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Streaming Evangelization Breakthrough: Deive Leonardo on Netflix

Image commercially licensed from : Unsplash


For the very first time in history, brace yourselves as we witness the electrifying debut of none other than Deive Leonardo on the illustrious Netflix platform with ‘The Answer’ – a monumental milestone in the world of Streaming Evangelization!

Netflix, the unparalleled titan of paid streaming services, has embarked on an awe-inspiring journey, gifting us all a fresh and innovative chapter in its already extensive catalog. And who is at the forefront of this captivating endeavor? None other than the charismatic luminary and evangelist extraordinaire, Deive Leonardo! With an astonishing legion of over 15 million fervent followers on Instagram and an impressive 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Deive Leonardo’s global influence is primed to reverberate across a staggering 190 countries, etching its name in history as the first-ever evangelization content to grace the platform.

‘The Answer’ is not merely a show; it’s an otherworldly experience that transcends cultural confines, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds in Brazil and countless other corners of the globe. The tour was expertly captured at two iconic locations: the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo and Joinville, where the evangelist calls home with his family. This content promises to ignite inspiration and forge connections with a global audience, cultivating unity and understanding among a diverse tapestry of viewers.

Deive Leonardo, the unstoppable force propelling ‘The Answer,’ radiates boundless joy as he declares, “I’m over the moon that, for the first time in history, we will have a sermon about Jesus on Netflix.” But let’s not be misled; ‘The Answer’ doesn’t confine itself to any particular religious denomination. Its overarching mission is to spread the message of the Gospel, effortlessly transcending religious boundaries and resonating with individuals from all walks of life.

The inclusion of this trailblazing evangelization content on Netflix stands as a testament to Deive’s extraordinary journey and his unyielding commitment to his divine mission. With a jaw-dropping half a million views on social media and notable appearances on television programs, Deive Leonardo has consistently left an indelible impact on his audience, earning the respect and admiration of countless souls.

‘The Answer’ on Netflix is nothing short of the culmination of an awe-inspiring odyssey that Deive Leonardo embarked on at the tender age of 19, following a profound and life-altering encounter with the divine. Despite holding a law degree, Deive chose to shun conventional career paths in favor of a more direct and personal approach. He has carried the word of God to millions through his powerful sermons, thought-provoking books, and now, through the boundless reach of Netflix.

In closing, Netflix’s decision to showcase ‘The Answer’ tour is a testament to the platform’s unwavering commitment to diverse and riveting content. This groundbreaking spectacle not only unveils the incredible journey of Deive Leonardo but also delivers a message of hope and inspiration to a worldwide audience. As Deive’s influence continues to burgeon, ‘The Answer’ stands as a luminous testament to the omnipotent force of faith and the boundless potential for positive transformation in our interconnected world. Get ready to be exhilarated!

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women’s Empowerment

The journey of women’s empowerment spans centuries, marked by a gradual evolution from historical marginalization to the pursuit of basic rights and opportunities. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the suffragette movement emerged as a pivotal force, securing women’s right to vote in many countries and signifying a significant milestone in the ongoing journey toward empowerment.

A crucial aspect of this journey involves challenging societal attitudes and cultural norms that have historically confined women to specific roles. Advocacy for equality in education, work, and politics has been a driving force behind transformative change. However, despite significant progress, challenges endure, encompassing issues such as gender-based violence, unequal pay, and underrepresentation in leadership roles. These persistent challenges underscore the need for ongoing efforts to address them and propel the cause of women’s empowerment forward.

In the face of numerous obstacles, many remarkable women have not only navigated these challenges but have also shattered stereotypes and proven that gender should not serve as a limiting factor in achieving success. Their stories serve as powerful inspirations, demonstrating resilience and determination. By sharing their experiences, these trailblazing women contribute to a narrative that empowers others to break through societal barriers, encouraging them to pursue their dreams without constraints.

