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Established Artist Romero Britto Joins the NFT Space Through His Collaboration With DCB World

The greatest painters in the world are often recognized for their influence on specific movements. Still, most people don’t realize that they delved into other styles or mediums to widen their horizons along the way. In the modern era where almost everything has been done, many artists thrive by going beyond the conventional methods. So with digital art rising to prominence through the years, it was only a matter of time before renowned artist Romero Britto tried his hand into the art medium. 

Amid the new movement’s progress, Non-Fungible Tokens started making waves in 2021, with hundreds, if not thousands, of projects emerging. Utilizing digital art, many NFT projects achieved success in the art community, piquing the interest of Britto. Looking to dive into NFTs, the artist has lent his talent to the birth of the NFT project Dot Com Billionaires or DCB World.

DCB World is the latest addition to the NFT space and holds one of, if not the largest collection with 1,000,000 limited and unique NFTs that reflect artist Romero Britto’s vision. Since coming on board, they have collaborated to create the biggest NFT lucky draw game using Chainlink Verifiable Random Function and Chainlink Keepers to deliver fully automated and transparent draw results. 

The project gives holders unique NFTs that hold a unique number, granting them access to automated, weekly prize draws that will run for years to come on the chainlink. The NFTs also hold unique value as collectible and utility items that come with features and perks that the community can unlock through roadmap activation. DCB World’s NFT has a mass appeal from collectors, metaverse enthusiasts, and gaming buffs, all drawn to Britto’s original art, adding a gaming dimension that DCB World innovated for the NFT community. 

Romero Britto was born in Brazil but made his name in Miami. From an early age, he had a strong passion for the arts, often using whatever materials were at his disposal to paint on paper, cardboard, and other mediums within his grasp. Britto thrived in his freedom to conjure up whatever picture lingered in his head. But his development as an artist only grew stronger as he grew older.

The artist would later travel to Paris, where he stood face to face with the works of old masters like Matisse and Picasso. Seeing the works in person, Britto was inspired to create works that reflected his outlook. Since then, he has fused pop art, graffiti, cubism, and abstract to create works that come to life with vibrant colors and bold patterns to evoke positive feelings like joy, hope, and nostalgic glee. In 1992, Britto founded the Happy Art Movement to inject happiness, fun, love, and optimism to millions globally through his art. 

Like many artists, Romero Britto was interested in the NFT movement. Still, of all the projects that truly piqued his interest, he found that DCB Worl’s vision complemented his ethics, with each ticket sale helping Inara Foundation support their cause. He hopes to utilize the platform and help positivity to the world while giving back to the community.

High Horse House NFT Taking Partying to the Next Level in the Digital World

Non-fungible tokens have continued their dominance in the digital world and have continued to give digital enthusiasts more promising things to hold on to. The world has gone fully digital, and virtually everyone with a progressive mind is to an extent tilted towards the different innovations making the rounds now. Leveraging the hype and the growing trust that people are beginning to place in these digital innovations, High Horse House NFT is making an entrance into the scene, offering not just utility but a lot of fun to go along with it.

The concept of NFTs has proven to be such a fluid one that creative creators can do just about anything imaginable with the concept. While many creators have focused on releasing artworks with the potential to grow in value, the creators behind High Horse House NFT are doing a lot more than the bare minimum. High Horse House NFT is an immersive project that promises unparalleled rewards that start with welcoming holders into its elite society of fun lovers. High Horse House NFT thrives on its promise of offering endless good times and fun. It makes good on that promise by giving its holders the opportunity to behold the fun experience through its immersive features that deliver engaging games, DAO voting, insane prizes and mind-blowing parties.

Describing the project, a spokesperson for the creative team said: “We are targeting NFT collectors and newcomers to the NFT world, and we want to provide an ecosystem where everyone is benefiting.” With an interesting backstory that features horses as the main characters and a certain Dr. Von Derpus who trapped the animals in his laboratory, the concept of High Horse House NFT fits the project perfectly.  According to the story now, the horse characters run free, finding solace in the pleasures of the wider world and finding ways to get high. The bottomline for the project is to represent freedom, take pride in being different and not allowing those who wish the worst hold one back.

