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20 Azerbaijani Achievers Earn Certificates from the University of Michigan

The concluding session of the project titled “Fake Off: Advancing Media Skills” recently took place, organized by the Public Support Agency for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with financial support from the Innovations in Support of Public Initiatives Association. The project involved social media experts, bloggers, activists, and community members who gathered to discuss and enhance their skills in combating fake news and promoting media literacy.

The event began with an opening statement by Abbas Panahov, the coordinator of the Innovations in Support of Public Initiatives Association. Panahov emphasized the importance of addressing security issues related to fake news on social media platforms and provided a brief overview of the upcoming training sessions.

The training sessions were conducted by Orkhan Rzayev, the CEO of Mediamark Digital, a prominent digital marketing company. Rzayev delved into the realm of digital marketing and the challenges posed by fake news. Participants were treated to an extensive and insightful training session that explored various strategies to combat misinformation and promote responsible social media usage.

One of the key highlights of the project was the collaboration with, a renowned online education platform. Through this partnership, 20 active participants successfully completed an online course offered by the University of Michigan, earning valuable certificates in the process. This achievement not only enriched their knowledge but also added credibility to their profiles as individuals committed to media literacy and responsible social media practices.

The “Fake Off” project aimed to address the growing concern of misinformation and fake news on social media platforms, which have become potent tools for disseminating false information. In an era where information spreads rapidly and effortlessly, the need for media literacy and critical thinking skills has never been more crucial. Here are some of the key takeaways from the project’s conclusion:

  1. Understanding the Impact of Fake News: Participants gained insights into how fake news can influence public opinion, fuel misinformation, and even incite social unrest. Recognizing the potential harm caused by false information was a crucial step in the training.
  1. Fact-Checking Techniques: The project equipped participants with the necessary tools to identify and verify the accuracy of information. Fact-checking techniques, credible sources, and online resources for verifying news were explored extensively.
  2. Promoting Media Literacy: Media literacy was at the core of the project’s objectives. Participants learned how to critically assess information, discern credible sources from unreliable ones, and differentiate between opinions and facts.
  1. Ethical Social Media Use: Responsible social media usage was emphasized throughout the training. Participants were encouraged to be vigilant about the content they share and to refrain from spreading unverified information.
  2. Collaborative Learning: The collaboration with allowed participants to access high-quality educational resources and earn certificates, adding value to their profiles and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

The “Fake Off” project not only addressed the immediate issue of fake news but also fostered a community of informed and responsible social media users. It served as a testament to the power of collaboration between governmental agencies, NGOs, and private sector entities in tackling contemporary challenges.

In conclusion, the successful conclusion of the “Fake Off” project is a significant step towards promoting media literacy and combating misinformation in Baku, Azerbaijan. As social media continues to evolve, it is imperative that individuals and communities are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate this digital landscape responsibly. The knowledge and experiences gained through this project will undoubtedly contribute to a more informed and discerning society, better prepared to face the challenges of the digital age. The “Fake Off” project is trying to create a community of responsible social media users.


Anthony Harris Hosting Free Youth Football Camp

Anthony Harris is continuing to impact lives wherever he goes. Most recently, he and his foundation revealed that they will be hosting a free youth football camp in Richmond, Virginia. 

The camp is currently listed to last for a few hours, with the current timeline having it kick off at 10 AM and wrap up around 2 PM. The date is set for July 7th, 2023 as well. Anybody that would like to go would have to be located in the Richmond area and would need to fit into the age requirement. The age range says that they will be welcoming children that span ages eight to 16. Register Now Here

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to simply walk onto the field and start participating. This free youth camp does have a registration period that people will need to complete to let them know that you will be arriving. From the listings, they seem to be expecting at least 300 at-risk children in the Richmond area, though it definitely could wind up being more than they anticipate. On top of that, the Anthony Harris Foundation website states “Annually the foundation puts on two camps for boys and girls” which could mean that they are either separated into two different camps, or another youth camp can be on the horizon. 

Visit Anthony Harris Foundation’s Official Instagram (@anthony_harris_foundation)

As much as there’s a possibility that over 300 children show up, there is a limit on how many people will be able to come. The foundation posted about this free camp on their social media pages and stated, “Registration opens up June 20th and filled up quickly last year! Don’t miss out!” Clearly, there is a limit as to how many people can be let in, with the expectation around 300. The post also states that registration opens on June 20th, and there is a QR code included on the post which can take you straight to the form you need to fill out.  

