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Emir Hamzic Picks Up Endorsement Deal With TOPSPINPRO

A lot of young and talented athletes have been dreaming of proving their skills in the biggest global tournaments. Unfortunately, the competition is extremely fierce, and most athletes fail to get ahead. It takes a lot of grit to succeed as an athlete and a lot of skill and talent. Most of all, however, an athlete needs the necessary support of a capable coach in order to improve upon their current repertoire. Fortunately, tennis coach and former athlete Emir Hamzić is here for athletes everywhere. 

Hamzic is a former professional tennis player who is best known for achieving an undefeated singles and doubles record at the collegiate level his sophomore season. He later went on to win a National Championship and was named an All-American. Hamzic has worked alongside tennis royalty Nick Bollettieri and is currently an academy and travel coach. He continues to train and help players achieve NCAA and professional playing levels.

Recently, the ATP Certified Coach Emir Hamzic has formed a partnership with TopSpinPro, a popular tennis training aid naming him as one of their ambassadors. Over the past few weeks, Hamzic has been endorsing the product throughout the Chicago tennis scene, using his large following to sell multiple units. 

“I am incredibly excited to be joining the TOPSPINPRO  family,”  said Hamzic about his new endorsement deal. “I’ve believed in the product even before joining the team, and was often incorporating it into my lessons. This product will help anyone that hasn’t mastered topspin. I personally use the TOPSPINPRO for still-ball training drills—for example, an advanced player working on footwork. It can also be used for serve & slice drills after removing the head unit and for adding extra stations while group coaching.”

Invented by Phillip Hofmeyr, TOPSPINPRO is a world-renowned training aid that has helped a lot of Tennis rookies achieve success and improve their skills. “We’re thrilled that Emir Hamzic is joining the TOPSPINPRO family as an ambassador. As both an undefeated collegiate player and subsequently a high performance ATP coach his endorsement of the TopspinPro recognises its value as an essential tennis training aid,” says Phillip Hofmeyrl.

As part of the endorsement deal, fans can expect to use the TOPSPINPRO when taking lessons with Chicago’s favorite tennis coach. Emir Hamzić fully knows what it takes to get to the point of how to bring his players to the top. He has dedicated his efforts to coaching full-time, optimizing his players’ bodies and guiding them to success with a coaching style based on the highly effective combination of personal experience and a strong educational background in human physiology. 

With Emir Hamzić’s skills and expertise in the field of tennis and his recent partnership with TOPSPINPRO, it’s clear to see that tennis rookies everywhere will gain a massive boost in their skills through both of their services. 

Emir Hamzić has certainly come a long way from being the 17-year-old athlete who was working to fund his career through coaching, to becoming the 23-year-old head coach and entrepreneur he has become today. Now that he has partnered up with one of the biggest tennis training aids in the world in TOPSPINPRO, his career has truly come full circle, as he stands at the forefront of creating future tennis legends with HAMZIC All-American Training. 

To know more about Emir Hamzić, make sure to check out his brand’s official website.

Noel Mirabal: Open Doors, Acting, and the Pursuit of New Life Chapters

Life’s full of chapters that close at any point. And while these seasons can be melancholic times, they’re usually signals for new beginnings. Not many people see it that way, but Noel Mirabal does. Now, he’s out to show people that their journeys can continue by living out a tale that resonates with that truth as a living example.

Noel Mirabal is a well-known television actor who has appeared in many titles and shows. He played a regular role on the show titled “Purple Gang,” a tale that follows the antics of an immigrant family that would become a significant gang network. Mirabal plays Raymond in the show and has worked alongside legendary film professional, Ramon Alejandro Urdaneta. He’s also appeared in minor roles in movies like “Baywatch,” “Allegiant,” “Graceland,” and a few others. But his big break came in television. He’s played more significant roles for shows and documentaries like “Hialeah,” “American Detective,” and “When Sharks Attack,” to name a few.

Mirabal’s journey into film wasn’t an easy one, but he chose to persevere through hardships. His story as an actor begins with the ending of his career in the US Coast Guard. After transitioning into reserve status in 2015 and eventually receiving an honorable discharge, Noel found himself in career limbo. 

