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Learn Authentic Yoga, an Antidote to a Chaotic World

More than ten percent of the US population is practising some form of yoga. 

Mostly it is some form of physical exercise or breathing exercise. However authentic yoga is far from the reach of most Americans. Using yoga to get into shape, lose weight or have better butts is a very superficial application. Some benefit from guided meditation and experience peacefulness. The true aim of yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul which is not taught in most of the yoga classes. The commercialization principles of marketing teach us to consumers what they and target messages which will appeal to them. So the entire essence of yoga is distorted and modified brutally to serve the pleasure seeking audiences. This ugliness keeps the people away from the sweet nectar of god realisation which is the true aim of scientific yoga techniques.

There is a common myth which is stopping the wide acceptance of yoga as a scientific method towards god realization. Most people think that practising yoga will make you a Hindu. This is completely wrong. Just because the spiritual roots of yoga are from ancient India it doesn’t mean yoga is Hinduism. The aim of yoga is to make you a better Christian if you are a Christian, A better Hindu if you are a Hindu or a better Muslim if you follow islam.Even if you do not believe in God or any religion you can practice yoga as we all accept there is cosmic intelligence or a super power above us which governs everything. The goal of yoga is establishing connection with that super power which is hidden within us by the veil of cosmic delusion. 

It is a universal truth based on the science of the human body, mind and soul. The scientist Patanjali who wrote the textbook of Yoga was an enlightened saint who has only in 188 verses described the possibilities of human potentials which modern day scientists are barely comprehending and proving in labs.

We are trained to think ‘ I believe what I see’ and often we do not develop our intuitive faculties. With the focus on the third eye or the spiritual eye ,you can see things which you can’t with your two physical eyes.  With yoga practices as you harness your energies away from the sense objects and begin the process of interiorization you develop intuitive intelligence and wisdom which alters your life in a very positive way. One stops chasing external material objects for seeking pleasures and realises all source of Joy is within you. There is feeling of oneness amongst all beings and the divisiveness of racial and socio economic discrimination completely fades away as you see your own reflection in all beings.Daily practice of yoga is very essential for great results. One often feels busy in the modern day chaotic world to find time for oneself. As one remembers to charge a mobile phone daily for better performance so one must find time to charge the soul battery in meditation for better life. There is definitely a way out of sorrow and suffering. Learning authentic yoga from the Himalayan Yoga master is the way. Shiv Vinay Pandey is offering online classes to help people experience peace and blissfulness with their authentic yoga techniques.

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