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Sun King Rising’s Narrative Masterpiece: ‘One More Story to Tell’

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Sun King Rising, the brainchild of critically acclaimed singer-songwriter John Blangero, has recently unveiled his latest single, “One More Story to Tell”. This engaging addition is part of the lauded album, “Signs & Wonders”, released on the 1st of October, 2022.

“One More Story to Tell” is steeped in enchantment, narrating the tale of a charismatic musician who skillfully uses his music and words to beguile and charm an audience. The dynamic blend of southern rock, country, and soul offers a rich setting for this narrative, underlining Sun King Rising’s hallmark of diverging from traditional genre boundaries.

The intimate lyrics of “One More Story to Tell” paint a crystal-clear picture of a talented charmer, using his art to win hearts and fulfill his desires. Filled with beautiful verses like, “Metaphor and rhythm make you fair weak in the knees / Promises and miracles and mudflat symphonies,” the song presents an engaging storyline focused on the main character’s tactics and inspirations.

Bringing “One More Story to Tell” to life is a virtuoso ensemble of renowned musicians. The exhilarating guitar notes by Steve Schuffert are beautifully complemented by George Elliott’s bass guitar, and George Perilli’s rhythm on the drums. Providing the soulful backing vocals are Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson. Tying it all together is the expert production by Ace Acker and the engineering skills of David Granati. Credit also goes to Brian Foraker for mixing and mastering the track, at Maplewood Studio, located in Ambridge, PA.

Now available on all leading streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, “One More Story to Tell” is a must-hear for fans and casual listeners alike. For more details about Sun King Rising and their music, one may visit

John Blangero’s music is strongly rooted in his southern family values and culture. Drawing on influences from several iconic sources and musicians of his generation, Blangero’s music emerges as a unique blend. It combines the literary genius of William Faulkner, the sonorous intensity of George Gershwin, the soul-filled sound of Elton John, and the infectious rhythm and horns of Muscle Shoals from the 60s-70s. The album “Signs & Wonders” illustrates a collection of southern noir tales set to music, characterized by colorful characters, intrigue, narratives of sin and redemption, and love with no boundaries.

Aside from his musical prowess, Blangero is also a highly respected genetic scientist who has spent a significant part of the past few years focusing on the COVID pandemic. In a fusion of the scientist and musician in him, he expresses, “I want the fans to think of better days and the sweet smells of magnolia and jasmine sitting on their porches and listening to music that touched their souls in the humid evenings.”

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Much like the fresh magnolia and jasmine on a sultry evening, ‘One More Story to Tell’ from Sun King Rising holds the enthralling power to touch your soul and transport you into the world of southern noir stories. It is indeed a harmonic narrative that is worth immersing oneself in.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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