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Beate Nimsky

Beate Nimsky, CEO and founder of Nimsky GmbH. and founder of Nimsky Academy believes, the discussion centered on the difficulty many women face when trying to voice their needs and wants. Beate shared her perspective, echoing the sentiment that women often seek open communication and a space to exchange ideas with their partners. However, a common stumbling block arises when men quickly jump to providing solutions, leaving the emotional aspects unacknowledged and causing women to withdraw. Beate emphasized that women frequently desire to express their innermost emotions, and when these needs go unmet, it hinders the flow of conversation. While women may be adept at articulating what they don’t want, expressing deeper emotional needs can pose a challenge.

Upon personal experiences, prompting Beate to share a story about a time when she felt unable to speak up. Beate recounted a pivotal moment when a close friend pointed out her reluctance to ask questions. “It wasn’t until a close friend of mine pointed out something crucial one day that I had an epiphany. He said to me, “You don’t ask enough!” This statement served as a pivotal moment, revealing the key to unlocking my potential and encouraging me to be more expressive”, she shares.

She emphasized that women play a crucial role in generating fresh energy for unity and cultivating strength within themselves. This empowerment not only benefits women but also contributes to breaking free from outdated stereotypes and clichés, fostering a more equal and understanding society.

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg

Women’s empowerment is a global issue, with progress varying across different regions and cultures. Cultural, economic, and political factors all influence the pace and nature of women’s empowerment initiatives.

Anna Nowak and Alicia Berg, the founders of Made Hot STHLM AB, emphasize the significant challenges women face in expressing their needs and desires. She attributes this difficulty to long-standing societal conditioning, where women are expected to be silent, non-confrontational, and not overly assertive. Factors such as cultural, religious, and societal influences, as well as upbringing, contribute to the suppression of women’s voices. Alicia points out that women often refrain from negotiating for themselves, feeling undervalued and hesitant to seek help due to the fear of appearing weak. The root cause, she suggests, lies in social conditioning that dictates women to be “likable” rather than assertive, leading to a lonely and challenging journey for women.

Anna shares a common experience of having her ideas appropriated by others, particularly in professional settings. She recounts instances in meetings, negotiations, and agreement discussions where her contributions were presented as someone else’s. Despite the frustration, Anna highlights the prevalence of such occurrences, making it a common and disconcerting phenomenon. The inability to confront the situation in the moment forces women like her to endure these instances silently, further underscoring the challenges women face in asserting themselves.

Reflecting on their journey, Anna and Alicia express that their transition from silence to strength wasn’t a gradual process but rather a reaction to having had enough. “Enough of being silenced, pushed around, bullied, diminished, and presented constantly as the weaker sex. You have to stand up for yourself, you have to react, you have to speak up, even when your voice and inside is trembling”.  they says. The wisdom they gained is the importance of self-advocacy, urging women to react and speak up even when facing internal hesitation. 

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Patti Negri

Patti Negri, a psychic medium, “Good Witch,” podcaster, author, and TV host, highlighted the challenges many women face in voicing their needs and desires. According to her, societal expectations play a significant role, often pushing women to prioritize the needs of others over their own. Traditional gender roles, which expect women to be nurturing, can be limiting, especially when expressing bold or ambitious goals. “Women have often been encouraged to focus on taking care of others, which can make them put their own needs on the back burner”, she says. Patti also touched upon the cultural conditioning that discourages girls from causing a fuss, making it difficult for them to assert themselves, particularly in male-dominated spaces where their voices might be drowned out. The fear of being perceived as pushy or bossy can act as a deterrent, impacting women’s confidence in speaking up.

Drawing from personal experience, Patti recounted her time in Hollywood, where she faced challenges in speaking up against inappropriate situations on set. “As a performer, when I wanted to speak up about something inappropriate or uncomfortable on set, I was treated more like an “overly sensitive girl” than an intelligent, concerned human”, she shares. As a producer, she felt the need to work twice as hard as men to be heard and respected in the industry’s “old boys club” mentality.

Patti shared her journey from silence to strength, emphasizing a shift in perspective on fear. Viewing fear as a source of inspiration rather than a paralyzing force, she transformed her career and personal life. She encouraged individuals to embrace fear as a motivator, citing her own experiences on shows like WipeOut, Master Chef, and America’s Got Talent as examples of overcoming fear and achieving success. Patti advised others to follow their hearts, speak their truth, choose bravery, and fully commit to their pursuits.