Noel Mirabal had it in him to try out acting as a career and threw himself into it. After seeing an opportunity for a casting role in Atlanta, Georgia, he drove to the town to try out for the role. Mirabal slept in his car and showered at a local gym. Three days after that ordeal, he received a call that he had gotten the role. That moment changed his trajectory. 

After that fateful encounter, Noel developed a strong passion for acting and worked hard to get projects. He started landing multiple roles in Atlanta and climbed his way up the entertainment ladder. The actor would later gain recognition for his role in “All the Lord’s Men,” produced and directed by Andrew Burton. The more significant series that he joined, “Hialeah,” would later receive an award for best short series. On May 4, 2021, Noel would be inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who list. 

Noel’s venture into acting almost felt accidental to the professional entertainer. “I had never ever in my life thought about acting,” shares Noel. “I mean, I love watching movies, yet I never thought about trying to be in them. Either way, after I had started acting, I fell in love with it, and I am the type of person that likes to do things the ‘right way,’ or to the best of my abilities.”

Noel would invest time and energy into his craft, returning to college and studying Drama in Miami Dade College and earning an Associates Degree. When he isn’t busy with his acting schedules, he volunteers at the Homestead Center for the Arts to give back to the community.Despite all his accomplishments, Noel Mirabal believes that there are still many chapters to open ahead. He looks forward to walking into those opportunities and inspiring people with his story of transitions. He’s married to a wonderful and supportive wife and fathers amazing children, who remain to be his constant inspiration. Learn more about the actor by visiting his official website.

HaITian Common Space Battling Unemployment by Teaching Youth Tech-based Skills

The unemployment crisis in Haiti has risen to unprecedented levels, reaching as high as 60% in recent times. Amidst the growing concern, some organizations have worked around the clock to provide more Haitians with job opportunities. One group has provided an avant-garde and practical solution— teaching young people tech-based skills and encouraging them to pick up jobs in technology, digital solutions, and cybersecurity. They’re called HaITian Common Space, and they’re making a dent in the local community and hopefully soon the nation. 

HaITian Common Space is a not-for-profit organization and social enterprise that aims to teach Haitian youth basic tech-based skills to allow for more job opportunities. The job creation boom in technology has been undeniable in recent years. Many jobs in tech did not even exist a decade ago but are some of the best-paying opportunities today. Moreover, people can perform these jobs remotely, providing people in developing countries like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Haiti with virtual opportunities. 

Started by a cybersecurity specialist, Gabriela Ariza, the organization opened its doors to Haitian youths in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Gabriela came up with the idea to set up HaITian Common Space after attending a class that exposed the opportunities surrounding cybersecurity, especially in terms of job generation. “I saw how cybersecurity and technology impact every single person,” Ariza shares. “It crosses borders, it creates jobs, and if you have access to a computer and internet, you become powerful.”

After working as an IT professional for many years, she decided that she wanted to do something to impact unfortunate individuals’ lives. So, she would dedicate her life to giving people training and direction to land jobs in tech and help alleviate themselves and their families from poverty. Through HaITian Common Space, Gabriela and her team have trained numerous students in web programming, cybersecurity, computer networking, and other tech-based skills and helped them land jobs. 

Not too long ago, Haiti made headlines after a group assassinated the president. The nation has been under political unrest and imbalance for a long time, leaving very little hope for government aid for the majority of the underprivileged population. By choosing to do her part, Gabriela Ariza hopes to show people another way to a better life independent of government aid and programs. By “teaching people how to fish,” she hopes to empower more youth and spark a revolution of technology-based economies and self-sufficiency amongst Haitian workers. 

HaITian Common Space also provides pop-up co-working facilities across the city where people can access computers and high-speed wifi to move their professions and businesses online. Despite the political unrest, the company pushes the mission forward and facilitates learning and job creation for hundreds of Haitian youth. 

The group’s programs have helped many students, some as young as seven years old, by helping them understand the growing opportunities around technology and how to tap into those chances at stable and rewarding employment. In the next five years, Gabriela aims to help up to 200,000 families in Cap-Haïtien, one of the busiest centers in the country, by giving them access to tech-based opportunities.

Learn more about HaITian Common Space and how you can support their effort to bring more employment to Haitian youth by visiting its website.

