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Dare to Dream: How Van Buketi Actualized His American Dream

It is easy to have lofty dreams, but making the right decisions towards achieving those dreams makes all the difference. One person who understands all the differences is Prospere Buketi, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Van Travel Business, a multi-services company based in the US and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hailing from Congo, Prospere Buketi, also known as Van Buketi, moved to the USA in 2014 to chase the American dream tu of financial freedom. At first, it felt like it would be just a dream, as he could not even find a job at first due to now knowing English. But he persevered and learned the language and finally got his first job as a cleaner in an airplane. Then he moved on to another job as a forklift operator before finding a job as a picker at Walmart, eventually climbing up the ladder to become an HR clerk.

Prospere took a course to become a travel agent and soon started working in his new position. This exposed him to the travel industry. He soon learned enough to start his own company, which is exactly what happened next.

However, it seems his dreams would take a backbench as the COVID-19 global pandemic struck. One of the biggest industries affected was the travel industry. As the world shut down, embassies, hotels, and vacation spots closed. For an instant, Van Buketi was left in a bind, but he was not one to give up on his dreams easily. So he talked to his uncle. Together, they came up with the brilliant idea to combine travel services with other services such as website development, social media management, and dispatch services. 

He established his company, Van Travel Business, where he offers services such as visa orientation, flight booking, hotel reservation, rental, cruises, website design and development, motion and graphic design, entertainment, audiovisual, social media marketing, money transfer worldwide, dispatches truck service, and worldwide shipping with DHL Express. At Van Travel Business, customers are assured of a wholesome experience. 

The company handles all clients’ needs from the get-go, from getting any visa, booking a flight, and booking a hotel or a vacation spot. They also handle car rentals and cruises, ensuring that clients can spend their time as they wish without stressing about the details. 

“Our agents work hard to provide good service, and they are there to work on your budget. As a result, they can get the best deal for you worldwide, be it international or domestic.” In addition to its travel services, Van Travel Business also has a team of experts for websites and motion and graphic designs that ensures quality work at affordable rates. 

They also have a social media management team to help their clients reach more engagement and customers. Every day, Van Buketi draws his motivation from his childhood dream of starting a company.

“My motivation came from myself and my parents because I told myself since I was tiny and even told my friend in high school that I would build my own company. However, none of them believed me until they started seeing my actions,” he shared.

In the coming years, Van Buketi wants to continue providing value to his customers and expand his business.Learn more about Van Buketi and his company, Van Travel Business, by visiting his website and Instagram.

Fighting Misinformation Online

New threats are constantly emerging in the digital era, threats that, unfortunately, existing cyber defense strategies sometimes have little effect against. One such persistent threat is the spread of disinformation campaigns or “fake news” as it’s been coined.

Disinformation is a process in which false information about an individual, group, company or brand is being shared to create a false perception or understanding of facts. Detecting misinformation presents a special challenge as it is fundamentally more difficult than tackling spam.

Whereas anti-spam efforts are mostly automated today, countering disinformation is still very work intensive. It’s not always clear whether content contains misinformation, even to a human reader; it’s necessary to analyze stories to identify manipulative speech and false narratives. There have been advances in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) against fake news, but because it can be biased towards its designers and the input data, AI models still need human input.

Everyone is affected by it. A study conducted by Adverifai shows that Google Ads and Google’s DoubleClick internet advertising company were responsible for 69% of the ads that appeared on fake news sites during January and February of this year. All this despite all Alphabet companies, together with social media platforms, having policies to fight fake news propagation.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter all say they are committed to fighting fake news. Primarily, this takes the form of blocking some publications and preventing the promotion of others, done manually & decided on a case-by-case basis. Facebook hopes to see AI taking a primary role in detecting hate speech on Facebook within the next five to ten years.

Google has said that the company has a strict policy of blocking dangerous and misleading content – the company claims to remove such content and block these sites’ ability to create revenue. Google has also referenced its advertiser controls that give brands the ability to decide where their ads run, including the ability to exclude specific websites or entire topics.

Content recommendation & advertising firms are also taking steps to ensure their platforms cannot be manipulated. Taboola, known for placing sponsored links on publishers’ websites, has also taken steps to halt the spread of misinformation. According to the CEO, Adam Singolda, the company is positioning itself at the forefront of anti-fake news efforts in content moderation. On the company’s content moderation work: “We are one of the world’s leading companies for content moderation, with a team that works manually according to our public policy. We also work with other companies that assist us in our efforts. […] With Taboola everything is public, we have a human team that’s backed by AI and software, and you can always expect us to be consistent.” To that end, Taboola said it plans to invest more than $100m in research and development in 2021.

The latest study shows that, while the big tech companies prevent such content from appearing on their own platforms, there is still significant work needed against sites that use their platforms & capabilities to spread disinformation. The most significant challenges to tackle the spread of disinformation will be in the AI sphere, and the development of new technologies to provide a faster, more agile response against the propagation of fake news.

