated remixer StoneBridge yielded three unique remixes that found their way into clubs and radio stations throughout Europe. These partnerships amplified DTM’s reach, introducing his sound to an ever-expanding audience.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable milestones came when “Talk Like That” debuted on the UK Commercial Club Pop Chart at number 28. Within four weeks, the track soared up 20 spots – an unprecedented feat that saw it breaking into the top 10 at number 8. Such rapid ascension on prestigious charts underscored DTM’s rising stardom and his song’s universal appeal.

This whirlwind success has ignited an inferno of creativity within DTM. With increasing stream counts fueling his ambition, he continues to tease new projects through social media platforms like Instagram. These snippets have sparked considerable excitement among fans eager for more music from this burgeoning star.

Amidst this meteoric rise lies Spotify, where listeners can dive deep into DTM’s evolving discography. Here, one can truly appreciate the depth of his talent—a blend of lyrical prowess and production mastery that sets him apart in today’s saturated market.

DTM’s philosophy revolves around breaking barriers within hip-hop by refusing to be pigeonholed into a single genre. His commitment to originality defines his artistry and positions him as a trailblazer poised to redefine musical norms.

As he navigates this new chapter in his career with seven more songs ready to unveil, DTM remains grounded yet optimistic about what lies ahead. In early interviews following his breakout success, he confidently stated that this journey is merely beginning—a sentiment echoed by every beat drop and lyric penned since then.

Douglas Tyler McKee’s transition from obscurity to acclaim is more than just a “Bedroom to Billboard” tale—a narrative rich with perseverance, innovation, and boundless potential. As he continues forging connections through music and expanding his sonic horizons, one thing remains certain: DTM is not just here to play; he’s here to stay at the forefront of musical evolution.



Published by: Martin De Juan

Sarantos Unveils Love Is Love! – A Harmonious Anthem for Unity and Acceptance

In the labyrinth of the music industry, where every artist strives to leave an indelible mark, there emerges a voice, distinct and resonant, that transcends the cacophony of fleeting trends. Sarantos, an international award-winning solo artist known for his multifaceted talents and philanthropic endeavors, has once again captured the essence of universal love and acceptance with his latest single and video, “Love Is Love!” Released worldwide, this song is not just a melody but a powerful message encapsulated within notes and lyrics, aiming to bridge the divides of race, orientation, size, religion, or any conceivable difference that fragments society.

“Love Is Love!” arrives as a timely masterpiece in the month dedicated to celebrating love. Sarantos explains, “This Valentine’s song is about love. Race doesn’t matter. Orientation doesn’t matter. Size doesn’t matter. Where you live doesn’t matter. Religion doesn’t matter. All that matters is love.” This declaration becomes the anthem’s core message; it serves as a gentle yet profound reminder that at the heart of human existence is the capacity to love without conditions or barriers.

The music video accompanying “Love Is Love!” is a visual testament to Sarantos’ vision of unity through diversity. Showcasing various couples and individuals from all walks of life, it highlights their affection and connection with each other against societal norms that often emphasize differences rather than commonalities. The video stands as an eloquent narrative affirming that love knows no boundaries – it can flourish between any two souls connected by the genuine feelings they harbor for one another.

Watch the video at

Sarantos’ commitment to spreading love extends beyond lyrical expression; proceeds from this song will be donated to The Love Foundation. This organization champions unconditional love as a means towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate world—a mission perfectly aligned with Sarantos’ artistic endeavors.

A man of many talents—nerd, multi-instrumentalist, author, comic book enthusiast, radio show host, poet—Sarantos brings a rich tapestry of experiences into his music-making process. His journey over ten years has seen him release 20 albums featuring 249 original tracks alongside 10 fiction/fantasy books. His eclectic sound has been lauded by industry insiders as “an emotionally powerful style masterfully united with a fusion of ’80s rock blended with modern pop-rock music.” It’s this unpredictable blend that keeps fans on their toes eagerly anticipating what he’ll come up with next.

“Love Is Love!” promises not just auditory pleasure but also serves as an invitation for introspection on our values regarding love and acceptance in today’s fragmented world. It encourages listeners to embrace diversity in all its forms—be it race or religion—and recognize that at our very core we are bound by an innate ability to give and receive love.

For those intrigued by Sarantos’ unique blend of musical experimentation and heartfelt storytelling “Love Is Love!” is available on major music streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music. The accompanying music video can be viewed on Sarantos’ YouTube channel offering viewers not just a song but an experience—a celebration of love’s boundless nature.

