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Michael Cetrulo Making Private Flights Easier than Ever

Nothing beats the comfort of skipping airport queues, layovers, stopovers, rescheduled flights, and a host of other issues that come with commercial flights. It is a known fact that if it were available, accessible, and affordable, everyone would opt to fly exclusively. However, in the absence of that untethered accessibility, entrepreneur Michael Cetrulo is doing what he can to make private flying available to those who want it and is doing an excellent job of that through his company Charter Flight Group.

Michael Cetrulo, also known as Mikey, is a private aviation consultant specializing in acquiring and chartering private aircraft. He executes business through Charter Flight Group, and for years, he has worked with public companies, private military contractors, personal and family businesses, film and movie celebrities, and many more. Michael Cetrulo serves clients from all over the world with one goal in mind: give his clients the comfort, luxury, and privacy they desire as they travel the world doing things that matter to them.

Michael Cetrulo prides himself on being more than just a private aviation consultant who charters and purchases private aircraft for people. He offers the whole package, which includes daily updates of available aircraft and tax advantages that clients stand to enjoy by working with him. He’s a well-known name in the industry, and that stems from the excellent service he has provided over the years.

Beyond catering to his clients, Michael Cetrulo is passionate about people, even people who are not his clients or customers. He cares about the world and making it a better place, which informed his philanthropic and charity activities. A notable feat he achieved in September 2021 was providing support and relief to Afghanistan citizens during the Taliban takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan. He worked with the government and his philanthropy partners, and the move alone helped transport over 20 Afghan refugees to safety.

Michael Cetrulo’s services target high-net-worth individuals with a verifiable social status and presence on social media. His clients are primarily famous musicians, actors, CEOs, public figures, companies, and anyone who uses private travel. “My service is a high-ticket commodity, so it only makes sense for the service delivery to be of equally high quality. My clients get nothing but the best, and all my years of being in the business, I do not intend to offer them any less than the comfort and convenience they desire,” Michael shared.

Being a notable service provider in such a niched industry is no small feat, and Michael Cetrulo breaking into the niche and staying there is such a noteworthy achievement. He hopes to continue to deliver outstanding customer service and get the attention of more high-net-worth individuals who need the best private flight services money can buy.

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