McIntosh Bros Productions Is Changing the Game of African-American Representation in Media With Freeli TV

McIntosh Bros Productions, composed of brothers Javier and Jabriel McIntosh, are taking on the world of mass media not only by capturing real moments or telling compelling stories, but more importantly, by changing the game of African-American representation through launching Freeli TV. With works showcased at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, Universal Studios Hollywood, 20th Century Fox, just to name a few, it’s no wonder that this production house is one to look forward to. Even more so, with their powerful move of creating Freeli TV, the world’s first free linear multi-channel streaming platform dedicated to Black entertainment and culture.

Aza Torshkoeva: The Musical Gift That Keeps Giving

Aza Torshkoeva is nothing short of a musical genius. A music hybrid that combines music education and concert piano into one entity as she dazzles both her students and audience. She has been described as a musician with fire dynamics and sparky fingers. Aza takes classical music to a new level and has often left her audience dazzled by her skills and dexterity. She is well-grounded in Bach and Metallica, and once she starts moving her fingers deftly across the piano keys, her audience gets sent back into music history. Aza Torshkoeva is big on passing on what she knows

Damon Fletcher Bringing Fun and Inspiration during these Trying Times

Damon Fletcher is doing his part to make sure people get inspired and have fun through these trying times. People can only do so much after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown other than finding ways to have fun and stay inspired. He found a passion for music during the global lockdown and has since then been making music that everyone can dance to and use to let go of their worries. The lockdown was a not-so-good time for many people, including Damon, and he turned all that gloom into bloom for himself and decided to launch a music career. He began

Alison Bowles Living to the Fullest and Inspiring Others

Photo by Maggie Keating Photography  If there’s anyone who knows to live life to the fullest, it’s influencer, model, and virtual entrepreneur Alison Bowles. She knows the importance of designing life the way you want it and does not procrastinate in making things happen for herself. Today, she runs her businesses from anywhere in the world and pursues an active career in modeling while also inspiring others to live life without hesitation.  Alison knows the value of every living day all too well. At the age of 22, doctors diagnosed her with skin cancer. Fortunately, she was able to overcome

Outbreak For Love and Its Mission of Becoming the Voice for the Voiceless

Music in itself is a language understood by many – It is an explosive and universal form of expression of humanity. No matter what race or culture a person belongs to, music often delivers messages more clearly than plain words. Thus, if one is experiencing misfortunes that words fail to comprehend, music is the voice that speaks what needs to be communicated and expresses what cannot be said. And as the music continues to be an effective avenue for people to embrace communication and understanding, Outbreak For Love roots its purpose to showcase the beauty of rhythm, notes, and lyrics

Samaria Kelly to Launch Thee W.O.R.D. Clothing for MH Awareness

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves in a state of constant fear, worry, and stress. These are normal and understandable responses to an abnormal and unprecedented situation. Dreadful times like these should inspire kindness and humanity in everyone to lighten the load. Mental health advocate Samaria Kelly aims to preach a message of love and compassion amid these challenging times. Samaria Kelly is a young entrepreneur, singer and songwriter, creative writer, public speaker, and mental health advocate. She is known as Thee Word Girl by her peers for her encouraging words, taking inspiration from the Word of God.

Senior Releases Single “Made It Bigger” As Prelude to Forthcoming Album

Scaling his real-life experiences into a unique take on lyricism coupled with dramatic yet catchy tunes, rising singer Senior released his latest track “Made It Bigger” last September 30. The song is a prelude to his forthcoming album “I Feel Better Alone,” set to launch this October 15. Senior is a talented song artist who takes his music to the next level. Inspired by reality, his music narrates his personal experiences in life. He takes listeners to a rollercoaster of emotions through his impactful lyrics. This natural and effortless ability allows the rising singer to connect with his listeners and

North American Collegiate League Shines Spotlight on Esports

Esports has seen a rise in popularity over the years. From being considered obscure, esports has now gained a massive following and has become a mega-industry, attracting players and sponsors. The North American Collegiate League is one of the most prominent organizations promoting esports, with their tournaments and events available for streaming in several countries. The North American Collegiate League or NACL is an America-based non-profit esports, entertainment, and media organization. Throughout the year, they host and stream various tournaments and league play. NACL tournaments and shows are streamed in over 20 countries, including several in Asia such as Japan,

Ric Conn Using Art to Speak on Important Social Issues

Contemporary artists today play an integral role in culture and society. Apart from contributing to the creative sphere, artists can also be thought leaders who share valuable insight into critical social issues. One such artist is the award-winning expressionist artist, Ric Conn.  Ric Conn is internationally known and primarily focuses on symbolic depictions of women’s challenges and issues nowadays in Western culture. He uses his art to speak for women’s rights and against the adverse actions taken against them.  A leading voice in the realm of inequality, Ric hopes that his work would spark positive social change when it comes

Moonlite Theaters Drive-in Sparks Unique Cinematic Feels in South Carolina

Bringing in a nostalgic yet unique cinematic feel in Charleston, South Carolina, is Moonlite Theaters Drive-in. It serves as one of the best and safest outdoor activities today, perfect for individuals, couples, friends, and families who are looking to spend some time outside their homes.  Moonlite Theaters Drive-in is the first full-time and permanent drive-in theater in the city of Charleston since Seabreeze Drive-in Azalea Auto Theater in 1957. The drive-in theater boasts of an area that can accommodate a maximum of 200 cars. Surrounding the theaters are tables and chairs strategically placed to follow COVID-19 social distancing protocols and

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