Groundbreaking Application Interviewly Helps Aspiring Professionals Land Their Dream Jobs

Many people, especially the youth, have careers that they would love to pursue. However, not everyone has the innate ability to handle the interview that comes with the application process skillfully. Because of this, a one-of-a-kind app, Interviewly, was created to help those individuals gain confidence, ace interviews, and land their dream jobs.

The groundbreaking app was made with the mission to help applicants hone their skills. Not only is it an excellent fit for first-time job candidates, but it is also for those who wish to shift into a different industry. Using tried-and-tested training and other strategies, the platform molds aspiring professionals to exude composure which captures the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

The app is a product of the extensive experience and innovative methods of esteemed interview coach Travis C. Patterson. He has seen a demand for a more accessible interview coaching service, so he decided to create Interviewly. 

As an authority in the industry, he is known for his remarkable work in the field, including appearing on various media outlets such as Yahoo! News/Finance, Influencive, NBC, and CBS, as a subject matter expert. He is also the founder of PRR Training & Consulting that specializes in world-renowned Interview Accelerator programs. In addition, the remarkable entrepreneur has also written the best-selling book CoachTCP’s Playbook To Getting An Interview in 24-Hours. As such, users can be assured that they can receive the finest mentorship and guidance.

What makes Interviewly stand out is it provides a customized experience for each user. It works by giving personalized video coaching depending on the interview questions that an applicant needs help with. This targeted approach guarantees that everyone can work on their weak points and turn them into strengths.

In addition, the application gives its clients an easy-to-follow step-by-step strategy that maps out how they can significantly increase their chances of getting a job offer. Most importantly, it widens the horizons of its users by letting them explore other job postings related to their passion.

The program has three parts that ensure the total transformation of an applicant. The first phase is called The Interview Activator, which focuses on helping candidates increase their interviews. The second stage is The Interview Accelerator, which centers around increasing one’s confidence during an interview. Lastly, The Salary Elevator teaches its users how to negotiate salaries and make the most out of their job offers. 

Other features on the Interviewly app is its community for networking and its interview tracker. The tracking feature helps new and existing professionals discover success in career prep and live feedback with coaches like author and expert resume writer Keisha Reed, who align with their life passions. Users also receive live resume review and mock interviews to boost their results from real HR professionals.

Evidently, the outstanding program provides comprehensive solutions to realistic challenges people go through when looking for jobs. As CoachTCP has eloquently summarized, “Our goal with Interviewly is to help job candidates get off of the sidelines and into their dream career. We want all individuals who are currently unemployed, underemployed, or unhappy in their boring jobs to discover new career opportunities or even rejoin the workforce after a period of absence.”The Interviewly mobile app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. To learn more about PRR Training & Consulting, visit its official website.

Shawn Fair Welcomes Inspirational Speaker Judy Amber Hartman Back on his Leadership Experience Tour

After years of influencing the coaching industry, training over 300,000 leaders and speakers across the globe and positively changing lives worldwide, Shawn Fair has found another gem to represent and empower his audience. This time, Shawn brings in the trailblazing entrepreneur Judy Amber Hartman to share her story of trials and triumphs on the latest edition of the Leadership Experience Tour.

Judy Amber Hartman is a trailblazing entrepreneur, United States Army Veteran, healthcare worker, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker and a God-loving mother. As an inspirational speaker hoping to impact the lives of others, Judy helps her audience identify the stumbling blocks in their lives, eliminate the excuses, overcome life’s trials and tribulations, and reinvent their future. 

After working in healthcare for eighteen years, helping those with closed-head brain injuries, she lost her sixteen-year-old daughter to viral meningitis in the blink of an eye. The horrific tragedy led her to a grief group where she found support, among others. However, one day, she saw a new mom walk in, her pain reflected in her eyes, and Judy realized she had had her fill.

“When I saw the pain in her eyes, I looked around and realized that I couldn’t stand to imagine myself years into the future still stuck in a grief group, re-living the worst tragedy of my life over and over again, as others were doing. As painful as it sounded, I needed to move on from that part of my grieving process. God helped me realize that people need to learn how to get ‘unstuck’ just like myself. I had to live again and help others do the same,” she shared.

With her newly-found clarity, Judy Amber was determined to help others make a turnaround in their lives, heal from their tragedies and restore love and faith to them. She shares the stories of her tragic past with others and how her faith in God helped pull her through the depth of hopelessness. She teaches through stories that help people realize the art of transforming their perception to change their relationships and experiences with the world around them. 

“These talks are for anyone who is looking to eliminate excuses to reimagine their life by changing their mindset to limitless possibilities to succeed at whatever they set their mind to. Also, anyone who is fighting their faith because of life’s hardships—the death of a loved one, divorce, struggling for independence, feeling isolated, low self-confidence, and for the person who may be contemplating suicide,” she explained. 

In the coming years, Judy Amber wants to continue helping others while expanding her career as a coach. “I see myself as a spiritual life coach, well-known speaker and author, and connecting with like-minded people who not only want to make the changes in their own lives but also help others make those changes as well. It would be an honor, especially working with Tony Robbins or Trent Sheldon. Who knows, maybe even talk with Oprah on an episode of Super Soul Sunday,” she stated. 