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Tristen Durkin

The journey of women’s empowerment continues as resilient women share their stories, inspiring others to break through the constraints of gender, fostering a narrative that transforms silence into strength and propelling the cause of women’s empowerment ever forward.

Tristen Durkin the founder of True Medical Aesthetic, shared valuable insights into the challenges women face when it comes to expressing their needs and wants. Tristen highlighted that societal and cultural norms, coupled with the fear of judgment and negative labeling, contribute to the difficulty many women experience in voicing their desires. She emphasized that despite some progress, there is still much work to be done in breaking the deeply rooted mold that hinders women from speaking up.

Sharing a personal story, Tristen recounted instances of unconscious biases she faced due to her name, which may be perceived as more masculine. “One time, in meeting a financial officer for the first time in person, who was interested in working with my business, the reaction to him walking into my clinic and asking for me twice by name, to me, I had to point it out. The issue of men receiving more immediate respect than women is complex and deeply rooted in societal norm, gender stereotypes, and power dynamics”, she shares. As a business owner, Tristen has actively addressed these biases by making it known when there might be confusion based on her name.

She acknowledged that strength can manifest both loudly and quietly, citing her own preference for a quiet yet persistent pursuit of her path and purpose. Tristen reflected on the growth and recognition of her business, True, and emphasized the importance of advocating for deeply held beliefs, such as empowering women to realize their unique powers and live authentically.

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Kendra Davies

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that our value and the amount of confidence we are allowed to feel in ourselves is tied to how well others like us, and what they think about us. This has led many women to play small, in an effort to never be perceived as too much.

Kendra Davies, CEO of Stellar Life Coaching, Life Coach, and Positive Psychology Practitioner, highlighted the pervasive challenge many women face in voicing their needs and wants. Kendra explained that women are taught to adhere to societal rules that perpetuate the notion of playing nice and prioritizing the needs of others over their own. “This view will always put our wants and needs against those of others – and we know because we were taught so- good girls always play nice”, she says.

She shares a personal story, revealing that, as a people pleaser, she suppressed her own needs and wants in the pursuit of acceptance and love. She described herself as a chameleon, adapting to what she believed others wanted her to be. “I was pretty much willing to take whatever was being served for the first half of my life. I was a chameleon. I was whatever I thought people wanted or needed me to be”.

On her journey from silence to strength, Kendra emphasized a crucial realization: no amount of perfection could compel others to meet her needs. She recognized that by presenting a version of herself she thought others desired, she was receiving love for a representative, not her true self. The turning point came when she decided to embrace her authentic self, even if it meant risking disapproval. She learned to prioritize her authentic, imperfect self over the need for external validation. Today, when expressing her desires, setting boundaries, or stating her needs, she does so with the intention of fostering mutual love and respect. If a relationship cannot support this mutual growth and respect, it is not a healthy and sustainable one.

From Silence to Strength: The Journey of Women's Empowerment

Photo Credited to: Penney Peirce

Transformation Expert Penney Peirce is proud of the progress made by women who fought for recognition, and emphasizes the diverse and multifaceted nature of women’s capabilities. While acknowledging the strides made, Peirce also points out the contemporary challenges with a resurgence of suppression of women’s rights.

Penney reflects on her journey as a professional intuitive. She faced criticism and belittlement from those who dismissed her work as “magical thinking” or being irrelevant in a pragmatic world. 

She often felt silenced and unable to connect with others who held a more conventional mindset. Intuition was not valued then and she had to simplify her concepts for a broader audience, especially for those in business. She shared her insights using intuition to gauge the openness of her audience.

Penney shares wisdom gained from her journey from silence to strength. Despite initial challenges, she persevered, adapting to the changing energy on the planet and honing her ability to communicate higher concepts in practical ways. “My topics became timely. I trusted my intuition and the flow to put me in touch with the right people and opportunities. I trusted what came out of my mouth. I even watched as it became hip to say ‘counter-intuitive’ instead of illogical,” she says.

Penney emphasizes the need for women to break free from traditional roles and embrace leading-edge innovation, consciousness, and growth. She highlights women’s desire for excitement, collaboration, curiosity, and the freedom to fulfill their life purpose beyond restrictive stereotypes.