As someone who navigates through various creative realms while continuously championing causes close to his heart—Sarantos stands out not only for his artistic prowess but also for his unwavering dedication to making the world a better place through his art.

For more information on Sarantos’ work or to connect with him further visit—a portal into the world of an artist who sees no boundaries in both creativity and humanity’s capacity for unconditional love.

In embracing “Love Is Love!”, we are reminded once again by Sarantos that amidst our differences lies our greatest strength—the ability to connect through compassion and understanding regardless of superficial divisions—an enduring message packaged beautifully in this latest musical offering.


Published By: Aize Perez

Reigniting the Flame of Bluesy Rock: A Review of Miss Freddye’s Let It Burn

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, where genres blend, and new sounds emerge almost daily, it is refreshing to encounter a track that not only pays homage to its roots but does so with an unwavering passion and authenticity. Miss Freddye’s latest single, “Let It Burn,” is a bluesy rock masterpiece that does exactly this. With its slow build-up and nostalgia-inducing atmosphere, the song welcomes listeners into a sonic realm reminiscent of the glory ages of rock.

From the very first notes carried by steel guitars, “Let It Burn” establishes itself as more than just a song; it’s an experience. The deliberate pacing at the outset serves not merely as an introduction but sets the tone for what becomes a methodically paced musical journey. This careful construction creates an anticipation that grows with each note, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the unfolding narrative.

At the heart of this captivating piece is Miss Freddye’s commanding vocals. As she delivers the powerful line, “Let it burn,” there’s a palpable blend of passion and authority in her voice. Her vocal prowess adds a rich depth to the lyrics, making every word resonate with emotion. This controlled yet expressive delivery not only enhances the overall impact of the song but also fosters a deep connection between Miss Freddye and her audience.

The arrangement of “Let It Burn” further elevates its appeal. A particularly standout moment is when a phenomenal guitar solo cuts through, showcasing instrumental prowess that both complements and highlights Miss Freddye’s vocal strength. This solo acts as a dynamic centerpiece, skillfully executed to add layers of intensity and excitement to the track. Moments like these underscore the musicianship involved in creating “Let It Burn,” harkening back to an era when rock was king.

Beyond its technical merits lies an inviting warmth embedded within “Let It Burn.” The synergy between steel guitars, rhythm sections, and soul-stirring solos creates a comforting atmosphere that embraces listeners. This welcoming space allows for an immersive listening experience where one can truly appreciate the richness of sound and lyricism on offer.

The meticulous arrangement ensures that each instrument plays a pivotal role in crafting the overall sonic tapestry while maintaining harmony within the composition. The production quality shines through here, allowing every element its moment in the spotlight without overwhelming others—a testament to both balance and craftsmanship.

Miss Freddye’s ability to capture and convey the essence of bluesy rock with such authenticity and fervor makes “Let It Burn” not just a tribute to past musical glories but also a beacon for contemporary relevance. In merging powerful vocals with evocative instrumentals against carefully crafted atmospheres, she creates something timeless—a track that pays respect to its roots while standing firmly within today’s musical landscape.

“Let It Burn” stands as compelling evidence of bluesy rock’s enduring appeal and Miss Freddye’s mastery over her craft. For those yearning for music with depth, passion, and genuine artistry, this track is not just recommended; it’s essential listening. In an age where genuine connections through music are cherished more than ever before, “Let It Burn” offers just that—an authentic bridge between eras enriched by unparalleled musicality.

For more information about Miss Freddye and her inspiring music journey or to delve deeper into her discography, which includes gems like “Let It Burn,” visit []( Here, you can find updates on upcoming projects, performances, and more insights into her world—welcoming you into an experience defined by a passion for music that truly resonates.

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Ludlow Creek Unveils Rock for a Heart Lyric Video: A Testament to Emotional Vulnerability

In the ever-evolving landscape of roots rock music, a genre that harmoniously blends elements from blues, country, and rock and roll, Ludlow Creek emerges as a beacon of authenticity and innovation. The band’s latest offering, the lyric video for “Rock for a Heart,” premiered on February 6th, 2024, marking another milestone in their illustrious musical journey. This release follows closely on the heels of their single debut on January 12th, 2024, setting the stage for their highly anticipated album due this summer.

