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Marketing Agency Drive Social Media’s Perspective on Utilizing Advertising to Reach a Wider Audience and Grow Sales

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As a business owner or manager, you want your company to succeed. But with so many trends coming and going, it can be tricky to know which marketing strategies will best benefit your brand. Drive Social Media, a leading marketing agency, understands the power of advertising. 

Discover how the right steps can help your company reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

Advertising Insights: A Powerful Way to Increase Your Brand Reach

Effective advertising can help your brand:

  • Generate awareness
  • Attract prospects
  • Publicize sales you’re running
  • Introduce a new offering
  • Showcase what makes you different from your competitors

When you promote your company effectively, you put yourself in a prime position to boost your company’s audience and sales.

The Channels You Use Matter

There are plenty of ways a company can promote themselves. From paid search ads to social media marketing — no matter what you opt for, you want to use advertising best practices to achieve the best results. 

Leveraging Ads to Meet Your Business Goals

So, how can you ensure your promotions reach a wide audience and convert more prospects into satisfied, loyal customers? Here are some tips to help you out with this often challenging process.

Capturing Emotions With Effective Appeals

“Emotions are huge drivers of purchasing decisions,” explains Stephen Nations, VP of Digital Marketing for Drive Social Media. “Whether you want to pull at your prospects’ heartstrings or inspire them through a motivating story, appealing to emotions can entice buyers or prospective clients to take action.”

Showing Off the Benefits of Your Product

Instead of going on about the features of the products you sell, directly appeal to your prospects by explaining how they can benefit from them. Why should customers buy from you? How will your product improve their lives?

Sharing Your Brand Story

Storytelling can be incredibly compelling at selling a brand. 

“Not only can storytelling paint a bigger picture of a company, but it also has the potential to resonate with prospective buyers, making them more likely to follow through on a purchase,” says Nations of Drive Social Media. 

Telling your brand’s full story can be more effective than just simply trying to promote your products.

Associate Your Products With Positive Feelings

You want your customers to associate your business with positive emotions, whether that be general happiness or a more specific state of achievement. A common way of accomplishing this is through celebrity endorsements, but you can do it on a smaller scale through influencer partnerships. If people want to look or be more like a social media figure they like and connect with positively, they’ll likely buy whatever they’re promoting.

Capitalizing on FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a very real phenomenon. People don’t want to feel like they’re not experiencing something that others have been enjoying or benefitting from. As a result, they are happy to jump on the bandwagon if a product seems popular. Use customer testimonials or survey data in your broadcasting to showcase your brand’s popularity and effectiveness.

Brand Growth Begins With the Right Tools and Strategies

As Drive Social Media explains, harnessing the power of advertising can boost audience reach and revenue. You can create a loyal customer base by appealing to emotions, focusing on your product benefits, sharing your story, and capitalizing on FOMO. 

About Drive Social Media

Drive Social Media provides powerful marketing solutions. Drive’s proprietary ROI-tracking platform, Marketing Milk, and its highly trained team working online and at five U.S. locations have helped it become one of INC’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.


Published By: Aize Perez

Sun King Rising’s Narrative Masterpiece: ‘One More Story to Tell’

Image commercially licensed from: Unsplash

Sun King Rising, the brainchild of critically acclaimed singer-songwriter John Blangero, has recently unveiled his latest single, “One More Story to Tell”. This engaging addition is part of the lauded album, “Signs & Wonders”, released on the 1st of October, 2022.

“One More Story to Tell” is steeped in enchantment, narrating the tale of a charismatic musician who skillfully uses his music and words to beguile and charm an audience. The dynamic blend of southern rock, country, and soul offers a rich setting for this narrative, underlining Sun King Rising’s hallmark of diverging from traditional genre boundaries.

The intimate lyrics of “One More Story to Tell” paint a crystal-clear picture of a talented charmer, using his art to win hearts and fulfill his desires. Filled with beautiful verses like, “Metaphor and rhythm make you fair weak in the knees / Promises and miracles and mudflat symphonies,” the song presents an engaging storyline focused on the main character’s tactics and inspirations.

Bringing “One More Story to Tell” to life is a virtuoso ensemble of renowned musicians. The exhilarating guitar notes by Steve Schuffert are beautifully complemented by George Elliott’s bass guitar, and George Perilli’s rhythm on the drums. Providing the soulful backing vocals are Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson. Tying it all together is the expert production by Ace Acker and the engineering skills of David Granati. Credit also goes to Brian Foraker for mixing and mastering the track, at Maplewood Studio, located in Ambridge, PA.

