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How REAP Inc.’s Intuitive Programs Level the Playing Field for the Underprivileged Youth

Even though most people dream of a society with a level playing field, the reality remains that not everyone has equal opportunities. Statistics show that many of those who come from poverty will accomplish significantly less than those who are born into affluent families. Aware of this, one inspiring venture based in Portland has been dedicated to helping the youth from low-income communities find success.

Since its inception in 2001, REAP Inc. has offered services designed to mold resilient and empowered leaders who are not afraid to go after their dreams. Most recently, the enterprise has shifted its focus on helping school communities wherein a significant number of families are in challenging economic circumstances and non-English speakers.

What motivated the brand to pursue such noble advocacy is its realization that children of these families often face the most challenging experience in navigating school and life. As such, REAP Inc. has developed intuitive subjects and modules that are rooted in five key facets: Leadership, Student Voice, Cooperative Management (Conflict Resolution), and Entrepreneurship. 

The organization thoroughly explained, “The REAP Solution program is a 10-month leadership curriculum open to students from all backgrounds and cultures. The curriculum provides an extensive series of interactive leadership modules focused on civics, education, health, business, and entrepreneurship. In addition, program offerings are focused on specialized, applied learning approaches emphasizing writing, speaking, reading, and inquiry.”

Because of its incredible courses, its students learn leadership skills both in school and the community. Specifically, it helps them cultivate a strong set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, negotiation, and teamwork. On top of that, REAP has a Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP, which “creates opportunities for students to unleash their innovation and explore ways to create their own wealth to become self-sufficient.”

Aside from its well-thought-out programs, what makes the organization stand out is its flexibility and versatility. It had demonstrated an incredible commitment to innovation, especially during the pandemic when it had to adapt to various changes quickly. Looking back on the experience, the venture proudly shared, ” Transitioning REAP programs to a virtual setting has been costly, but 100% worth it for our students. Donations play an integral role in helping us to maintain, develop, and strengthen the quality of our online offerings.”

Given this, REAP Inc. is hoping to connect with more groups or individuals, including federal funders, CEOs, philanthropists, social change agents and organizations, NGOs, and donors who share the same vision of guiding the youth towards success. 

Moving forward, the company intends to broaden its horizons and reach a wider audience so it can help change more lives. In line with this goal, the organization is already planning on expanding to new districts and states. In addition, it is working on creating world-class eLearning and afterschool programs. Above all, it hopes to continue its advocacy of building strong youth leaders who can create a more progressive future. 

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