Yeshua Alexander, the Multi-Faceted Artist Set to Continue Streak of Record-Breaking Achievements

There is no shortage of talented go-getters in the world of music and entertainment. At any given time, countless artists are trying to enter these cut-throat industries and establish their own name. Fueled by a deep-seated passion for the craft and driven by various motivating factors, they make bold moves to stand out in a space where it’s immensely easy to fade into the background. Having secured a coveted spot at the forefront, yA, a multi-talented musician known for transcending genres, has achieved what many could only dream of. Through his distinctive artistry and impressive discography, he has managed to

Britney Spears Confirms Engagement to Boyfriend Sam Asghari amid Conservatorship Battle

On Sunday, Britney Spears announced her engagement to her long-time boyfriend, the 27-year-old actor and fitness trainer Sam Asghari in a colorful Instagram post displaying the four-carat diamond engagement ring engraved with the word “lioness,” Asghari’s nickname for Britney. The announcement was made public just days after Britney seems to be making headway in her legal battle with her father to end the conservatorship that has controlled her personal life, professional life and finances for 13 years. In the video post, the newly engaged couples who met in 2016 on the set of the “Slumber Party” music video were all

365Live.com Unveils Their New App with a Major Labor Day Weekend Music Showcase

Society has come a long way in terms of making products and services more accessible to the majority. In the past, most things had to be done manually, which took a lot of time and required a lot of effort. Now, virtually anything can be done online, including finding and booking event tickets which can be done on the revolutionary platform 365Live. The brand is the go-to site for many fun-loving individuals who are looking for fun events and experiences. The event platform stands out because it provides people with helpful information about various parties and concerts. But, more importantly,

Shawn Mendes Joins Life Is Strange TV Series as an Executive Producer

Source: People For those who missed it, Shawn Mendes has joined the Life Is Strange TV series adaptation as an executive producler. Life Is Strange is a popular video game created by the French game developer Dontnod Entertainment and published by the European subsidiary of gaming industry giant Square Enix. First released in January of 2015, the episodic adventure game quickly rose to prominence for its excellent visuals and gameplay, as well as its masterful utilization of the butterfly effect. The story centers around Max Caulfield, a teenager with the unique ability to rewind time. As she navigates her personal, social, and school life,

Joshua Valentin on What It Takes to Beat the Odds and Become Successful

Dedicated photographer and videographer Joshua Valentin is one of the most promising personalities in the industry today as he hustles to become a remarkable filmmaker. His deep love for the arts springs from his family of Puerto Rican origin, his source of overwhelming support and inspiration. Today, he is showing the world that despite the discrimination and bullying he has experienced on countless occasions, a person like him does not back down easily and that beating the odds necessitates grit, determination, and persistence.  From the very beginning, Joshua Valentin was inspired to establish Valentine Studios by his father, who also

East Atlanta Montana Inspires Others through His Successes Despite Coming from Humble Beginnings

Many people assume that humble beginnings hinder a person from achieving success. However, they fail to realize that greatness comes even in the most unlikely things. It can be borne out of individuals who are rooted in a line of successful ascendants, or it can rise from driven go-getters who only hold passion, dedication, and ambition in their arsenal that ultimately catapults them towards the summits of success. As a matter of fact, several highly accomplished authorities’ successes are bred from a lot of things, but some of the most inspirational ones come from humble beginnings. They wear their misfortunes

The Multi-Faceted Celebrity Dr. Fia Johansson Sets Hollywood Ablaze Again in American Sicario Alongside Danny Trejo

Celebrity Dr. Fia Johansson is an impressively talented woman who has dipped her toes into various successful projects. She is a world-renowned master entrepreneur coach, angel investor, best-selling author, holds her doctorate in Psychology, and is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Unbeknownst to many, she has recently been hard at work at yet another exciting venture, a Hollywood film. That’s right, Dr. Fia Johansson is offering her acting chops and attaching her name to a Hollywood venture she stars in, alongside legendary actor Danny Trejo. The major motion picture entitled American Sicario is a cartel thriller based on true events. Dr. Fia

Macntaj Gears Up for Another Electric Release, ‘Stepped On’— Track Now in the Pipeline for Launch

Hard-hitting rap artist and songwriter Macntaj is gearing up for yet another highly-anticipated release as he has announced that he will be launching another single in the coming days. The track is entitled “Stepped On” and will go live on the music and mixtape launch platform, Thizzler.  The newest song by the artist will feature a collaboration with Los Angeles-based musician Stackz Tha Rapper. The two artists are part of Bloc Star Evolution, a record label that Macntaj recently penned a seven-figure deal with. “Stepped On” is one of the many projects that the artist will be doing in conjunction

Marie S. Hall on Helping Children and Adults Transform Their Lives through Storytelling and Mentorship

Adversities and obstacles are always a part of one’s journey in life, but one’s reaction to the difficult moment determines success. Marie S. Hall is a woman who has taken a few nasty hits from life, but she didn’t stay down. Instead, she stood and learned to thrive, changing the trajectory of her life to become more intentional, understanding her words’ power, and valuing her self-worth to move from her fears to faith. Today, Marie is the founder and C.E.O. of RubyMac Learning Academy and Myrtle Tree Publishing. She is also an author, a transformational speaker, and a change agent,

Holiday Swap Revolutionizes Travel with Home Exchange Platform, Celebrates with Giveaway

It can be argued that the best way to experience the world is by traveling. However, going on a trip can be costly, with the airfare costs and not to mention accommodation expenses can sometimes be exorbitant. Holiday Swap aims to ease this burden by creating a platform where travelers can find somewhere to stay for only $1. Most people would agree that the most important aspect when traveling is getting to see different places, being introduced to new cultures, and making meaningful connections with locals. Therefore, finding safe and affordable housing arrangements is crucial as it allows people to

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