“Rock for a Heart” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative exploration into the depths of male emotional vulnerability. In an age where expressions of emotion by men are often stigmatized or dismissed, Ludlow Creek ventures into this territory with sensitivity and insight. The track delves into the struggles faced by men who grow up with hardened hearts, emphasizing the pivotal need for help in navigating towards emotional openness and vulnerability.

The genesis of “Rock for a Heart” occurred during a band writing retreat in Nashville – an experience that saw Ludlow Creek members collaborating on their music in person for the first time. It was here that drummer and vocalist Jeffrey Friend took on the mantle of lyricist while working alongside his bandmates to weave together the fabric of this poignant track. Guitarist and vocalist Dave Benson added to its allure by crafting the memorable bridge phrase “chipped away at stone,” thereby encapsulating the transformative journey from emotional rigidity to softness.

Ludlow Creek’s ascent within the roots rock realm has been nothing short of remarkable. Their previous releases like “Stoney Lonesome Road” soared to #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart while “The Catacombs” graced the Top 50. Notably, their Christmas single “This Baby Boy” clinched the #1 spot on the Christian iTunes chart. These achievements were further complemented by recognition at both the 2022 and 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards. With over 400K streams on Spotify alone, Ludlow Creek has not only garnered critical acclaim but also cultivated an ardent fanbase eagerly awaiting their next artistic venture.

As anticipation builds for Ludlow Creek’s forthcoming album set to release in early 2024, fans have been given a taste of what’s to come through “Rock for a Heart.” This track stands as testament to Ludlow Creek’s commitment to creating music that not only resonates with listeners but also challenges them to reflect upon deeper themes of human experience.

The lyric video itself is an evocative visual representation that complements the song’s lyrical depth. Through carefully chosen imagery and typography, it reinforces “Rock for a Heart”‘s message about breaking down barriers to emotional expression and healing. Fans are encouraged to immerse themselves in this visual journey by watching the new video available at offering another dimension through which to connect with Ludlow Creek’s impactful storytelling.

For those drawn to stories woven with threads of authenticity, introspection, and resilience – “Rock for a Heart” is your anthem. It serves not only as a mirror reflecting societal pressures but also as a window into possibilities afforded by embracing vulnerability as strength.

Ludlow Creek invites listeners old and new to explore “Rock for a Heart” across all major streaming platforms where its raw power and emotive resonance can be fully appreciated. As we await their upcoming album with bated breath, it becomes clear that Ludlow Creek is not merely producing music; they are crafting anthems for our times – songs that speak directly to our hearts urging us towards greater understanding, compassion, and unity.

To stay updated on Ludlow Creek’s journey toward album release and beyond, visit their website at where you can delve deeper into their world – one marked by compelling narratives set against rich musical landscapes.

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Ludlow Creek’s Heartfelt Anthem: A Deep Dive into ‘Rock for a Heart’

Image commercially licensed from DepositPhotos

Ludlow Creek, the acclaimed roots rock band, recently unveiled their latest single, “Rock for a Heart.” This lyrical masterpiece dropped on Friday, January 12th, to critical acclaim. A perfect blend of groovy rock elements and a profoundly relatable storyline, “Rock for a Heart” embodies the essence of Ludlow Creek’s signature style.

This infectious anthem kicks off with a potent bassline, setting the foundation for a dynamic and engaging auditory journey. The mix of catchy guitar riffs and a robust rhythm section adds depth and energy to the track, harmonizing to produce a perfectly balanced aural landscape.

The narrative of “Rock for a Heart” is deeply entrenched in personal growth and transformation. The song’s protagonist struggles with a sense of isolation ignited by experiences of disconnection from others, described as having a metaphorical “rock for a heart.” This emotional ordeal resonated with many listeners, making the song a mirror of their struggles and frustrations.

The track then takes an uplifting turn, introducing a woman who breaks through the protagonist’s emotional wall, allowing love to seep in. This narrative speaks to the profound transformational power of love. This paradigm shift presents the protagonist with a newfound warmth and connection, beautifully illustrating the emotional crescendo of the song.

The high-quality production of “Rock for a Heart” highlights each instrument, creating a balanced mix. Ludlow Creek has crafted a unique sound, seamlessly blending rock and funk elements into a fresh and riveting musical experience.