As the journey from silence to strength continues, Penney encourages each woman to contribute her unique perspective, so we can find the common threads of resilience and determination weaving through their stories. We are reminded that the journey is ongoing, marked by joyful self-expression and challenges alike. Women’s stories serve not only as beacons of hope but as catalysts for change, inspiring individuals to actively participate in creating a more mutually supportive and equitable world.


Shuyi Liu: A Pioneer in the Social Value of Innovative Service Experience Design

In this era of rapid change, design is no longer just a manifestation of aesthetics; it has become an important tool for driving social progress and creating profound impacts. Against this backdrop, Shuyi Liu, a service experience designer with far-reaching vision and innovative thinking, is committed to creating significant social value in service and experience design with her unique design concepts and methods.

Shuyi Liu’s story started with a simple yet strong curiosity: How do human behaviors and social interactions shape our lives? This curiosity began to grow during her early education. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Communication Engineering, Shuyi realized that design transcends the traditional definitions of appearance and functionality. She came to understand that true design is about deeply understanding user needs and behaviors. This insight led to a significant career shift, focusing her professional attention on service experience design and seeking solutions through social science research methods.

Ever since learning about the establishment of the New Bauhaus in 1937 in Chicago, which later evolved into today’s IIT Institute of Design, Chicago, Shuyi Liu has been filled with admiration for Chicago’s rich design culture and its outstanding historical achievements. Her passion and professional ambition led her to cross oceans to this sanctuary of design. There, she not only earned her Master’s degree in design but also studied in depth how service design can benefit diverse social groups. Her projects spanned from empowering traditional industries with computer/AI/chip technology to sustainable community energy design. Her achievements were recognized in the academic world and also received significant recognition at international design awards. Her team’s research on the current American food system, which integrated elements of psychology, anthropology, and sociology, led to a more empathetic and inclusive service experience. This project, titled “Envisioning Sustainable Food Sourcing Solutions,” focused on key areas such as production, distribution, procurement, consumption, and disposal, helping her and her team win the ‘Core77 Design Awards 2021 – Category Design for Social Impact’.

Additionally, her work in the “Aid City of Chicago in Parking Ticket Reform” project showcased her diverse capabilities. The project, aimed at addressing urban parking issues, was innovative and practical enough to be a finalist in the Fast Company 2020 Innovation by Design Awards student category. These projects reflected her passion for creating a harmonious society, improving the efficiency of public services, and significantly enhancing people’s quality of life through the integration of the humanities. She believes that by focusing on human needs and deeply understanding different cultural backgrounds, more humane and sustainable social solutions can be created. Her work demonstrates that the power of design lies not only in its aesthetic value but also in its profound social impact and change.

After graduation, Shuyi Liu quickly shifted her focus to bridging the gap between academia and industry, a challenge she deeply understood. To help students transition more smoothly, she co-founded a volunteer organization with like-minded friends. The organization provided students with a smooth transition from academia to profession through a series of thematic discussions and practical activities. During this phase, she focused not only on her professional growth but also actively participated in community service, helping others.

In this stage, Shuyi Liu’s focus was on bridging the gap between theory and practice. Knowing that the transition from academia to the professional world is a challenge for many students, she committed herself to helping students gain valuable practical experience through projects, workshops, and lectures. Her work was not limited to teaching design theory but more importantly, teaching students how to apply these theories to solve real-world problems. Through these efforts, she helped students better understand the practical significance of service design and how it could change people’s lives.

To utilize her professional skills on a more powerful platform and contribute to society, she joined a multinational design consulting company in California. Here, she not only applied her academic knowledge to practical projects but also continued to explore the potential of service design in creating social value. In this company, which highly aligned with her values and methodologies, she led several service experience design projects with profound social value and impact. These projects included designing financial benefits for employees of technology companies, providing emotional support and solutions for people experiencing unplanned pregnancies, and more. Additionally, she tirelessly explored new ways to create social value, co-founding a design studio. They designed a psychology-based journaling app for people who lost pets, a breathing-based board game for people tired from fast-paced social life, and an educational app for pre-teens. These innovative projects won several international design awards, including the MUSE DESIGN AWARDS silver medal, The NY Product Design Awards silver medal, and two London Design Awards gold medals.

