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Deep Plane Facelift Chicago: Dr. David Hill at Fulcrum Aesthetics

Deep Plane Facelift Chicago Dr. David Hill
Photo Courtesy: Dr. David Hill

By: Maria Williams

In the evolving world of cosmetic surgery, facelift procedures have dramatically improved from the rudimentary techniques of the past which often left patients with tight, unnatural appearances. Today, Dr. David Hill of Fulcrum Aesthetics in Chicago is at the forefront of a groundbreaking approach known as the deep plane facelift. Unlike traditional methods that simply tighten the skin, this advanced technique delves deeper, targeting the structural layers beneath the facial muscles for more natural and enduring results.

“Traditional facelifts primarily address the superficial layers, which can lead to short-term improvements. However, by engaging the deeper structural components of the face and neck, the deep plane lift provides a more comprehensive and lasting rejuvenation,” explains Dr. Hill. This procedure begins by carefully manipulating the tissues from under the face muscles, then meticulously repositioning both skin and muscle to enhance the facial contour and jawline.

The deep plane facelift is particularly effective in restoring a youthful structure to the face, often reversing the sagging and roundness that come with age to recreate a sought-after heart-shaped face. This technique’s popularity is partly fueled by celebrity endorsements and the visibly transformative results it achieves, which are regularly celebrated in social and professional circles.

At Fulcrum Aesthetics, the approach to facelifts is complemented by a comprehensive suite of both surgical and non-surgical options. Brittony Croasdell, Dr. Hill’s wife and the clinical director of the clinic, oversees the non-surgical treatments. With her background in emergency medicine, she brings a critical, fast-paced, problem-solving skill set to aesthetic medicine. “My experience in the emergency room has been instrumental in managing complications and tailoring preemptive plans for our patients’ aesthetic journeys,” she remarks.

Croasdell’s transition from acute care to aesthetics has equipped her with a unique perspective on patient care, emphasizing the importance of understanding each patient’s individual needs and health care background thoroughly before proposing a treatment plan. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that all procedures are tailored to fit the specific goals and medical profiles of their patients.

Dr. Hill and his team are dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of surgical advancements. “We continuously integrate the latest scientific research and surgical techniques to ensure our procedures are not only effective but also safe and reliable,” Dr. Hill notes. This commitment to innovation is matched by a robust educational approach, where patients are thoroughly informed about the benefits and risks of their chosen procedures, promoting informed decisions and enhanced satisfaction.

The clinic’s philosophy extends beyond surgeries to encompass a holistic view of beauty and wellness. “We offer everything from skin treatments like microneedling and laser resurfacing to comprehensive surgical procedures. This allows us to meet a wide range of patient needs and preferences within a single location,” explains Dr. Hill. The convenience and continuity of care provided by housing, which offers such a diverse range of services under one roof, set Fulcrum Aesthetics apart in the competitive landscape of cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, the team at Fulcrum Aesthetics comprises highly skilled professionals including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and licensed aestheticians. Together, they create a supportive and skilled environment, ensuring each patient receives personalized and expert care. The office staff also plays a crucial role, expertly managing the logistics and patient flow to maintain a seamless operation.

Under the leadership of Dr. Hill and Brittony Croasdell, Fulcrum Aesthetics not only offers cutting-edge aesthetic procedures but also fosters an atmosphere of care and trust. Their mission to meld the art and science of beauty with safety and precision makes them a beacon of innovation and care in Chicago’s aesthetic medicine community. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each patient not only achieves the cosmetic results they desire but does so in a safe, welcoming, and professional environment.


Published by: Khy Talara

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