Anthony Harris Hosting Free Youth Football Camp

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Across all social media posts, the foundations website, and from what Anthony Harris himself has said regarding this camp, it’s a labor of love to the community. Watching Harris take the time to visit his hometown and provide such a wonderful opportunity to so many children who might need it is unbelievably honorable. You’ll be able to catch up with the camp at River City Middle School, which is located at 6300 Hull Street Road. Of course, you will need to be registered and meet the age requirements to be able to participate. 

It was briefly touched upon earlier but this is an annual event. Harris has hosted this free youth camp in the past, including last year. If you happen to be busy throughout the registration period or on the date of the camp itself, don’t worry. There could be more spots open next year if Anthony returns to host this camp once more in what could be the same location. The same offer stands to those who might lose a spot due to registration filling up too quickly. 

Register Here & Get Free Lunch Included 

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Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson Attract Attention With Skills Clinic

Clayton, NC – A skills clinic being led by Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson are combining the game of basketball and ministry to reach players in the Raleigh area for Christ.

Former Asbury University guard and lead trainer for Rusch Skills Academy, Mason Rusch started Rusch Skills Academy in 2019 and Ryan Goodson is known for working with a number of NBA stars like Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, Mac Mclung, and more.

They both have similar passions, and that’s teaching the game of basketball and sharing their faith. Mason told us, “I couldn’t be more excited about this. Yes, Ryan is a great trainer, but more importantly, Ryan keeps Christ at the forefront of his training, and that’s what I appreciate the most about him. He will be sharing his testimony at the clinic, and I can’t wait for the players to hear it.”

The clinic has received a lot of attention and sold out within 24 hours of the sign-up link being posted. “I sent out the link and had to shut it back down pretty quick. Parents were quick to jump on it when they heard that Ryan was coming into town.”

Ryan is a sought-after skills trainer because of his dynamic training style. On Ryan’s website, in the “About Ryan” section, it states, “Ryan Goodson is a world-renowned Coach, Author and TV Personality. Since 2009, he has trained more than 25,000 players from youth to the professional levels and has conducted camps in 30 states and 8 countries. Goodson is widely sought after to direct youth basketball camps across the globe because of his engaging teaching style and dynamic demonstrations. Goodson directed the Stephen Curry Skills Academy in 2011 and is consistently contracted to direct events for the prestigious United States Basketball Association. In addition to being a coach, Goodson has authored a best-selling book entitled, ‘Basketball Essentials’ that is sold in all major retailers. To date, it has sold over 5,000 copies and has been translated into Spanish, Greek and Chinese.” Ryan’s credentials are remarkable.

“The players are in for a treat,” Mason told us. “Me and Ryan have prepared a lot for the players coming, and it’s going to be a challenging night for them. Since Ryan will be on our turf here in Clayton, I’m giving him full authority to run the whole night. My job will just be to help organize it and teach where needed.” Mason told us that another cool thing about the clinic is that all twenty players that signed up are from Rusch Skills Academy. “All of the players coming are a part of Rusch Skills Academy, which makes this even more special to me.”

Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson engaged with the players well. One of the parents whose athlete was in attendance told us, “Ryan did a great job at connecting with the kids. Some of my favorite parts of the clinic were when Ryan would have everyone sit down in the middle, and he would share a story from his training career.”

Rusch Skills Academy let Ryan take full lead of the clinic because Mason told us, “When me and Ryan were planning the clinic, he asked if I wanted to take a segment to teach. I was quick to turn his offer down! The players from Rusch Skills Academy hear from me enough; it’s nice for them to be able to hear from an outsider every once and awhile.”

Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson will continue to have an impact on players’ lives as long as they’re in the training industry. To close, we asked Mason if he ever thought Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan would ever team up again, and he said, “I guess we will have to see, certainly couldn’t see why not.”

How REAP Inc.’s Intuitive Programs Level the Playing Field for the Underprivileged Youth

Even though most people dream of a society with a level playing field, the reality remains that not everyone has equal opportunities. Statistics show that many of those who come from poverty will accomplish significantly less than those who are born into affluent families. Aware of this, one inspiring venture based in Portland has been dedicated to helping the youth from low-income communities find success.

Since its inception in 2001, REAP Inc. has offered services designed to mold resilient and empowered leaders who are not afraid to go after their dreams. Most recently, the enterprise has shifted its focus on helping school communities wherein a significant number of families are in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speakers.