Shuyi Liu: A Pioneer in the Social Value of Innovative Service Experience Design

Photo Credited to: Shuyi Liu

Shuyi Liu: A Pioneer in the Social Value of Innovative Service Experience Design

Photo Credited to: Shuyi Liu

Shuyi Liu: A Pioneer in the Social Value of Innovative Service Experience Design

Photo Credited to: Shuyi Liu

Shuyi Liu: A Pioneer in the Social Value of Innovative Service Experience Design

Photo Credited to: Shuyi Liu

During her time in California, Shuyi Liu not only demonstrated her skills and innovative ability as a designer but also her potential as a thought leader and agent of social change. Her work expanded beyond traditional service design to focus on solving larger social issues through design. Her projects often involved complex social issues such as economic inequality, social health, and environmental sustainability. Her designs aimed not just to solve these problems but also to inspire people to rethink these issues and encourage more proactive societal action.

As a service experience designer, Shuyi Liu’s work goes far beyond the boundaries of commercial design. Based on her exploration of human behavior and social structures, she has created both humane and efficient social service experiences. Her story is not just about personal career development but also about how to use design as a tool to solve complex social problems. She believes that by better understanding the people we serve, we can design more impactful and lasting services, thereby bringing positive changes to society. Shuyi Liu’s journey and achievements are an inspiration to all those seeking design innovation and social impact. Her work shows that service design is not just a profession but a force for driving social progress.


The Christmas Miracle of Hope: Sarantos’ Inspiring New Single Release

Spreading holiday cheer through the power of music, acclaimed Chicago-based musical artist Sarantos introduces his harmonious Christmas single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, on November 20th, 2023. This fresh addition accompanies his newest album, “Somethin’ to Believe In,” which made its debut on the same day. With an assortment of hit tracks such as three Top 10 UK iTunes singles and two additional Top 40 songs, this comprehensive collection has already raked in an exceptional 300k streams.

“The Time (For Miracles)” hones the essence of the merry season via its cordial message of hope, miracles, and goodwill. Coupled with its mellifluous, light tones and optimistic lyrics, it seamlessly captures and reverberates the warmth of the Christmas holiday.

Sarantos’ signature sound lenses blends the spirit of 80s rock and modern pop, nurturing a relatable, soulful tune that resonates with the masses. Compelling comparisons of his vocals and songwriting finesse with luminaries like the Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber further highlight his credible stature in the music industry. Emphasising the potential of miracles at any time, even amidst the festive holiday season, Sarantos’ new song ignites a ray of hope and reaffirms the magic of belief.

Sarantos’ music project efficiency is notably remarkable. For over 11 years, he has been consistent in releasing a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter, and poem every month. His relentless dedication and passion for music have catapulted him onto the pedestals of recognition. This unwavering commitment has earned him a grand spectrum of awards, nominations and even an influential consideration for the coveted Grammy Award.

Indispensable for a heart-warming Christmas playlist, “The Time (For Miracles)” reverberates a universal message of hope and miracles. As Sarantos aptly states, “Its message of hope and belief in miracles is something that everyone can relate to, especially during the holiday season.”

Apart from crafting soothing melodies, Sarantos hosts the popular Songwriters Show on Reality Radio. This platform is a sanctuary for him to share his music and spotlight the exceptional talent of diverse artists. With syndication across more than 60 channels, including giant platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes, this radio show enjoys a substantial listener base.

Fans and music admirers can indulge in Sarantos’ music on various streaming platforms. In addition, followers can anticipate the release of his surprise instrumental CD annually in November.

For updates on Sarantos’ musical journey and more information, please connect via his official website, or engage with him on social platforms: Facebook –, Twitter –, Youtube –, Instagram –, Tik Tok –, Apple Music – and Spotify –

Sarantos’ new single, “The Time (For Miracles)”, doesn’t just encapsulate the Christmas spirit; it articulates the perennial sentiment of hope and belief, resonating universally regardless of the season. Join the captivating musical journey of Sarantos, and let his melodies kindle hope while inspiring miracles in your life.