With hundreds of hours spent on creating the project, the creative team ensured they had a cohesive working relationship to effectively represent the project’s brand with the art. Along the line, as the project grows, Dr. Von Derpus will be revealed as a BAYC. The project’s public sale will commence on February 12, 2022, at a mint price of 0.123 ETH 9plus gas fees). The creators chose such a low price to give every interested holder the opportunity to be a part of the project and enjoy all the fun it promises in the metaverse. Every holder of High Horse House NFT can also use it to access many member-only benefits and access to exclusive events in both the Metaverse and real-life.

Qube Film Inc Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

With the rise of social media and increasing competition for new clients, brands have been looking towards non-scripted platforms as a way to keep attention from their audience. To fill this gap, Qube Film came into being for the sake of focusing on these narratives that can revolutionize today’s visual marketing industry. Armed with this understanding, it has risen through the ranks by taking a documentary-style approach to the content it creates.

Qube Film is specializing in high-quality visuals and storytelling for its clients. They have offices in Vancouver, New York City, and Miami to ensure they can provide those cinematic experiences no matter the clients’ preferred location. As an award-winning production company that creates video content for brands with human connections at the core of their operation and services, Qube Films fulfills its passion for crafting unique and relatable content by telling compelling stories.

“Nowadays, end users are so used to real stories and authentic dialogues that when they see filtered commercial or scripted content, their messages may not translate as effectively as the brand hoped it would,” shares the founder of this reputable institution.

Qube Film has always been a step apart from the rest, offering unrivaled services to clients who may be used to more traditional content. However, their refusal to conform to industry norms brought them greater heights over time, as well as corporations trying desperately at success, just like charity organizations or individuals looking towards making an impact within their immediate community.

Qube Film has been dominating the documentary space for over a decade now. They’ve earned countless achievements and recognition, but it seems like they’re just getting started with their success still far ahead of them in sight. The company’s leadership comprises experienced filmmakers who have won multiple international awards. So you know your film will be well taken care of from start to finish under this renowned banner signifying quality assurance everywhere we go.

In addition to a team of award-winning and trendsetting producers who have worked with big brands like Hublot, InMode, and Disney, they have also worked with celebrities and A-listers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paula Abdul, and Jessica Alba, among others.

Qube Film recently made headlines with the release of their latest documentary, The Author by Nima Soofi and Daniel Ricardo Irias. The documentary has been certified by fans and critics alike, including copping the Best Documentary Feature at the New York Independent Cinema Awards among several internationally recognitions like Feature Documentary at Florence Film Award, Best Documentary Feature at Vegas Movie Awards, Best Documentary Feature at Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature at Docs Without Borders Film Festival.

Qube Film aims to show more brands the power of creating a compelling story. At the same time, the visionary enterprise will continue showing that its innovative approach works.

“It’s our job to learn about your business and your market and deliver a finished product that presents a fresh perspective,” a statement on the company’s website shared. 

Zen Payments Giving a Shunned Market a Reliable Fintech Solution

E-commerce has unleashed a whole new level of business growth opportunities to players from most industries—most but not all. That’s because there has been one sector of business that has been shunned by fintech solutions because of the high risks involved in their transactions. But one company called Zen Payments looks to give this growing division a better solution and allow them to experience digital transformation and growth. 

Zen Payments is a payment merchant that serves the high-risk merchant market. These businesses might include coaching, multi-level marketing, credit repair, adult content companies, and so on. The reason why these markets are called high-risk is because of the level of the higher risk of fraud or chargebacks still happening in these sectors. With the higher risk usually comes higher fees, eating into the net profit of these struggling businesses. 

At Zen Payments, the goal is straightforward: give high-risk businesses honest and transparent payment processing solutions no matter the size, industry, or background. “From seminar merchant accounts to e-commerce merchant accounts, we will make sure you have a merchant account that you can rely on,” shares a company representative. “If you have been a business owner for a long time, you will know that credit card processing is an industry plagued with complexity, dishonesty, and inflexibility.” Upon realizing the underserved markets that seek out more growth opportunities online, the Zen team sought to create a service that would deliver flexibility for high-risk industries. 