Now available on all leading streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, “One More Story to Tell” is a must-hear for fans and casual listeners alike. For more details about Sun King Rising and their music, one may visit

John Blangero’s music is strongly rooted in his southern family values and culture. Drawing on influences from several iconic sources and musicians of his generation, Blangero’s music emerges as a unique blend. It combines the literary genius of William Faulkner, the sonorous intensity of George Gershwin, the soul-filled sound of Elton John, and the infectious rhythm and horns of Muscle Shoals from the 60s-70s. The album “Signs & Wonders” illustrates a collection of southern noir tales set to music, characterized by colorful characters, intrigue, narratives of sin and redemption, and love with no boundaries.

Aside from his musical prowess, Blangero is also a highly respected genetic scientist who has spent a significant part of the past few years focusing on the COVID pandemic. In a fusion of the scientist and musician in him, he expresses, “I want the fans to think of better days and the sweet smells of magnolia and jasmine sitting on their porches and listening to music that touched their souls in the humid evenings.”

For updates, images, and more, follow Sun King Rising on their social media platforms: Instagram – and Facebook –

Much like the fresh magnolia and jasmine on a sultry evening, ‘One More Story to Tell’ from Sun King Rising holds the enthralling power to touch your soul and transport you into the world of southern noir stories. It is indeed a harmonic narrative that is worth immersing oneself in.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

An Enthralling Emotional Journey: Alex Krawczyk and Her Single ‘The Space Between Us’

Image commercially license from: Unsplash

Artistry is a delicate balance of intelligence and emotion, a beautiful dance between expressing oneself and connecting with the audience. One such accomplished dancer in the realm of lyrical symphonies is Alex Krawczyk. Her soft melodious ballads, reminiscent of traditional Canadian folk music, resonate deeply with her listeners. Her latest single, “Space Between Us,” is a heart-touching display of Krawczyk’s extraordinary talent in crafting intimate,soulful, and  emotionally-engaging music.

“Space Between Us” starts with the tender strumming of a guitar, eagerly inviting listeners into a world of serene tranquility. The muted yet effective percussion, alongside stylish musical flourishes, form the foundations for the soulful narrative that unfolds. This harmonious orchestration is a testament to Krawczyk’s creative genius, where Canadian folk music elements are masterfully intertwined to form a comforting, tranquil atmosphere.

In “Space Between Us,” the musical arrangement obligingly takes a step back, letting the emotionally-charged lyrics and captivating vocals take charge. Even so, it remains a nerve center in the composition, seamlessly blending folk and country music elements, thus giving the track a unique, tactile texture. Krawczyk adeptly handles this beautiful interplay of accompaniment and lead, ensuring each component of the composition harmoniously complements one another.

Yet, Krawczyk’s genius doesn’t stop at the composition or the lyrics. It extends to the immersive atmosphere that “Space Between Us” builds. The song envelops its listeners in a comforting ambiance, which attests to Krawczyk’s understanding of creating emotionally pertinent music. More than just a song to hear, “Space Between Us” is an experience to feel and a sentiment to embrace.

Remarkably, one of the most arresting highlights of the track is Krawczyk’s vocals. Her voice—soft, yet brimming with soul—accompanies us through the composition, effortlessly conveying paradoxical emotions of vulnerability and strength. Coupled with the tranquil atmosphere, her voice paints an ethereal world that transcends the confinement of the earthly realm. Each word sung carries heavy emotional weight, thereby imbuing listeners with a deep sense of connection to her music. Through her heart-wrenching storytelling, Krawczyk raises the often overlooked but important theme of individual autonomy amidst romantic connectedness – a motif that strikes a chord with many. Her lyrical proficiency, amplified by her expressive vocals, enhances the impact of “Space Between Us,” creating a sublime amalgamation of music and narrative that engages the listener on both intellectual and emotional fronts.

Regardless of whether you’ve been an admirer of Alex Krawczyk for a while or are new to her music, “Space Between Us” is an aural experience you wouldn’t want to miss. It encapsulates Krawczyk’s artistry in its most heartfelt and pure form, thus contributing a beautiful chapter to Canada’s folk music narrative. So sit back and let the soulful melodies envelop you, as you delve into a world of musical tranquility. “Space Between Us” is more than just a song—it’s an immersive musical journey you’ll cherish. Do follow her on for more such breathtaking compositions and updates.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

18-Year-Old Starts Nonprofit that Feeds 7,500

Hardworking teen Clelia Poujade founded Chicago charity alongside academic endeavors.

