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Schär Leads Celiac Awareness with New Innovations

Schär Leads Celiac Awareness with New Innovations

Schär Leads Celiac Awareness Month Advocating For Gluten-Free Innovation and Community Engagement

Schär Leads Celiac Awareness with New Innovations

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Swedesboro, NJ / May 2024 / As Celiac Awareness Month unfolds this May, Schär, a prominent global innovator in gluten-free food, prepares to commemorate the occasion by engaging in various endeavors aimed at heightening awareness, fostering support within the celiac disease community, and highlighting their ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of research and education in the realm of gluten-related ailments.

Celiac Awareness Month serves as a crucial period for individuals and entities to unite in bolstering comprehension and assistance for those grappling with celiac disease. Schär proudly aligns with campaigns spearheaded by the Celiac Disease Foundation and the National Celiac Association, such as the “Shine a Light on Celiac Disease” initiative and the iCureCeliac Patient Registry campaign. These endeavors seek to cast a spotlight on celiac disease, generate funds for research, and furnish resources for individuals impacted by the condition.

Beyond lending support to these initiatives, Schär actively participates in Digestive Disease Week (DDW), held annually in May in Washington, D.C. This premier conference convenes gastroenterologists, researchers, and other healthcare professionals to delve into the latest breakthroughs in gastrointestinal nutrition and celiac disease research. Schär’s product range will be showcased at the Celiac Disease Foundation booth, enabling attendees to sample their delectable and nutritious gluten-free offerings.

Celiac Awareness Month holds profound significance for Schär, a company steadfast in its mission to furnish scrumptious and safe gluten-free alternatives. For Schär, this period presents an opportunity to spotlight celiac disease awareness and underscore their ongoing commitment to bolstering the celiac community while propelling innovations in gluten-free fare.

During DDW, Schär will participate in the annual Society for the Study of Celiac Disease meeting, facilitating interaction with preeminent experts and researchers in the field. This forum serves as a valuable platform for Schär to stay abreast of the latest advancements in celiac disease research and contribute to discussions on enhancing diagnosis, treatment, and management of the condition.

In line with their dedication to education and support, Schär will conduct product giveaways throughout the month, offering individuals the chance to sample their premium gluten-free products. These giveaways not only provide delectable gluten-free options but also underscore Schär’s commitment to simplifying and enhancing the gluten-free lifestyle for all.

In tandem with their involvement in Celiac Awareness Month activities, Schär maintains its focus on innovation, persistently striving to introduce novel and enhanced gluten-free products tailored to the diverse needs and preferences of their clientele. Through collaborations with leading organizations and ongoing research and development endeavors, Schär continues to lead the charge in gluten-free food innovation.

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About Schär

For over a century, Dr. Schär’s mission has revolved around enhancing the lives of individuals with distinct nutritional requirements. Dr. Schär USA, Inc. remains steadfast in providing delectable gluten-free fare to the celiac, gluten-sensitive, and IBS communities—delivering a safe, flavorsome, and high-quality array of gluten-free products. With over 20,000 outlets across the US and a presence in prominent retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Sprouts, Whole Foods, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop, Schär offers an extensive product portfolio encompassing bread, cookies, candy, crackers, and frozen items, including puff pastry dough and croissants! The introduction of soy-free Artisan Baker Breads further underscores the commitment to instilling trust among consumers with food allergies.

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