When people look to fintech for its promising returns, Zen Payments measures success differently. To the team, business isn’t only about growing the bottom line. It’s about enabling businesses to expand and grow as well by providing easy-to-understand rates and flexible contracts. Accordingly, Zen has become one of the go-to high-risk payment processors in the market in the last three years. 

The edge of this high-risk fintech solution is the types of merchant accounts that they support. Most people in credit repair merchant accounts, e-commerce accounts, CBS merchant accounts, and many other high-risk businesses often get rejected by other merchant processors. With Zen Payments, that bias gets put aside, and customers from all industries get the best possible support and rates that they can get for their industries. On top of that, Zen Payments provides chargeback protection to their high-risk clients too.

People have long labelled the credit card processing world as unforgiving and selective. Accordingly, businesses in more unconventional slices of the entrepreneurial pie often miss out on a chance to expand their reach and distribution channels because they’re not part of the business norm. Zen Payments envisions a market where anyone from any industry, whether conventional or inventive, gets the chance to become a part of the digital revolution. On top of having the lowest rates among high-risk payment processors, they also provide same-day funding and a zero dollar setup fee for all its clients. 

To date, the company boasts a 99% approval rate, a number previously unimaginable in the high-risk business category. It hopes to continue or even improve that streak over time. The company hopes to end payment processing woes for more businesses considered as high-risk. It hopes to become the top choice for any company that conventional payment processors have denied many times in the past.

The Global Bears Club set to Dominate the Digital Space With its Rare Attributes

In recent years, non-fungible tokens have taken over the digital space. In this rapidly rising industry, several creators have found digital art to be the best utility for their brand and have opted to use 2D cartoon-style NFTs to connect with their audience. However, few creators are now raising the status quo by developing 3D art pieces, one of which is the special 3D-oriented project Global Bears Club.

A sleek and stylized piece of art, the Global Bears Club is a distinct collection of 8,888 uniquely-rendered 3D bears. Each bear is handcrafted with precision and quality and comes with rare attributes, making each one unique, so no two bears are alike. The collection’s unique attributes are its lanyard, fur, and jewelry pieces, making up for each bear’s distinct look.

The NFT’s lanyard is the 1% trait that grants holders access to various members-only benefits and VIP exclusive perks. The bears also have a variety of fur colors that makes them one-of-kind with color options like pink, merle, mechanical, and camouflage, to name a few. Furthermore, the Global Bears are accessorized with high-quality realistic jewelry with high rarities in the collection and one-of-one clothes.

Behind this innovative collection is Ronnie Banks, the founder of the collection, and Eduardo de Jesús, the dedicated creator who spent hundreds of hours developing each trait with precision and quality. Ronnie’s deep-seated passion for art and his unrivaled creativity shine through the collection. A highly versatile creative, he made his career debut in content creation on Vine before delving into YouTube. He would later explore the entertainment industry with music and acting and appearing on the series Criminal Minds and other shows before walking the runway as a model.

Like many creatives, Ronnie Banks was drawn to NFTs during its upsurge in early 2021, as the digital assets helped artists express their creativity and make money from their passion. Although there were several projects in the digital space, the Global Bears Club project was the one that piqued his interest the most. He would delve into his craft to help create the project by collaborating with them. 

As the new year rolled in, Ronnie Banks and the Global Bears Club started making waves on Twitter, racking up a dedicated following of collectors and crypto enthusiasts as they announced the impending launch. On January 28, the first wave of the Global Bears started showing up online. After that, the developers started dropping more, picking up interest from NFT connoisseurs and crypto enthusiasts. 

On February 1, the Global Bears Club made their Instagram page public, bringing excitement to the NFT community. Three days later, the collection went on pre-sale. Since then, the team has posted updates on the project’s growth and roadmap on its Discord channel, adding more members to the growing community. “We pride ourselves on doing our best to deliver change to the world and providing donations to nonprofits and our holders,” said the Global Bears Club team. 