Clelia Poujade may be a teenager, but she has a list of accomplishments that people twice her age would be proud of. Since 2021, she has been running Hands Together to Feed Chicago, a community project that gives out food to those in need, including refugees and the homeless. 

The venture has now distributed meals to more than 7,500 people across Chicago and Illinois, in addition to establishing partnerships with other local nonprofits and saving more than 200 pounds worth of food waste.

A mission to feed Chicago

Clelia, a senior at Walter Payton College Prep, was inspired to create Hands Together to Feed Chicago by her lifelong love for cooking. As a first-generation immigrant, she credits her love of cooking to her French roots, and had the chance to nurture this passion further by training under a Michelin-starred French chef in Paris over summer vacations.

18-Year-Old Starts Nonprofit that Feeds 7,500

Photo Credit: Clelia Poujade

Combining these skills with a passion for social change, she started her own nonprofit. 

“I learned about how prevalent food insecurity was in Chicago where I live and decided to use my love of cooking to help feed others,” says Clelia.

Hands Together to Feed Chicago operates on a mobile basis, allowing them to cook and distribute meals to as many people as possible throughout the city. The group works with six other local organizations, serving food at each of their events. 

This includes cooking monthly meals for more than 80 people at Care for Friends and baking 80 cupcakes for Cornerstone Community Outreach for a “monthly birthday party” (an idea Clelia came up with and brought into fruition herself).

The student trained a team of permanent volunteers and coordinated activities like picking up surplus food, food preparation, and recipe planning. This was invaluable for developing her leadership abilities and teamwork skills at a young age, which she hopes to put to good use in the future.

Juggling charitable ventures with academia

Despite the time spent feeding Chicago, Clelia hasn’t neglected academics. The teenager is a straight-A student, with A+ grades in AP Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, and English Literature in her Senior year. 

18-Year-Old Starts Nonprofit that Feeds 7,500

Photo Credit: Clelia Poujade

She also has an internship with NUGoKidney SciHigh Scholars at Northwestern University under her belt, and completed the Chemistry Summer Scholars Program at Illinois Institute of Technology and a MedStem Explorers internship at Rush Hospital.

Given her knack for charitable ventures, it perhaps shouldn’t be surprising that Clelia has previously dipped her toes into the world of entrepreneurship. As early as Grade 8, inspired by her own cat Winston’s Instagram journey, she started a venture called CatRelations to connect cat brands and influencers together, followed by a web-based application called Cardcrisp. More recently, she has been running an Etsy shop (“SeleneDesignArts”) that has earned profits of $30,000 to date and was selected for Etsy Creators Co. 

Hopes for the future

As with all students her age, Clelia is starting to think about her future plans. She would love to continue volunteering and studying entrepreneurship combined with Bioengineering or Chemistry.

This could mean leaving the Chicago area. Yet whatever happens, Clelia plans to train volunteers locally and to share her network with other organizations, like Volunteering Untapped Chicago, to ensure the work she’s done so far can continue to have a positive impact.

“I love cooking for others and sharing it with my community in this way and I intend to continue doing similar work — wherever I find myself for college,” says Clelia.

For more information about Clelia and her nonprofit, visit her website accounts on TikTok (@handstogethertofeed) and Instagram (@handstogethertofeedchicago).

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Securing Today’s World: The Rising Need for Private Protection Solutions from Iron Goat Defense

In a world constantly impacted by hardships, crime, and conflict, there is an increasing demand for private security solutions. At the forefront of answering this call is Iron Goat Defense. Inspired by the profound scripture verse in Ezekiel 33:7, “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel, so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me”, Iron Goat Defense views its mission as a noble calling. The company fully recognizes the weighty responsibility they carry, maintaining the safety and security of individuals, establishments, and communities.

Iron Goat Defense is not oblivious to the rising concerns and circumstances challenging everyday life. Every day, we hear stories of unrest, violence, and disturbance that create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. To offset this, Iron Goat Defense is on a mission to identify venues and situations where risks are elevated, developing effective strategies to mitigate unexpected attacks and restore peace.

The bedrock of this private security company’s operations is the consistent selection, training, and deployment of highly capable guards. The selection process is rigorous, aimed at identifying individuals primed to serve and protect with honor. These guards are not mere employees of Iron Goat Defense. They are the face of the company, and their performances significantly reflect on the company’s reputation.