Written during a band writing retreat in Nashville, “Rock for a Heart” serves as a testament to Ludlow Creek’s collective creative process. All band members participated in crafting the music, while drummer and vocalist Jeffrey Friend penned the potent lyrics. Dave Benson, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, breathed life into the memorable bridge, adding the final touch to this captivating anthem.

“Rock for a Heart,” however, designates only the tip of the iceberg regarding Ludlow Creek’s successes. Their previous hit single, “Stoney Lonesome Road,” secured place #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart. Meanwhile, “The Catacombs” cracked the Top 50, and “This Baby Boy,” their Christmas single, topped the Christian iTunes chart. The band also earned recognition at the 2022 and 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards. With over 400K Spotify streams, Ludlow Creek is undoubtedly making waves in the music industry, each track more riveting than the last.

Ludlow Creek’s upcoming album, scheduled for early 2024, promises more powerful and introspective tracks. For now, listeners can immerse themselves in “Rock for a Heart,” which is available on all major streaming platforms. The blend of spectacular musicality and a deeply resonant narrative makes “Rock for a Heart” a must-listen for rock music enthusiasts, proof of Ludlow Creek’s remarkable influence in the music scene.

As Ludlow Creek continues to make their mark on the music world, “Rock for a Heart” serves as a testament to their creative prowess. The heartfelt narrative interwoven within an upbeat rock anthem ensures that their music stays with listeners long after the song has ended. For more information on Ludlow Creek and their upcoming releases, visit their website at

The anticipation is mounting for Ludlow Creek’s impending musical offerings. If “Rock for a Heart” is any indication, there is much to look forward to as they gear up for the release of their newest album. In the meantime, listeners can enjoy the potent mix of emotive lyrics and groovy rock tunes that is “Rock for a Heart.” Undoubtedly, Ludlow Creek continues to make their mark in the genre with their signature blend of introspection and catchy rock anthems.

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Emotional Journey Through Acoustic Melodies: A Review of Sarantos’s New Single Rain Guitar

Renowned Chicago musician Sarantos once again dazzles his fans with a flavorful infusion of acoustic stylings in his latest single, “Rain Guitar.” This heartfelt and grounded composition is yet another testament to the unparalleled diligence, creativity, and adaptability of this hardworking artist.

Right from the first note, “Rain Guitar” captures listeners with an emotionally intoxicating musical journey that pairs masterful acoustic melodies with heartfelt lyrics. Despite its meager length of just over three minutes, the song echoes a profound emotional depth that represents an innovative milestone in Sarantos’s musical odyssey.

A delicate strum on the guitar in the opening sequence sets a cheerfully introspective tone to the piece. The acoustic instrumentation within “Rain Guitar” is foundational, painting a warm and inviting ambiance that drenches the listener in comfort, much like a mild, gentle rain. Precise fingerpicking, along with melodic chord progressions, crates an atmosphere that feels homely and comforting to the listener.

Thematically, “Rain Guitar” navigates the complex terrains of longing and appreciation. Sarantos’s creatively introspective lyrics vividly paint stunning mental pictures, with the metaphor of the “Rain Guitar” becoming a symbol of unwavering faith in another. Ambiguity shrouds whether the protagonist of this tale is a significant individual in Sarantos’s life or represents his literal musical instrument, thereby immersing listeners in the song’s alluring enigma.

Sarantos’s vocal rendition is undeniably a crowning element of “Rain Guitar.” Thanks to his warm, earnest voice, he effectively and sincerely supports the weighty theme unraveled in the lyrics. His emotionally raw delivery adds a layer of authenticity to the ensuing narrative, making it an effortless journey for listeners to empathize with the feelings portrayed in the song. Sarantos’s vocal performance embodies vulnerability and honesty, marking the defining traits of classic acoustic ballads.

The production of “Rain Guitar” echoes the balance and precision that many of Sarantos’s previous singles and performances exhibit. The equilibrium between the acoustic guitar, vocals, effects, and other elements is impeccably maintained. This equilibrium ensures that each component has time to shine and contribute to the overall composition without one element overshadowing the others. The purity and clarity of the recording intensively enhance the intimacy of the song, giving listeners a sense of personal touch, a characteristic serenade from Sarantos himself.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sarantos’s latest composition, “Rain Guitar,” emerges as an emotionally stirring acoustic treasure in a highly competitive musical panorama. Its unique blend of thought-provoking lyrics, soulful vocals, and adept guitar work weaves an auditory tapestry that resonates on both emotional and sonic levels. Be it an aficionado of acoustic ballads or a lover of original music that whisks listeners away on an emotionally charged expedition, “Rain Guitar” is an absolute must-hear.