The collection will be publicly launched on February 24. As the Global Bears Club continues to grow within Discord and on social media platforms, the brilliant minds behind the collection are set to take their project above and beyond and revolutionize the NFT space.

Muscle Nation Target Community, Quality, And Charity As The Keys To Expansion

While united by the pursuit of success, entrepreneurs can aim for several targets along the way. For many, the simple achievement of a million-dollar company is enough to satisfy their hunger. Others look to charity, organic growth, or expansion overseas to realize their business’ full potential. However, the world’s most successful business people recognize that all potential is there to be manifested; achievement lies in making the impossible possible. One leading fitness brand has attained remarkable growth in one market. It now looks to the rest of the world to spread its industry-beating products, community-driven model, and ongoing philanthropy.

Started by best friends Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi in 2016, @MuscleNation has rapidly become Australia’s leading activewear, supplement, and health food brand. The primary vehicle for the remarkable escalation of the company undoubtedly lies in their intelligent and cutting-edge use of the online community, which has replaced the high street as the most significant influencer in people’s buying habits. Anthony and Anastasi have created a brand that cares about its audience, propagating a sense of two-way interaction that permeates their social media presence.

Beyond online marketing, one can point to their cherished Black Friday sales and the recent launch of a plant-based protein range to understand their accessibility ethos. Despite the business’s humble beginnings, Muscle Nation’s founders have made a concerted effort to bring a wide range of high-quality goods to the growing market, resulting in a one-stop shop for all things fitness.

While not a direct contributor to the company’s monthly bottom line, Muscle Nation’s work with charity is industry-leading and spans many worthy causes. In one of their most recent acts, the company supported one of its long-standing employees in a sponsored 60km run for mental health awareness. A $10,000 donation and customized running top made strides towards the warehouse team member’s goal to raise money for the charity ReachOut.

Muscle Nation and its founders have quickly and deservedly become leaders in both their industry and the values that catalyze altruistic success.

Learn Authentic Yoga, an Antidote to a Chaotic World

More than ten percent of the US population is practising some form of yoga. 

Mostly it is some form of physical exercise or breathing exercise. However authentic yoga is far from the reach of most Americans. Using yoga to get into shape, lose weight or have better butts is a very superficial application. Some benefit from guided meditation and experience peacefulness. The true aim of yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul which is not taught in most of the yoga classes. The commercialization principles of marketing teach us to consumers what they and target messages which will appeal to them. So the entire essence of yoga is distorted and modified brutally to serve the pleasure seeking audiences. This ugliness keeps the people away from the sweet nectar of god realisation which is the true aim of scientific yoga techniques.

There is a common myth which is stopping the wide acceptance of yoga as a scientific method towards god realization. Most people think that practising yoga will make you a Hindu. This is completely wrong. Just because the spiritual roots of yoga are from ancient India it doesn’t mean yoga is Hinduism. The aim of yoga is to make you a better Christian if you are a Christian, A better Hindu if you are a Hindu or a better Muslim if you follow islam.Even if you do not believe in God or any religion you can practice yoga as we all accept there is cosmic intelligence or a super power above us which governs everything. The goal of yoga is establishing connection with that super power which is hidden within us by the veil of cosmic delusion. 

It is a universal truth based on the science of the human body, mind and soul. The scientist Patanjali who wrote the textbook of Yoga was an enlightened saint who has only in 188 verses described the possibilities of human potentials which modern day scientists are barely comprehending and proving in labs.

