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PiccMee Prizes Is Changing the Way Advertising is Done

PiccMee Prizes is revolutionizing the way advertising is being done as it introduces an extraordinary way of promoting products and services. Through free interactive game shows, participants get the chance to win cash live with no strings attached.  Founded by Chase Turnquest, PiccMee Prizes is getting popularly known as the future of advertising. All that interested participants need to do is enter the free interactive game shows and follow the rules strictly. Each winner who enters in the gameshow is selected at random. #GhostGiveaways are also being given away at any time. Once winners are announced, they are automatically sent

Steven Ridzyowski and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Is Filling the Void That the Ecommerce Industry Needs

Steven Ridzyowski is most commonly known for his involvement with being a member of the Forbes Business Council and being the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, EMA. Steven prides himself on his skill set and his ability to provide a true turnkey experience from start to finish without the extra monthly agency fee. EMA specializes in creating Shopify ecommerce online retail stores. His team at EMA specializes in everything from A-Z regarding store design, product trends and research, customer service, media buying (for ads), custom product funnels, and more. It helps bridge the gap between those wanting to get into

DMN8 Partners Allows Entrepreneurs to Excel Within the Digital Market

Home service businesses compose a niche in the industry that is not exempted from bringing their businesses to the online space. Like other establishments, these enterprises also need to create an online presence in order to attract today’s customers who have turned to the Internet to search for information about companies that can cater to their needs. However, Gary Geiman has observed that numerous home service business owners do not often get the service they need to grow and promote their business. They are left with no financial results even while their wallets have been dented. This issue led him

Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez: Refugee Turned Lawyer

Attorney Dagoberto Rodriguez is one of the top names in Virginia law, specifically in the field of personal injury law. The Venezuela-born lawyer has gone through several ups and downs to get to the peak of his practice. Dagoberto Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He attended Universidad Santa Maria, Escuela de Derecho, in Caracas, where he graduated with a degree in law. Following the crisis in Venezuela, he decided to flee the country and move to the United States in October 2001. To support himself and his dreams of becoming a lawyer in the US, he had to get

Kimberly Cloud Is a Mother to All Her Children and All Her Businesses

Kimberly Cloud is a mother, among many other things. She has three beautiful children that empower her to do more in order to provide for them. She owns multiple business ventures that are on the rise, and she is also about to release the second edition of her revised book. Things are looking up for Kimberly Cloud, and it’s only a matter of time before her success reaches the farthest ends of the sky. Kimberly Cloud is a psychology degree holder from Coppin State University. She got an associate’s degree in human services, majoring in substance abuse and addiction counselling

Luxe VVS Jewelers Takes Custom Diamond Jewelry to a Whole Other Level

Diamond jewelry tells a story of luxury, flashy lifestyles, and oftentimes wealth. Similar to expensive cars or million-dollar homes, having diamond jewelry is considered a testament to one’s “balling” status in society, where one is able to show how financially well off one is in comparison to others, especially in the culture of hip-hop and the world of social media. However, in today’s day and age, having exclusive or custom-designed fashion is just as important as the expensive price tag.  Luxe VVS Jewelers provides the best of both worlds. Their diamonds are all top-notch, excellent-cut, VVS quality diamonds, the highest

Marshon Thomas Holds All the Secrets to Succeed in Business

Serial entrepreneur Marshon Thomas has come a long way in his business career. The business coach started as the owner of a small janitorial service and is now a leading expert in marketing. Along the way, he has built businesses and let them go. Today, Marshon is helping high-tech startups take their business to the next level with the aid of his keen business acumen. Marshon Thomas works with businesses with a problem in customer service. Often, the problem is so severe it affects their bottom line. Business owners will often lose out on repeat business because their clients are

Ben Shearn on How Being a Cancer Survivor Led Him to Creating ‘Super Natural Farms’

In this life, no one is immune to getting exposed to a series of scorching trials by fire. And although everyone is the same in the sense that they all get to experience trying times, they tend to be different in how they react to such adversities. While there are some people who lose heart in the face of danger, there are also those who take courage with undaunted spirits.  Struck by the emergence of major upheavals in his life, Ben Shearn shares that his success journey was not one that was paved with gold. On the contrary, it was

JourneyTEAM Takes Business Intelligence to the Next Level to Help Companies Grow

In this generation and the next, having the right information is the key to grow one’s business exponentially. With many, if not all, companies all around the world having access to vital data, businesses need to have the proper tools that will help them make sense of all the information they have in their hands in order to make intelligent decisions. With the use of Microsoft Power BI—JourneyTEAM is making it happen for many companies today.   As an award-winning consultancy firm, they modify Microsoft products to suit the needs and limitations of the client’s business. JourneyTEAM is made up of

Abrianne Dillard and United Score Grants Their Clients the Life They Truly Deserve By Improving Their Credit Scores

Leveraging credit and maintaining a great credit score has always been a big problem among the people in the United States. After carefully observing the things around her, and also having some firsthand experience on the matter, Abrianne Dillard became motivated to establish United Score. United Score is a credit repair agency that makes sure to identify all the issues in their clients’ credit and provide sustainable solutions. Dillard fully understands that most people realize the importance of credit score when they’re neck-deep in debt and are struggling to pay off all of their dues. This is why United Score

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