To learn more about Judy Amber and her journey to eliminating excuses, visit her website.

DJ Chris Angel Shares About the Power of Investing in One’s Ideas

While trying to pursue success actively, so many become engrossed in gaining the support of other people. And while earning admiration is excellent, insightful musician Christian Younan realizes that it is far more essential to invest in his ideas. After all, before others can see the value of his work, he must first believe in and advocate for himself.

The gifted disc jockey who goes by the artist name DJ Chris Angel is making waves in the entertainment and party scene for his innate musical prowess. However, most people do not know that before he started making a name in the industry, he had to conquer several hurdles.

The young man did not have the best childhood. He even felt that his circumstances forced him to grow up at an early age. And at the back of his mind, he knew that something had to change.

When he was 14 years old, he started working by watering plants for a coffee shop. By the time he turned 16, he had to balance two jobs at a fast food joint and a music store on top of his studies. 

Throughout his hardships, what helped him get by was his interest in scratching and experimenting with music. Motivated by his newfound passion, he worked various jobs so he could save up enough money to buy music equipment and old records. At 16 years old, this was his very first act of investing in his dream.

The dedicated individual used to be part of the high school football team, but he often skipped and worked on his craft instead of staying to practice. He also had long hair, and as a result, his teammates gave him the nickname Chris Angel, which has stuck ever since.

Aside from the adversities he encountered in his youth, DJ Chris Angel also experienced a significant setback in adulthood. After leaving the US military to continue pursuing his career as a disc jockey, he suffered from depression and social anxiety. The debilitating conditions have severely impacted the performer’s ability to appear in large crowds.

Nevertheless, the talented DJ persevered and worked hard to overcome his situation. Now, DJ Chris Angel has established himself as one of the most promising musicians of his time.

Because of his excellent tracks, the professional musician has amassed a considerable following. Through his unique sound, he has captured the attention of music enthusiasts, festival goers, electronic fans, and bass lovers worldwide. On top of that, he keeps his fans and listeners guessing by creating highly diverse music.

Recently, he has dropped his latest track, “Dakati.” The single is available for streaming on all music platforms alongside his other releases.

DJ Chris Angel’s massive success is a testament that people should not be afraid to invest in their ideas. By following this principle, the talented young man was able to scale his success to greater heights. In the future, the multi-talented disc jockey plans to continue creating more songs and become a pillar in the music industry. Find out more about DJ Chris Angel by visiting his Instagram page. You can also find the links to stream his latest release here.

Hip-Hop Artist Yung Dub D Sheds Light on His Rise and How He Developed His Onstage Persona

As more stars are emerging daily, the level of competition in the music industry has increased tenfold, making it difficult for aspiring musicians to break out. With challenges scattered along the road to recognition and fame, many potential artists often throw in the towel too early, losing out the opportunity to reach their goals. However, perseverance can be rewarding as rising hip-hop artist and rapper Yung Dub D has found. If not for his determination to carve his own path, the world would not have had the chance to listen to tracks like “Core,” “Put It All On Me,” “I Agree,” and so much more.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Kedric Dewon Battee has made a name for himself as an extraordinary talent under the stage name Yung Dub D. The rising musician is known for his passion for his craft, which can be reflected in his heartfelt lyrics. Although he has only started out, Yung Dub D has already amassed thousands of fans worldwide. The artist has also collaborated with a number of artists in the industry, performing alongside the likes of DJ Cinemax, DJ Mad Lurk, DJ Official, and DJ Tom Cruise, to name a few.

Many of Yung Dub D’s lyrics give listeners an idea of the trials and tribulations that the musician went through in his life. At 6 years old, he lost his father, and it was the pain of losing a loved one that inspired him to pursue such a career. Even when he started to gain more recognition, Yung Dub D never lost sight of the man who meant the world to him.

“I came up with ‘Yung Dub D’ because I am a double of my father,” the musician explained. “Even though he is deceased, I know he is still with me on my journey. I feel like my first name should have been Donald. Moreover, my middle name is Dewon, so that’s where Dub D comes in.”

Like many in the industry, Yung Dub D cites Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Lil Wayne as his primary influences. “They have been the reason for me taking up music and pursuing it seriously,” he said. “These music geniuses have been known to express distinct feelings through their songs, which have motivated me ‘til no end.”

Yung Dub D started to actively pursue his musical career in 2014, creating mixtapes and recording with a group called Check Life. He would later produce records for one of the group members. By 2017, Yung Dub D started to go solo. Thanks to his early works, the artist was able to start a new career to instant acclaim, gaining thousands of views and streams across multiple major platforms. He has also been featured in various hip-hop publications. 

Since pursuing a solo career, Yung Dub D has released multiple mixtapes and albums, including tracks like “Put It All On Me,” “In My Head,” “What You Gonna Do,” and “Alligator Lizard,” among many more.

With his career on the rise, Yung Dub D hopes to elevate his career even further and become one of the top artists in the industry, inspiring other aspiring artists to persevere and obtain their goals.Stay updated with Yung Dub D’s latest tracks by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out his new music video for “Codes” and his new mixtape.