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Qube Film Inc Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

With the rise of social media and increasing competition for new clients, brands have been looking towards non-scripted platforms as a way to keep attention from their audience. To fill this gap, Qube Film came into being for the sake of focusing on these narratives that can revolutionize today’s visual marketing industry. Armed with this understanding, it has risen through the ranks by taking a documentary-style approach to the content it creates.

Qube Film is specializing in high-quality visuals and storytelling for its clients. They have offices in Vancouver, New York City, and Miami to ensure they can provide those cinematic experiences no matter the clients’ preferred location. As an award-winning production company that creates video content for brands with human connections at the core of their operation and services, Qube Films fulfills its passion for crafting unique and relatable content by telling compelling stories.

“Nowadays, end users are so used to real stories and authentic dialogues that when they see filtered commercial or scripted content, their messages may not translate as effectively as the brand hoped it would,” shares the founder of this reputable institution.

Qube Film has always been a step apart from the rest, offering unrivaled services to clients who may be used to more traditional content. However, their refusal to conform to industry norms brought them greater heights over time, as well as corporations trying desperately at success, just like charity organizations or individuals looking towards making an impact within their immediate community.

Qube Film has been dominating the documentary space for over a decade now. They’ve earned countless achievements and recognition, but it seems like they’re just getting started with their success still far ahead of them in sight. The company’s leadership comprises experienced filmmakers who have won multiple international awards. So you know your film will be well taken care of from start to finish under this renowned banner signifying quality assurance everywhere we go.

In addition to a team of award-winning and trendsetting producers who have worked with big brands like Hublot, InMode, and Disney, they have also worked with celebrities and A-listers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paula Abdul, and Jessica Alba, among others.

Qube Film recently made headlines with the release of their latest documentary, The Author by Nima Soofi and Daniel Ricardo Irias. The documentary has been certified by fans and critics alike, including copping the Best Documentary Feature at the New York Independent Cinema Awards among several internationally recognitions like Feature Documentary at Florence Film Award, Best Documentary Feature at Vegas Movie Awards, Best Documentary Feature at Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature at Docs Without Borders Film Festival.

Qube Film aims to show more brands the power of creating a compelling story. At the same time, the visionary enterprise will continue showing that its innovative approach works.

“It’s our job to learn about your business and your market and deliver a finished product that presents a fresh perspective,” a statement on the company’s website shared. 

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