For more information about Sarantos and his mesmerizing music, visit, where his rich catalog of music continues to inspire an ever-growing sea of worldwide fans.

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A Call to the Heart: A Review of Bill Abernathy’s Latest Single ‘Call Their Name’

Americana singer Bill Abernathy has consistently stood as a beacon in the country music genre with his grounded, honest songs that resonate with listeners on a profound level. The renowned artist has recently released a new single, “Call Their Name,” that presents an aural testament to his unwavering sincerity and prowess as a songwriter.

Unfolding to the gentle strumming of acoustic strings and Abernathy’s warm, emotive voice, “Call Their Name” showcases an earnest exploration of human suffering. The single manifests itself as a comforting solace, extending an invitation to the listeners to reflect deeply on the adversities faced by countless souls around the globe.

The song’s introduction captivates the audience with a straightforward melody, encapsulating Abernathy’s characteristic sound. The predominantly acoustic arrangement sets the stage for contemplation, clearing a path for the powerful lyrical message at the heart of the piece. The simplicity of the instrumentation, coupled with fine, intricate embellishments of harmonica notes and subtle percussion, lays bare the raw emotion wrapped within the song’s framework, allowing it to echo deeply within the hearts of the listeners.

Bill Abernathy’s “Call Their Name” is an illustrious testament to his narrative craft, composed of lyrics that implore one to demonstrate empathy towards the sufferings encountered by others. The song advocates the collective responsibility to acknowledge the battles faced by individuals across the globe, driving home the message that compassion can spark powerful, transformative change.

The most striking aspect of Abernathy’s approach is its absolute sincerity. His comforting and earnest vocal delivery weaves a strong bond with the listener, engendering a sense of camaraderie. The genuineness of his voice amplifies the emotional resonance of the lyrics, birthing a connection that resonates beyond the context of the song itself. As Abernathy articulates life’s anguish, resilience and the human spirit, he does so with palpable empathy that listeners can relate to and find solace in.

Revolving around the central theme of empathy, “Call Their Name” functions as a musical meditation. The repeating refrain of ‘Call Their Name’ teems with poignant resonance, echoing the song’s heartfelt mantra within the listener. The contained yet emotive instrumentals nurture moments of introspection, inspiring the audience to embody the substance of the song’s poignant message.

The unhurried tempo of the song enriches its reflective ambiance, fostering a soundscape conducive to contemplation. The production remains minimalistic, save for its impressive booming sound, mirroring the song’s overall tonality.

As the notes of “Call Their Name” fade, they leave behind a resonating echo—a sonic call to action and an invitation to demonstrate compassion. Abernathy’s skill in dovetailing lyrical profundity with musical simplicity yields a piece that is both accessible to the audience and philosophically profound.

In our sound-saturated world, “Call Their Name” stands out as a poignant reminder of music’s power to give voice to the voiceless, magnifying narratives often muted in the cacophony of life. For music lovers, particularly aficionados of the Americana genre, this new release by Abernathy is one that should not be overlooked. You can connect with Bill Abernathy on Facebook and Instagram or visit for more of his timeless music and upcoming news.

This, That by Taydem Shoesmith: Redefining the Jazz Landscape

Emerging from the midwestern heartlands, the multi-talented Taydem Shoesmith is quickly making a name for herself on the global stage. Known for her diverse musical range, this Iowa native initially enchanted the world with the chart-topping electro-pop single “Are You Clapping?” which garnered over 89,000 streams on Spotify. Not content with fitting neatly into a niche. However, Shoesmith decided to venture into the world of jazz music to showcase her versatility further.

On November 5th, she released her latest work, a jazz-infused single titled “This, That, “compelling listeners with a deeper, profound exploration into her creativity. The genesis of this song was borne out of a regular, everyday experience – a drive that delivered an unmistakable epiphany for the artistically fertile Shoesmith: to stop judging others as well as herself based on surface impressions.

With this revelation in mind, Shoesmith poured her soulful introspection into the lyrics of “This, That”, which, interestingly, was written in third person. She admits, “I want to stop putting people in a box, and I want to stop putting myself in a box as well. I think that kind of restricted thinking will keep me from growing and learning new things.”