A significant part of the guards’ performance is tied to their training. This is where Iron Goat Training Group comes in. As a sister company to Iron Goat Defense, Iron Goat Training Group houses an array of training programs designed to maintain the guards’ qualification and further enhance their skills. The consistent and regular training guards receive here ranges from theoretical knowledge sessions to hands-on practical drills that help them respond appropriately to various security threats. By investing heavily in these training programs, Iron Goat Defense ensures its clients are protected by guards who excel in their job functions.

Understanding the evolving dynamics of security threats, Iron Goat Defense also keeps its eyes on emerging trends. The company is proud to announce its main sponsorship for this year’s largest EP/Security event, the Protectors Symposium and Executive Protection League, lead by it’s founder Byron Rodgers. Scheduled for May 4th  and 5th, this event offers a platform for industry leaders to discuss advanced approaches towards protecting high net worth clients and properties such as churches, schools, and residences. Details of the event will be available on the company’s media outlets.

However, the company’s efforts do not stop at providing world-class private security and training. Iron Goat Defense also prides itself on its strong and vibrant online presence. They connect with its customers and stakeholders through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, allowing the company to share important updates, news and developments. Iron Goat Defense also maintains a LinkedIn account, providing a professional platform for conversations and interactions.

A well-rounded look at the company would not be complete without a visit to their website. Here, visitors can delve into the full range of services provided by Iron Goat Defense and the Iron Goat Training Group under the ‘Training’ tab. One can also access more in-depth information about the company’s operations and philosophies. The ‘Train With Us’ link provides more detailed information about the company’s training programs.

In summary, Iron Goat Defense stands as a beacon of safety, hope, and resilience in a world fraught with security challenges. The organization tirelessly works towards identifying potential security risks, training top-tier guards to mitigate such risks, and keeping its clients informed about advancements in security dynamics. In a world where speed, readiness, and professionalism is critical, Iron Goat Defense makes a strong case for why private security is an increasingly superior option for protection needs. The company is a protector at heart, fueled by a divine calling to serve and protect each client it dutifully serves. With God at the center of their mission, Iron Goat Defense is more than just a private security company – it is a watchman for the people.

Published by: Martin De Juan

French Cinema’s Renaissance: A Glorious Comeback in Hollywood

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In recent years, French films have orchestrated a triumphant return to the forefront of Hollywood’s cinematic landscape, earning praise and accolades from prestigious award shows. This resurgence not only underscores the global appeal of French storytelling but also marks a significant cultural exchange that enriches the diversity of narratives on the big screen.

The Taste of Things, directed by Trần Anh Hùng, has emerged as a beacon of this resurgence. Premiering at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, the film captured hearts and clinched the Best Director award. Its enchanting narrative, set against the sumptuous backdrop of 1885, explores the culinary world and earned universal acclaim, positioning it as the French entry for Best International Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards.

On a different note, Anatomy of a Fall, directed by Justine Triet, brings a thrilling legal drama to the forefront. The film’s success also started at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Palme d’Or, the most prestigious award of the festival. The gripping storyline, coupled with Sandra Hüller’s stellar performance, has propelled the film into the international spotlight, receiving recognition at the Golden Globes (Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Film awards) and several European Film Awards.

French cinema’s resurgence in Hollywood is not confined to these two films alone. The broader industry is witnessing a wave of French productions captivating audiences and critics alike. This renewed interest is not only reflected in the nominations and wins at prestigious award ceremonies but also in the diverse stories that are finding resonance with global audiences.

As we eagerly await the Academy Awards nomination next Tuesday, Jan 23rd, it’s evident that French cinema has not just made a comeback but has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global film industry. The recognition at award shows is a testament to the artistry, storytelling prowess, and cultural richness that French films contribute to the cinematic tapestry.

“As a French director navigating the Hollywood scene, I’ve found a remarkable embrace from the industry. Hollywood’s curiosity and openness to collaboration have not only welcomed me as a director but have also shown a genuine eagerness to explore and learn from the rich cultural nuances that French cinema brings. Storytelling knows no borders, and French films create a cinematic symphony that resonates globally.” says French director Marie Rouhban, who moved to Los Angeles from her hometown Paris in 2021. 

The resurgence of French films in Hollywood is more than a mere comeback; it’s a celebration of storytelling that transcends borders. As the world tunes in to witness the Oscars and applaud the best in global cinema, the presence of French films reminds us of the rich tapestry that cinema weaves, where every culture contributes to the collective experience of storytelling on the silver screen.

Published by: Aly Cinco