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Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson Attract Attention With Skills Clinic

Clayton, NC – A skills clinic being led by Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson are combining the game of basketball and ministry to reach players in the Raleigh area for Christ.

Former Asbury University guard and lead trainer for Rusch Skills Academy, Mason Rusch started Rusch Skills Academy in 2019 and Ryan Goodson is known for working with a number of NBA stars like Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, Mac Mclung, and more.

They both have similar passions, and that’s teaching the game of basketball and sharing their faith. Mason told us, “I couldn’t be more excited about this. Yes, Ryan is a great trainer, but more importantly, Ryan keeps Christ at the forefront of his training, and that’s what I appreciate the most about him. He will be sharing his testimony at the clinic, and I can’t wait for the players to hear it.”

The clinic has received a lot of attention and sold out within 24 hours of the sign-up link being posted. “I sent out the link and had to shut it back down pretty quick. Parents were quick to jump on it when they heard that Ryan was coming into town.”

Ryan is a sought-after skills trainer because of his dynamic training style. On Ryan’s website, in the “About Ryan” section, it states, “Ryan Goodson is a world-renowned Coach, Author and TV Personality. Since 2009, he has trained more than 25,000 players from youth to the professional levels and has conducted camps in 30 states and 8 countries. Goodson is widely sought after to direct youth basketball camps across the globe because of his engaging teaching style and dynamic demonstrations. Goodson directed the Stephen Curry Skills Academy in 2011 and is consistently contracted to direct events for the prestigious United States Basketball Association. In addition to being a coach, Goodson has authored a best-selling book entitled, ‘Basketball Essentials’ that is sold in all major retailers. To date, it has sold over 5,000 copies and has been translated into Spanish, Greek and Chinese.” Ryan’s credentials are remarkable.

“The players are in for a treat,” Mason told us. “Me and Ryan have prepared a lot for the players coming, and it’s going to be a challenging night for them. Since Ryan will be on our turf here in Clayton, I’m giving him full authority to run the whole night. My job will just be to help organize it and teach where needed.” Mason told us that another cool thing about the clinic is that all twenty players that signed up are from Rusch Skills Academy. “All of the players coming are a part of Rusch Skills Academy, which makes this even more special to me.”

Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson engaged with the players well. One of the parents whose athlete was in attendance told us, “Ryan did a great job at connecting with the kids. Some of my favorite parts of the clinic were when Ryan would have everyone sit down in the middle, and he would share a story from his training career.”

Rusch Skills Academy let Ryan take full lead of the clinic because Mason told us, “When me and Ryan were planning the clinic, he asked if I wanted to take a segment to teach. I was quick to turn his offer down! The players from Rusch Skills Academy hear from me enough; it’s nice for them to be able to hear from an outsider every once and awhile.”

Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan Goodson will continue to have an impact on players’ lives as long as they’re in the training industry. To close, we asked Mason if he ever thought Rusch Skills Academy and Ryan would ever team up again, and he said, “I guess we will have to see, certainly couldn’t see why not.”

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