England’s Black Soccer Players Face Racial Abuse Following Euro 2020 Loss

Source: CNN

During Saturday’s finals, Euro 2020 concluded with Italy emerging as the champions. A penalty shootout determined the continent’s kings and gave the winning country its second Euro title. However, England’s representatives took the center stage not only because of their loss but also for the racist online abuse that three of their players faced.

After missing spot-kicks in the penalty shootout that gave Italy the crown, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka received an onslaught of racist tirades on social media. Alarming and indicative of the deeply-rooted problem of racism, the harassment the Black players suffered from triggered an uproar and prompted a police investigation and condemnation from a long list of personalities. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson denounced the abuse by tweeting, “This England team deserves to be lauded as heroes, not racially abused on social media. Those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves.”

Prince William, the president of England’s Football Association, also turned to Twitter to relay his dismay over the torrent of harmful speech thrown at Rashford, Sancho, and Saka. “I am sickened by the racist abuse aimed at England players after last night’s match,” he said in a statement released on July 12. “It is totally unacceptable that players have to endure this abhorrent behavior. It must stop now, and all those involved should be held accountable.”

Likewise, the Football Association heavily slammed the barrage of hate comments. “We could not be clearer that anyone behind such disgusting behavior is not welcome in following the team,” it emphasized. “We will do all we can to support the players affected while urging the toughest punishment possible for anyone responsible.”

The racial abuse that followed the finals is not the first of its kind. Over the years, social media platforms have been considered home to millions of users, including those who spew slurs. Unfortunately, while Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites could implement measures that will stop the spread of abusive content, they can only do so much in the face of the pervasiveness of this type of content and as racism continues to impact Black people, Asian communities, and other minorities.

Reportedly, Twitter removed more than 1,000 tweets as well as permanently suspended accounts of users who harassed the players online. Instagram removed comments and accounts directing abuse at England’s footballers, as well. It asserted that “no one should have to experience racist abuse anywhere, and we don’t want it on Instagram. We will continue to take action against those that break our rules.”

But the effect of the technological moves taken by the social media giants pales in contrast to the implications of systemic racism and the prevalence of hateful speech and actions not only in sports.

Racism reared its ugly head, and it is bound to do so again as long as the societal issue of discrimination and racial violence remains. Many significant strides are therefore needed in the future.

Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa Ensuring Beauty and Wellness for People of all Ages in Southern California

Confidence in today’s world comes in different ways. If it doesn’t come from within for some people, they get their confidence in how they look or feel with themselves. Looking and feeling good are two things that Beauty Lounge Med Spa helps people achieve, and it does it in the most gentle, non-invasive and non-surgical way. The wellness spa is all about offering safe and non-dangerous ways to look and feel better.

Founded by the couple, Dr. Tamaru and Veronica Tamaru, in 2010, Beauty Lounge Med Spa + Wellness Center uses cutting-edge technology and medical resources to maintain patients’ health and vitality. One of the founders, Dr. Tamaru, has practiced as a physician and consultant for over 25 years, and he embraces the ideology of anti-aging and integrative medical treatments. Describing the wellness spa’s services, “We offer unique services that are at the forefront of medical and aesthetic improvement. Women, men and teens can count on our services to help solve their most personal challenges, whether they are dissatisfied with their appearance, struggling to lose weight, concerned about low vitality, or are slowing down due to the aging process,” Dr. Tamaru said.

With beauty and wellness as the focus at Beauty Lounge Med Spa, registered nurse and beauty advocate and co-founder Veronica Tamaru works with her husband to deliver the best skincare and body wellness services. Veronica once worked as a registered nurse in Critical Care, Medical Surgery and Oncology. She is also a highly respected and recognized skincare expert and injector in Ventura County. Her experience working with the famous Dr. 90210 in Beverly Hills ignited her love for beauty and aesthetics, which she has now actualized with her husband.

Since 2010, Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa has brought to life Veronica’s dream of helping people achieve their beauty goals with less invasive and non-surgical options. Her goal is to deliver gentler methods of achieving impressive and noticeable results on people’s bodies. The couple also set out to make the seemingly exclusive world of celebrity beauty accessible and affordable to everyone.