We are trained to think ‘ I believe what I see’ and often we do not develop our intuitive faculties. With the focus on the third eye or the spiritual eye ,you can see things which you can’t with your two physical eyes.  With yoga practices as you harness your energies away from the sense objects and begin the process of interiorization you develop intuitive intelligence and wisdom which alters your life in a very positive way. One stops chasing external material objects for seeking pleasures and realises all source of Joy is within you. There is feeling of oneness amongst all beings and the divisiveness of racial and socio economic discrimination completely fades away as you see your own reflection in all beings.Daily practice of yoga is very essential for great results. One often feels busy in the modern day chaotic world to find time for oneself. As one remembers to charge a mobile phone daily for better performance so one must find time to charge the soul battery in meditation for better life. There is definitely a way out of sorrow and suffering. Learning authentic yoga from the Himalayan Yoga master is the way. Shiv Vinay Pandey is offering online classes to help people experience peace and blissfulness with their authentic yoga techniques.

Michael Cetrulo Making Private Flights Easier than Ever

Nothing beats the comfort of skipping airport queues, layovers, stopovers, rescheduled flights, and a host of other issues that come with commercial flights. It is a known fact that if it were available, accessible, and affordable, everyone would opt to fly exclusively. However, in the absence of that untethered accessibility, entrepreneur Michael Cetrulo is doing what he can to make private flying available to those who want it and is doing an excellent job of that through his company Charter Flight Group.

Michael Cetrulo, also known as Mikey, is a private aviation consultant specializing in acquiring and chartering private aircraft. He executes business through Charter Flight Group, and for years, he has worked with public companies, private military contractors, personal and family businesses, film and movie celebrities, and many more. Michael Cetrulo serves clients from all over the world with one goal in mind: give his clients the comfort, luxury, and privacy they desire as they travel the world doing things that matter to them.

Michael Cetrulo prides himself on being more than just a private aviation consultant who charters and purchases private aircraft for people. He offers the whole package, which includes daily updates of available aircraft and tax advantages that clients stand to enjoy by working with him. He’s a well-known name in the industry, and that stems from the excellent service he has provided over the years.

Beyond catering to his clients, Michael Cetrulo is passionate about people, even people who are not his clients or customers. He cares about the world and making it a better place, which informed his philanthropic and charity activities. A notable feat he achieved in September 2021 was providing support and relief to Afghanistan citizens during the Taliban takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan. He worked with the government and his philanthropy partners, and the move alone helped transport over 20 Afghan refugees to safety.

Michael Cetrulo’s services target high-net-worth individuals with a verifiable social status and presence on social media. His clients are primarily famous musicians, actors, CEOs, public figures, companies, and anyone who uses private travel. “My service is a high-ticket commodity, so it only makes sense for the service delivery to be of equally high quality. My clients get nothing but the best, and all my years of being in the business, I do not intend to offer them any less than the comfort and convenience they desire,” Michael shared.

Being a notable service provider in such a niched industry is no small feat, and Michael Cetrulo breaking into the niche and staying there is such a noteworthy achievement. He hopes to continue to deliver outstanding customer service and get the attention of more high-net-worth individuals who need the best private flight services money can buy.

The Dream Hunters Collection Launches 10,001 Young Dreamers to the NFT Space

Dreams are meant for everyone, but not all are empowered to chase after them. In a world where it’s easy to succumb to limiting beliefs, the Dream Hunters are shedding light by uplifting others and making them believe in the power of dreaming. 

The Dream Hunters NFT collection features 10,001 young dreamers. Each one is equipped with their own heroic traits and skills. The Dream Hunters only have one mission–chase after their dreams and unify people worldwide to build the strongest community in the NFT space. 

The Dream Hunters NFT reflects the optimism and spark among young dreamers who are eager to fulfill their dreams through its unique art. The dreamers depicted are committed to pursuing their aspirations and never let anything, or anyone stop them from reaching their goals as they stand by their vow to chase after their passions, work hard to find their purpose, and stay rooted in their dreams.

“The art symbolized the child within us,” explained Andrea Varriale, one of the founders. “We believe that no matter what the circumstances, where we are, and who we are, there is always a child within every one of us who believes in ‘that dream’ will eventually happen. We created the art with the goal of reminding all of us to keep the faith, dream big like when we were kids, and, at the same time, to encourage every kid in the world that every dream is valid and could be a reality.”