What motivated the brand to pursue such noble advocacy is its realization that children of these families often face the most challenging experience in navigating school and life. As such, REAP Inc. has developed intuitive subjects and modules that are rooted in five key facets: Leadership, Student Voice, Cooperative Management (Conflict Resolution), and Entrepreneurship. 

The organization thoroughly explained, “The REAP Solution program is a 10-month leadership curriculum open to students from all backgrounds and cultures. The curriculum provides an extensive series of interactive leadership modules focused on civics, education, health, business, and entrepreneurship. In addition, program offerings are focused on specialized, applied learning approaches emphasizing writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry.”

Because of its incredible courses, its students learn leadership skills both in school and the community. Specifically, it helps them cultivate a strong set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and teamwork. On top of that, REAP has a Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP, which “creates opportunities for students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth to become self-sufficient.”

Aside from its well-thought-out programs, what makes the organization stand out is its flexibility and versatility. It had demonstrated an incredible commitment to innovation, especially during the pandemic when it had to adapt to various changes quickly. Looking back on the experience, the venture proudly shared, ” Transitioning REAP programs to a virtual setting has been costly, but 100% worth it for our students. Donations play an integral role in helping us to maintain, develop, and strengthen the quality of our online offerings.”

Given this, REAP Inc. is hoping to connect with more groups or individuals, including federal funders, CEOs, philanthropists, social change agents and organizations, NGOs, and donors who share the same vision of guiding the youth towards success. 

Moving forward, the company intends to broaden its horizons and reach a wider audience so it can help change more lives. In line with this goal, the organization is already planning on expanding to new districts and states. In addition, it is working on creating world-class eLearning and afterschool programs. Above all, it hopes to continue its advocacy of building strong youth leaders who can create a more progressive future. 

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REAP Upholds Mission to Empower Youth, Maintains Momentum Throughout Transition to Virtual Space

Empowering the youth is crucial to having a bright future, and REAP is ensuring that everyone gets their fair chance of gaining the leadership training they need to excel in whatever and whoever they choose to be. Founded in 2001, the nonprofit organization is on a mission to ignite, elevate, and engage youth worldwide by exposing them to new people and possibilities, enriching their perspective by broadening their horizons, and shaping them to be well-rounded members of their communities. 

REAP is a year-round multicultural youth leadership program that aims to empower and raise the next wave of leaders that will shape the world. The program was established to build and elevate communities by working with students in grades 3rd through 12th, especially those coming from marginalized student populations. REAP carries out its mission through civic engagement, entrepreneurship, and cooperative management for them to hone a better future. Over the years, the program has equipped more than 1000 students every year and has been playing an active role in seeing that the youth reaches their maximum potential through innovative methods of instilling leadership.

In its recent transition to the virtual setting, REAP focused on maximizing the strengths of its ideologies and adapting to the virtual world without compromising or leaving any detail to chance. REAP has relied on donations to carry out its initiatives for students to nurture their leadership potential, and it continued to do so when it pivoted its programs to the virtual space. Although the leap has been costly, REAP did its best to ensure that the program still delivers nothing but the best for its students.

“Donations play an integral role in helping us to maintain, develop, and strengthen the quality of our online offerings,” shared Charity Brown of REAP. 

In addition, REAP aims to maintain the traction it has garnered among communities and further expand its reach now that they have engaged with the digital space. The program has served students across multiple locations, and the chances of it doing more now with the virtual setting carries a high possibility. Virtual leadership programs have been proven as effective as physically executed programs, and REAP is justifying the idea further as it teaches students to elevate their voices, empower youth leaders with a global mindset, expand their innovation towards entrepreneurship, and engage them in cooperative management.

“Finding purpose and intention is challenging when you’re uninspired,” shared Charity Brown, when asked why empowerment should be coupled with inspiring students to push themselves beyond their self-imposed boundaries. “However, purpose and intention can be significant driving factors that propel students to success, making it vital to launch the next wave of leaders.”

The global pandemic has greatly contributed to REAP’s decision to switch to virtual modes of learning after seeing how it heightened racism, poverty, inequity, and social justice.

“There’s so much work to be done, and much of it, moving forward,” said Charity Brown.

REAP highlights that everyone can make a difference and contribute to global developments once equipped with the right tools and leadership mindset. 

Over the next five years, REAP aims to implement a nationwide leadership program across schools and a range of students through a comprehensive online leadership academy. The organization also targets to help disadvantaged youth across the globe, specifically in Africa, India, and the Middle East.

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