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DJ Chris Angel Shares About the Power of Investing in One’s Ideas

While trying to pursue success actively, so many become engrossed in gaining the support of other people. And while earning admiration is excellent, insightful musician Christian Younan realizes that it is far more essential to invest in his ideas. After all, before others can see the value of his work, he must first believe in and advocate for himself.

The gifted disc jockey who goes by the artist name DJ Chris Angel is making waves in the entertainment and party scene for his innate musical prowess. However, most people do not know that before he started making a name in the industry, he had to conquer several hurdles.

The young man did not have the best childhood. He even felt that his circumstances forced him to grow up at an early age. And at the back of his mind, he knew that something had to change.

When he was 14 years old, he started working by watering plants for a coffee shop. By the time he turned 16, he had to balance two jobs at a fast food joint and a music store on top of his studies. 

Throughout his hardships, what helped him get by was his interest in scratching and experimenting with music. Motivated by his newfound passion, he worked various jobs so he could save up enough money to buy music equipment and old records. At 16 years old, this was his very first act of investing in his dream.

The dedicated individual used to be part of the high school football team, but he often skipped and worked on his craft instead of staying to practice. He also had long hair, and as a result, his teammates gave him the nickname Chris Angel, which has stuck ever since.

Aside from the adversities he encountered in his youth, DJ Chris Angel also experienced a significant setback in adulthood. After leaving the US military to continue pursuing his career as a disc jockey, he suffered from depression and social anxiety. The debilitating conditions have severely impacted the performer’s ability to appear in large crowds.

Nevertheless, the talented DJ persevered and worked hard to overcome his situation. Now, DJ Chris Angel has established himself as one of the most promising musicians of his time.

Because of his excellent tracks, the professional musician has amassed a considerable following. Through his unique sound, he has captured the attention of music enthusiasts, festival goers, electronic fans, and bass lovers worldwide. On top of that, he keeps his fans and listeners guessing by creating highly diverse music.

Recently, he has dropped his latest track, “Dakati.” The single is available for streaming on all music platforms alongside his other releases.

DJ Chris Angel’s massive success is a testament that people should not be afraid to invest in their ideas. By following this principle, the talented young man was able to scale his success to greater heights. In the future, the multi-talented disc jockey plans to continue creating more songs and become a pillar in the music industry. Find out more about DJ Chris Angel by visiting his Instagram page. You can also find the links to stream his latest release here.

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