Dr. Tamaru and Veronica Tamaru see Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa in all the major cities across the United States. The spa strives to address all concerns with a single office visit that leaves no risk or severe body transformation for the patient. “Our experienced medical staff can transform your body and face with dramatic results in a single office visit. Non-surgical treatments can take years off your appearance. There are many reasons to consider them, and even more profound is how these treatments are affordable and can help with prevention of future damage,” Veronica said.

Beauty Lounge Wellness Med Spa is all about educating and sensitizing the public about better procedures to help them look better, younger and feel better. With the combined experience of Dr. Tamaru and Veronica, Beauty Lounge Wellness Med  Spa has earned a strong reputation in California. “No one has to go under the knife for everything, and we are never going to stop spreading this valuable information,” Veronica stressed.

Learn more about Beauty Lounge Med Spa on the official website.

Health iPass Removing the Payments Burden from Medical Professionals


Patient payments are quickly becoming one of the top sources of revenue for physicians and ambulatory care providers, with over $200 billion moving annually within the system every year. Dealing with accounts receivables from patients can be an unnecessary burden for medical professionals and workers. That’s why Health iPass came to life— to help the medical industry by providing an automated payment management system for physician offices and healthcare institutions. 

Health iPass exists for one mission— to get physicians and medical staff paid in a timely and seamless manner. Most doctors deal with accounts receivables all the time, which can take up a considerable amount of time and effort to collect. And when dues are paid, they often only receive an average of 60% of the balance owed. Health iPass aims to solve that problem for physicians and medical professionals by providing a seamless solution that takes care of the patient revenue cycle. 

The company behind the innovative solution is led by serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and business mentor Rajesh Voddiraju, who has become an icon in the tech start-up realm for his exemplary work. He founded Health iPass Inc. back in 2014. In 2020, the company was acquired by leading payments provider Sphere, and Rajesh took the mantle of being the company’s Group President.

The innovative solution acts as a POS system of sorts for physician offices that care for patient billings and automate most processes. The company’s clients have realized up to 95% of patient collection rates on average and removed over 50% of their bad debt records, helping physicians earn fair wages from the care that they provide to people. 

On top of acting as a accounts receivable management system, the program also has various features that help clinic front offices remain optimal at all times. Health iPass has an appointment booking and reminder feature that automatically notifies and reminds people of consultation appointments through SMS. The solution’s patient-side features also give users an option to pay for invoices online with little to no hassle or enter insurance information to ensure that clinics and staff are informed of insurance details before coming in for a check-up. This feature saves both the patient and front office significant time spent on filling up forms manually on the spot. 

Health iPass’s mobile check-in room feature eliminates the need for the traditional clipboard and pen system that can often be clunky and prone to error. With the front-facing system, patients can be alerted when their turn is coming up soon, eliminating the number of people in a waiting room. This feature has proven to be more than helpful in such times as medical clinics and offices work to lessen the number of people in enclosed spaces at one time. 

Health iPass works on any mobile tablet and can be used as a check-in check-out counter for patients. After doctor’s appointments, patients can then verify details, receive prescriptions and instructions virtually, and get automatic billing statements after invoices have been cleared. 

All in all, the company and solution provide one seamless provision for better booking and payment solutions for both patients and physicians. To learn more about Health iPass, visit the solution’s website and LinkedIn page


Grubhub Expands User Base to 33 Million Amid Rapid Pandemic Growth


Mobile food ordering and delivery services played a crucial role amid the pandemic. Grubhub won amid the trying times with the rise in demand, and by the end of the first quarter of 2021, the company reported that it now serves over 33 million active diners, a 38% rise compared to its market share in 2020. Grubhub also released a report that it acquired over $551 million in revenue, which is 52% more than what it generated last year in the same period.

Grubhub also revealed that they had an estimated 745,700 daily average grubs (DAGs) during the first quarter. It amounts to over a 44% increase, marking its position as the leading food delivery provider in the industry. Furthermore, Grubhub also posted $2.6 billion in gross food sales. The results show a 60% jump from the $1.6 billion during the first quarter of 2020. 

In a statement, Grubhub said, “Of note, our diner behavior remains strong, with new diner repeat rates and existing diner ordering frequency still well above pre-COVID levels.”

