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Tara Roe on Keeping the Faith and Pushing Forward

People who are thrown the hardest punches in life are those who would soon wear those blows as badges of faith and dignity. These are the people who understand that getting the wind knocked out of them is the only way for their lungs to taste the breath of fresh air.  And Tara Roe, a well-regarded beacon of hope, proves that passing a trial by fire is one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences one can go through. By overcoming the ordeals and hardships life has handed her, she shows that she can survive anything.  Tara’s life has been

Bella Ballerina Is Natalie Perkins’ Studio for Young Ballerinas and Business Opportunity for Women

Creativity is such an important thing that children need to grow up with. It gives them the opportunity to try out new ideas and gives them new ways to solve problems. Having creative activities allows children to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage self-expression, but it also helps build character and confidence. There are many ways to project creativity, and for many girls, dance is one of the best outlets. Although dance studios are typically a go-to business idea for some entrepreneurs, and starting up may be a challenge, entrepreneur Natalie Perkins’ dance studio has succeeded and managed to thrive. She

Trailblazer Life Coach Jordan Hardgrave Changes Lives and Helps People Heal From Trauma

Going into business without any prior experience is intimidating and scary, which is why some people make sure to secure college degrees and initial experience in business before partaking. But not for Jordan Hardgrave, who took a leap of faith that paid off immensely. Through his online course for mental health, Jordan is breaking the expectations of everyone by earning impressive passive income for his family and transforming the lives of thousands around the world with no business experience. As a Certified Life Coach through the National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (NACBT) and a Certified Trauma-Support Specialist through the

How Ethan Donati Went From Crippling Social Anxiety To Speaking In Front Of Thousands Of Strangers

From a shy boy to a successful speaker with hundreds of clients worldwide, Ethan Donati has made his mark in the digital marketing and seminar industry. Through neuromarketing, he changed both his own life and the lives of rising business owners. Ethan Donati utilizes a technique, Neuromarketing, (which is a combination of neuroscience and marketing to assess a customer’s response to products, packaging, advertising), that stands out from his competitor’s approach. He and his team pay much attention to the science behind what consumers want. Donati’s company is also a seamless and elegant cross between a digital marketing agency and

Daffner and Associates, P.C., Leveling the Legal Playing Field

When the going gets tough, it’s always good to have someone reliable by your side. This premise is especially true when it comes to legal matters. And that’s what law firm Daffner and Associates, P.C. promises to be: a partner by the people’s side through their toughest challenges. 2020’s leading law firm is a Pittsburgh-based practice that has represented thousands of individuals and businesses. They have worked through legal battles in both state and federal courts for many years. Attorney Marc Daffner founded the firm in 1993. Marc has handled the majority of complex legal matters that have gone  through

MB Coffee Group Produces Quality Arabica Coffee for the World to Enjoy

When it comes to quality Arabica coffee, MB Coffee Group from Brazil remains the world’s top grower and exporter. In its 100th year this 2020, the company is raising the bar by exploring new possibilities and opportunities to bring the business forward to achieve even greater feats. Now that the quarantine restrictions are slowly easing up, the company is once again poised to conquer the coffee industry by connecting to more clients and retailers around the world.  In Brazil, MB Coffee Group remains the leading company that distributes not only exceptional Arabica coffee but also soybeans and sugarcane. With over

Dr. Adel Quttainah Advances Aesthetics Surgery and Medicine Services to the Next Level

Even before reaching the aesthetic industry’s heights, Dr. Adel Quttainah achieved the necessary experience brought by time, perseverance, and passion. As an internationally equipped doctor, he is on a mission to scale aesthetic surgery and medicine services to a whole new level. Dr. Adel Quttainah follows a holistic approach while taking notice of every small detail and procedure. For years, people have been making efforts to care for themselves and search for the best doctors to fulfill their aesthetic needs. This usually involves jumping from one hospital, clinic, and center to another. But with Dr. Adel’s help, all of the

Lexi Hill Shares Some Tips on How to Succeed in the Fields of Advertising and Marketing

At the heart of every successful venture is an entrepreneur clothed with a well-nurtured set of skills coupled with an unwavering determination to further one’s enterprise. To put it simply, success in the realms of business lies with those whose disposition in life is to continuously persevere. And as someone who knows the actual value of tenacity, Lexi Hill shares that the first step towards success in the business is to equip oneself with the needed competencies that one’s chosen industry demands. Now, as she zeroes in towards the peak of her uphill battles in refining herself, she begins to

Dream Body Sculpting Helps Other People Achieve Their Dream Bodies in Non-Invasive Ways

Everybody has certain fitness goals that they aspire to, especially in these difficult times, where one’s health is their number 1 defense against the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, Dream Body Sculpting is here to provide the best quality service that shapes the body of men and women into what they love while helping them maintain a lifestyle that they can enjoy. Dream Body Sculpting was established by Christina Perez in 2015 with two locations, namely Kennesaw, Georgia, and Naples, Florida. Perez is a fully licensed esthetician with a certification in ultrasound cavitation/radiofrequency. She has been working with body contouring machines since

Deering Dental Pioneers Patient-Centered Services in Miami

There’s one place in Miami where one does not have to pay skyrocketing prices to be treated like a VIP. Deering Dental offers a one-of-a-kind experience that has patients leaving their practice with a great smile.  Found right in front of the historic Deering Estate, Deering Dental started with a young girl’s dream to become a dentist. Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS is a Miami native who grew up knowing she wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of a perfect smile. Today, she is pioneering patient-centered services through this practice, a business of putting patients before profits.  At Deering Dental,

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