The opportunity to explore the jazz genre arose when a friend, an actor and director, shared a concept for a silent film set in the 1920s involving a gender-swapping motif. This struck a chord with Shoesmith, framing “This, That” as the perfect fit to serve as the film’s theme song.

Part of this exploratory journey included working closely with accomplished producer Caleb Ostermann at ForteStudios. Ostermann, responsible for the song’s production, ensured that the jazz sensibilities of the single were perfectly encapsulated – the ripple of the prominent horns setting a perfect stage for Shoesmith’s entrancing vocals. A blend of soft yet rich tones, each inflection added an air of evocative mystery and a luscious charm to the sonic landscape.

As one listens to “This, That,” Shoesmith’s diverse musical influences from Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts and Billie Holiday are subtly apparent. However, they are synthesized into an undeniable Shoesmith originality that distinguishes her from her contemporaries. Pivoting from the upbeat energy of her previous pop single to the mature sophistication of jazz demonstrated an impressive versatility on Shoesmith’s part, a testimony to her adaptive flair as an artist.

Today, “This, That” is not only defining Shoesmith’s foray into jazz but also redefining the genre in its own right. What started as a theme song has morphed into a masterpiece set to shake the jazz landscape significantly. With each melodic nuance and lyrical-narrative depth, Shoesmith has created a layered and emotively resonant piece that is equally artistic as it is entertaining.

Taydem Shoesmith is thus far from a one-note artist. Her innovative spirit and bravery to step outside her comfort zone corroborate her status as one of jazz’s exciting emerging talents. Moreover, her philosophy, as articulated in the ethos of “This, That,” widens the appeal of her music. With the capacity to evoke and capture, she takes listeners along on her musical voyage, which is ever-evolving, dynamic, and sincere.

For further details on Taydem Shoesmith and her promising musical journey, follow her on Instagram (@tshoe23), Facebook (@taydemshoesmith), or subscribe to her YouTube channel (@taydemshoesmith). With the success of “This, That,” all eyes are now on Shoesmith as the jazz music world anticipates her next move. The prospect of what this multifaceted artist might create next is, indeed, thrillingly uncharted territory yet to be explored.

Gospel Sensation: Gabriela Rocha’s ‘Me Atraiu’ Claims Spot in Brazil’s YouTube Top 10

In a recent revelation by YouTube, the Brazilian music landscape has borne witness to a remarkable and historic moment, one that has sent ripples of passion and admiration throughout the nation and beyond. Gabriela Rocha, a shining star in the celestial realm of gospel music, has achieved a feat of staggering proportions by ascending to the coveted echelons of the 2023 YouTube Top 10.

With an astonishing viewership of over 156 million, Rocha’s transcendent music video for ‘Me Atraiu’ now sits regally in the sixth position. But this isn’t just a personal triumph for the gifted artist; it’s a pivotal moment for gospel music, a genre that has traditionally stood in the shadows of its counterparts. Rocha’s YouTube channel, adorned with a staggering 8.95 million subscribers and an astounding 3.5 billion views, now wears the crown as the largest gospel music channel in the world. These staggering numbers not only attest to Rocha’s profound impact on the music industry but also signify a burgeoning embrace of gospel music by an ever-widening, diverse audience.

The esteemed YouTube Top 10 list is typically dominated by country folk luminaries such as Ana Castela, Simone Mendes, Israel and Rodolffo, and Gusttavo Lima, among others. However, Gabriela Rocha’s presence as the lone gospel artist in this exalted lineup is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It underscores her unique artistic prowess and the universal appeal of her music. It stands as a testament to the evolving musical palate of Brazilian audiences and the growing recognition of gospel music as a genre that ignites the soul with potent emotions.

The lyrics of ‘Me Atraiu,’ unveiled as part of the ‘A Presença’ album in February, strike a deep chord with listeners: “I could be anywhere else / But Your Glory attracted me / Your Presence attracted me I tried to hide, for fear of not living / But Your Glory attracted me / Your Presence attracted me.” These words weave a compelling narrative of faith and inspiration, beautifully complemented by Rocha’s powerful vocals and fervent delivery, all of which contribute to the song’s profound and heartfelt impact.

Gabriela Rocha’s extraordinary success with ‘Me Atraiu’ serves as a shining beacon, illuminating the evolving role of gospel music on the global stage. It mirrors a transformation in the musical landscape, where diverse genres find their rightful place in the spotlight, cherished and embraced by a tapestry of passionate music lovers. This achievement underscores the importance of musical representation and the remarkable power of a genre that speaks directly to the depths of the human soul.

