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Muscle Nation Target Community, Quality, And Charity As The Keys To Expansion

While united by the pursuit of success, entrepreneurs can aim for several targets along the way. For many, the simple achievement of a million-dollar company is enough to satisfy their hunger. Others look to charity, organic growth, or expansion overseas to realize their business’ full potential. However, the world’s most successful business people recognize that all potential is there to be manifested; achievement lies in making the impossible possible. One leading fitness brand has attained remarkable growth in one market. It now looks to the rest of the world to spread its industry-beating products, community-driven model, and ongoing philanthropy.

Started by best friends Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi in 2016, @MuscleNation has rapidly become Australia’s leading activewear, supplement, and health food brand. The primary vehicle for the remarkable escalation of the company undoubtedly lies in their intelligent and cutting-edge use of the online community, which has replaced the high street as the most significant influencer in people’s buying habits. Anthony and Anastasi have created a brand that cares about its audience, propagating a sense of two-way interaction that permeates their social media presence.

Beyond online marketing, one can point to their cherished Black Friday sales and the recent launch of a plant-based protein range to understand their accessibility ethos. Despite the business’s humble beginnings, Muscle Nation’s founders have made a concerted effort to bring a wide range of high-quality goods to the growing market, resulting in a one-stop shop for all things fitness.

While not a direct contributor to the company’s monthly bottom line, Muscle Nation’s work with charity is industry-leading and spans many worthy causes. In one of their most recent acts, the company supported one of its long-standing employees in a sponsored 60km run for mental health awareness. A $10,000 donation and customized running top made strides towards the warehouse team member’s goal to raise money for the charity ReachOut.

Muscle Nation and its founders have quickly and deservedly become leaders in both their industry and the values that catalyze altruistic success.

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