On top of amplifying its mission through its profound and captivating art, the Dream Hunters also aim to build a community to help and empower others to realize their dreams. The community wants to unify people from all walks of life worldwide so that members can freely share their dreams with other dreams. Members will also gain the support they need to go one step closer towards their goal through professional counseling, consulting, and many other morale-boosting efforts. As the community grows, Dream Hunters will be adding more industry experts and coaches to help its members further. 

In addition, the founders will encourage community members who share the same goals to form a clique with one accountability senior leader. Every member who reaches his or her goal will receive rewards and fun surprises from the community to encourage everyone within the circle to continually strive for their goals.

Furthermore, community members will also have exclusive access to future projects, such as The Dream Box. Holders will also enjoy monthly royalties, totaling 15% of the NFTs sold on secondary markets. With many exciting perks waiting ahead, eager investors are making their way to the project’s Discord server, especially after hearing news of the project’s epic cards and collectibles–the Dream Card, the Access Card, and the Wish Collectible, each designed with its own utilities and made to be owned by lucky and limited holders in the Dream Hunters Community. 

The founders are optimistic that the Dream Hunters NFT will not only make waves in the digital space but will cause a real and lasting impact on the physical world. By freely encouraging their community members to dream, the founders are fostering a better world where people feel more empowered to take giant leaps of faith. 

“To change the world, we must first change ourselves. In this community, we will work together to push our limits while respecting the fact that we are all humans after all,” said a representative from the Dream Hunters project.

Greatness Awaits the Imminent Arrival of the Meta Bounty Hunters Within the NFT Space

The crypto industry was rocked early last year when Non-Fungible Tokens started making the waves. Since then, more projects have come to fruition in various forms that range from visual art to music and even social media posts. Despite the variety at their disposal, many NFT developers opted to utilize digital art as their chosen medium. Joining the NFT space is the upcoming project Meta Bounty Hunters.

Meta Bounty Hunters is a digital NFT community that hosts 8,888 unique Meta Bounty Hunters. The project is a collective of elite members who share the same goals of putting the community first and doing good in the galaxy. As with most NFTs, no two Meta Bounty Hunters are the same, giving holders plenty to be excited about. 

Each Meta Bounty Hunter has striking characteristics with varying rarity so that holders will distinguish the Meta Bounty Hunters in appearance and capabilities. The NFTs are algorithmically generated by combining 14 rarity types and all variations in each type to create a single unique Meta Bounty Hunter.

The NFTs will have roughly 235 characteristics distributed across 14 categories. The characteristics included are their antenna, armor, back, background, bandolier, cloak, decal, gun, helmet, right arm, and visor. Additionally, holders will receive updates and airdrops on their Discord channel with announcements on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

The Meta Bounty Hunters represent a community, tribe, and galactic alliance of Doers organized to take action and do the most good of any community for its members while having the most significant impact for doing good in the galaxy. The project also tells a rich story that takes holders to a different universe.

Once a bright empire, the Galactic Cryptopia was the hope of many after a seemingly endless dark age. However, dark forces started to gather as the golden empire reached its advocacy for peace and technology. An organization put together to counter the empire, SCAM, started to infiltrate the empire. In the wake of their path of destruction, a band of individuals who fell victim to SCAMs villainy stood in solidarity, forming the Meta Bounty Hunters.

The rich backstory comes from the brilliant mind of Mike S. Miller, a 30-year veteran of the comic book industry. He is best known for his works in the comic Titan DC, having worked on the Injustice: Gods Among Us comics and Adventures of Superman. Miller has also drawn covers for Game of Thrones and other related prequels along with an independent project called Lonestar.

More than just an artist, Mike Miller has also showcased his creativity through writing, penning the book Deal with the Devil, which was optioned by Lionsgate films at one point and is currently in development with Broken Road Productions. The sudden popularity of NFTs in 2021 caught Miller’s attention, and he lent his talents to Bitboy Crypto, the top crypto influencer on YouTube. Together they started working on various projects before Miller launched his own NFT project, Funky Monkey Frat House. 

The Meta Bounty Hunters collection is set to be one of the most exciting projects in the NFT space, with the public launch date set for February 17, 2022.