Gospel Sensation: Gabriela Rocha's 'Me Atraiu' Claims Spot in Brazil's YouTube Top 10

Photo Credited to: Promotion

In the year 2023, Brazil’s top 10 music videos presented a dazzling array of artists and musical genres. The chart was headed by Ana Castela with her chart-topping ‘Nossa Diretoria,’ followed closely by Simone Mendes’ ‘Belo erro’ in the second position. Zé Neto e Cristiano’s ‘Oi Balde’ secured the third spot, while ‘Seu brilho acabou (vamos lá),’ performed by Israel & Rodolffo featuring Mari Fernandez, claimed the fourth place. Naiara Azevedo and Ana Castela’s collaboration ‘Palhaço’ took the fifth spot, with Gabriela Rocha’s live rendition of ‘Me Atraiu’ making its resplendent mark at the honorable sixth place. Gusttavo Lima’s electrifying ‘Desejo imortal,’ recorded live at Mineirão, clinched the seventh position, followed by Zé Neto e Cristiano’s ‘Pátio do Posto’ at the eighth place. Ana Castela’s ‘Solteiro Forçado’ and Luan Pereira’s ‘Ela enlouqueceu no Dodge Ram’ rounded out the top 10, painting a vivid, colorful portrait of the dynamic and diverse music scene in Brazil for the year.

Indeed, Gabriela Rocha’s ascent to the pinnacle of Brazilian music is a testament to her unwavering passion, undeniable talent, and the timeless power of gospel music to move hearts and inspire souls, not just in Brazil but across the world. ‘Me Atraiu’ is not merely a song; it’s a revelation, a sensation, and an enduring testament to the indomitable spirit of music itself.


The Christmas Miracle of Hope: Sarantos’ Inspiring New Single Release

Spreading holiday cheer through the power of music, acclaimed Chicago-based musical artist Sarantos introduces his harmonious Christmas single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, on November 20th, 2023. This fresh addition accompanies his newest album, “Somethin’ to Believe In,” which made its debut on the same day. With an assortment of hit tracks such as three Top 10 UK iTunes singles and two additional Top 40 songs, this comprehensive collection has already raked in an exceptional 300k streams.

“The Time (For Miracles)” hones the essence of the merry season via its cordial message of hope, miracles, and goodwill. Coupled with its mellifluous, light tones and optimistic lyrics, it seamlessly captures and reverberates the warmth of the Christmas holiday.

Sarantos’ signature sound lenses blends the spirit of 80s rock and modern pop, nurturing a relatable, soulful tune that resonates with the masses. Compelling comparisons of his vocals and songwriting finesse with luminaries like the Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber further highlight his credible stature in the music industry. Emphasising the potential of miracles at any time, even amidst the festive holiday season, Sarantos’ new song ignites a ray of hope and reaffirms the magic of belief.

Sarantos’ music project efficiency is notably remarkable. For over 11 years, he has been consistent in releasing a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter, and poem every month. His relentless dedication and passion for music have catapulted him onto the pedestals of recognition. This unwavering commitment has earned him a grand spectrum of awards, nominations and even an influential consideration for the coveted Grammy Award.

Indispensable for a heart-warming Christmas playlist, “The Time (For Miracles)” reverberates a universal message of hope and miracles. As Sarantos aptly states, “Its message of hope and belief in miracles is something that everyone can relate to, especially during the holiday season.”

Apart from crafting soothing melodies, Sarantos hosts the popular Songwriters Show on Reality Radio. This platform is a sanctuary for him to share his music and spotlight the exceptional talent of diverse artists. With syndication across more than 60 channels, including giant platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes, this radio show enjoys a substantial listener base.

Fans and music admirers can indulge in Sarantos’ music on various streaming platforms. In addition, followers can anticipate the release of his surprise instrumental CD annually in November.

For updates on Sarantos’ musical journey and more information, please connect via his official website, or engage with him on social platforms: Facebook –, Twitter –, Youtube –, Instagram –, Tik Tok –, Apple Music – and Spotify –

Sarantos’ new single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, doesn’t just encapsulate the Christmas spirit; it articulates the perennial sentiment of hope and belief, resonating universally regardless of the season. Join the captivating musical journey of Sarantos, and let his melodies kindle hope while inspiring miracles in your life.