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Noel Mirabal: Open Doors, Acting, and the Pursuit of New Life Chapters

Life’s full of chapters that close at any point. And while these seasons can be melancholic times, they’re usually signals for new beginnings. Not many people see it that way, but Noel Mirabal does. Now, he’s out to show people that their journeys can continue by living out a tale that resonates with that truth as a living example.

Noel Mirabal is a well-known television actor who has appeared in many titles and shows. He played a regular role on the show titled “Purple Gang,” a tale that follows the antics of an immigrant family that would become a significant gang network. Mirabal plays Raymond in the show and has worked alongside legendary film professional, Ramon Alejandro Urdaneta. He’s also appeared in minor roles in movies like “Baywatch,” “Allegiant,” “Graceland,” and a few others. But his big break came in television. He’s played more significant roles for shows and documentaries like “Hialeah,” “American Detective,” and “When Sharks Attack,” to name a few.

Mirabal’s journey into film wasn’t an easy one, but he chose to persevere through hardships. His story as an actor begins with the ending of his career in the US Coast Guard. After transitioning into reserve status in 2015 and eventually receiving an honorable discharge, Noel found himself in career limbo. 

Noel Mirabal had it in him to try out acting as a career and threw himself into it. After seeing an opportunity for a casting role in Atlanta, Georgia, he drove to the town to try out for the role. Mirabal slept in his car and showered at a local gym. Three days after that ordeal, he received a call that he had gotten the role. That moment changed his trajectory. 

After that fateful encounter, Noel developed a strong passion for acting and worked hard to get projects. He started landing multiple roles in Atlanta and climbed his way up the entertainment ladder. The actor would later gain recognition for his role in “All the Lord’s Men,” produced and directed by Andrew Burton. The more significant series that he joined, “Hialeah,” would later receive an award for best short series. On May 4, 2021, Noel would be inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who list. 

Noel’s venture into acting almost felt accidental to the professional entertainer. “I had never ever in my life thought about acting,” shares Noel. “I mean, I love watching movies, yet I never thought about trying to be in them. Either way, after I had started acting, I fell in love with it, and I am the type of person that likes to do things the ‘right way,’ or to the best of my abilities.”

Noel would invest time and energy into his craft, returning to college and studying Drama in Miami Dade College and earning an Associates Degree. When he isn’t busy with his acting schedules, he volunteers at the Homestead Center for the Arts to give back to the community.Despite all his accomplishments, Noel Mirabal believes that there are still many chapters to open ahead. He looks forward to walking into those opportunities and inspiring people with his story of transitions. He’s married to a wonderful and supportive wife and fathers amazing children, who remain to be his constant inspiration. Learn more about the actor by visiting his official website.

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