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Chicago’s Own Sarantos Offers Resilient Theme of Renewal “Starting Over”

Photo Courtesy: Sarantos

Sarantos’s latest single, “Starting Over,” offers a profound narrative on resilience and the human capacity for renewal amidst adversity. This song, draped in a tapestry of multiple genres—pop, EDM, Latin fusion, jazz, and classical—crafts an eclectic auditory experience that mirrors the tumultuous yet hopeful journey of starting anew. Sarantos’s ability to blend such diverse musical styles into a cohesive piece speaks volumes of his creative prowess and adventurous spirit in exploring soundscapes that reflect the emotional depth of his lyrics.

The lyrics themselves serve as a beacon of hope, addressing the universal trials we face and the inner strength required to surmount them. The opening verse, “Not every day / Leads to a rainbow / Not every hurricane / Is meant for you,” immediately sets the tone, acknowledging the inevitability of hardships while also hinting at the transient nature of bad luck. The chorus, with its simple yet potent message, “Starting Over / It’s ok if you have to,” serves as the heart of the song, encouraging listeners to embrace the possibility of beginning again despite past setbacks.

What’s particularly compelling about “Starting Over” is how it captures the essence of human vulnerability and the courage to overcome it. The lines, “I didn’t live my dreams / Because I was too busy living my fears,” reveal a deeply personal struggle that many can relate to—the battle between our aspirations and the fears that hold us back. Yet, Sarantos doesn’t leave the listener in despair; instead, he offers solace and solidarity, promising that just as he has risen above his fears, so too can the listener.

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Musically, “Starting Over” is a testament to Sarantos’s ingenuity and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre conventions. This fusion not only showcases his versatility as a musician but also enhances the song’s thematic message of transformation and renewal. Each musical element, from the uplifting pop melodies to the rhythmic pulses of EDM and the warm undertones of Latin fusion, jazz, and classical arrangements, serves to elevate the emotional resonance of the lyrics, making the song an immersive experience.

Sarantos’s description of the song as an “inspirational anthem with a catchy chorus” and a “multi-genre song” is spot-on, reflecting his enthusiasm for creative experimentation and his dedication to crafting songs that resonate on a personal level with his audience. His remark, “Being creative and doing things no one else has done is so much fun,” encapsulates the spirit of “Starting Over”—a spirited embrace of new beginnings, not just in life’s journey, but in the creative process itself.

“Starting Over” is a brilliant addition to Sarantos’s discography, embodying the artist’s unique blend of heartfelt storytelling and musical innovation. For those navigating their own moments of renewal or seeking a musical embrace that understands the complexities of starting over, Sarantos’s latest single is a beacon of light in the vast seas of music.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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