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Grubhub is a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace. The platform has the largest and most comprehensive restaurant partners—over 300,000 food establishments in over 4,000 cities across the country. Grubhub is dedicated to connecting diners with the food they love from local restaurants. Backed by an elevated and innovative food ordering system, an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use user interface, and efficient logistics, Grubhub is indeed one of the most successful technology companies not only in Chicago but in the United States. 

“We are proud of our continued role in helping restaurants grow their business and supporting the communities where they operate. Our team continued its strong execution in the first quarter—easily hitting records for all of our key business metrics,” said Grubhub’s founder and CEO, Matt Maloney.

The CEO further added that with the public filing of the registration statement and preliminary proxy statement with the SEC and Grubhub’s special stockholder meeting expected to take place in June, the company is looking forward to closing more significant transactions in the coming months and proceeding to take on bigger ventures. 

Despite opening in an industry with many competitors, Grubhub managed to capture a vast share of the US market. Additionally, its subsidiaries Seamless and Eat24 comprised over 17% of US meal delivery sales, coming below the shares of competitors UberEats and DoorDash. Grubhub’s first-quarter results eclipsed Dutch food delivery company Just Eat Takeaway, which announced that it would be acquiring Grubhub in the first half of 2021 in a $7.3 billion deal.

Zooming in to post-COVID times, Wall Street expressed that they are expecting a slower turnout in Grubhub sales as vaccinated individuals return to in-person dining, reducing their reliance on food delivery services. But Grubhub remains positive that they have made a significant impact among customers, enough to maintain its upward momentum and remain as vital as they are today. 

To learn more about Grubhub and its continuous growth, visit its website.


The Chicago Bears set to Experience the Best Season With new Drafts

Source: Twitter

 The city of Chicago, Illinois, fondly called the Windy City, is famous for many things such as its favorite deep-dish pizza, architecture, skyscrapers and most importantly, its football clubs. The most notable of the Chi-Town’s sports club is The Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc., one of the foremost professional football teams in the United States with the most colorful histories of any sports franchise in the entire world.

The Chicago Bears Football Club Inc. is a professional American football club based in Chicago. A key member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) North division, The Bears compete in the National Football League (NFL) and have won nine world championships, including Super Bowl XX, on January 26, 1986.

Throughout the football club’s colorful history, it had some of the best football players on its teams, such as Harold ‘Red’ Grange (the galloping ghost), Gale Sayers,  Bronco Nagurski, Dick Butkus, and Walter Payton. With a total of 31 playoffs since the club’s inception, the  Chicago Bears have more players inducted into the Football Hall of Fame than any other NFL team. However, despite the franchise’s storied past, it has only taken part in nine playoff games in the 20 years and only three in the past decade. The team also hasn’t won a postseason matchup since January 16, 2011, when it made a 35-24 victory against the Seattle Seahawks in a divisional-round game at Soldier Field.

In the 2020 offseason, the Chicago Bears recorded a disappointing year following the 2019 season. The Bears failed to score a single touchdown in the first half in all of its five games, averaging just 4.7 yards per play, recording the second-fewest in the NFL. The team’s offensive took much of the blame due to injuries to its defense players Guard Kyle Long and Tackle Bobby Massie, and a failed position swap between Center Cody Whitehair and Guard James Daniels. 

Hoping to come back during the season, The Bears spent its NFL draft recruiting TE Cole Kmet from Notre Dame and CB Jaylon Johnson with its 2nd-round pick. At the beginning of the season, The Bears lost the game 23-6 against the Detroit Lions, and it seems the team was done. However, a quick comeback was in the works, made a 2-0 win against the New York Giants. In the succeeding weeks of the season, The Chicago Bears recorded its worst season game, losing 19-11 in a game against Indianapolis Colts. At the end of the year’s season, it was evident that the team needs an entire overhaul, especially the offensive.

As the 2021 NFL draft season kicks off, a wave of optimism is upon The Bears fans as the team’s general manager, Ryan Pace, makes an updraft selection of quarterback Justin Fields and offensive tackle Teven Jenkins. Although the draft cannot be graded yet, many are hopeful that the new season and new currents will mark a turnaround for the team.

 Keep up-to-date with The Chicago Bears, its players, playoffs and trades by visiting its official website.