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Kaizen Health Offers Solution to the Medical Care Transportation Problem


The medical field has gone through some of the most significant drawbacks and hurdles in the past year after the COVID-19 pandemic turned healthcare systems upside down. One of the growing problems that existed even before the health crisis is an increasing transportation problem on both the emergency and non-emergency front. Kaizen Health offers a solution to that issue by introducing a streamlined system and experience of ordering non-emergency medical transportation. 

The Chicago-based health technology company has become one of the hot topics in the health sector as it has provided a solution to the transportation pain point that hospitals, clinics, and health centers face all over the nation. Kaizen Health is built on the mission of providing multi-modal medical transportation to patients, members, clinicians, staff, and residents, standing on the principle that a lack of transportation should not be a hindrance to quality health care and living. 

Kaizen Health was started by startup entrepreneur Mindi S. Knebel, who has spent over two decades in the medical and business sectors. She has managed various aspects of business operations, including accounting, finance, human resource, business operations, mergers and acquisitions, and planning. She started the business back in 2016 to revolutionize how medical workers and transporters work together by introducing a data-driven logistics solution that seamlessly connects both sides of the operation.

Transportation remains a bottleneck amongst hospitals and other medical institutions, given that it plays a critical aspect in day-to-day operations and the overall health care experience. Through the growing issues around transportation and logistics in healthcare, Kaizen Health helps bring down transport barriers to the health industry. 

More specifically, Kaizen provides recently discharged patients with scheduled transport services for their checkups and follow-ups, which serves a large portion of the population who don’t have access to private vehicles. The service works because a care coordinator can set up clinic appointments for patients and arrange for transportation through Kaizen’s intuitive dashboard. 

Kaizen Health provides various fleet services, including ridesharing or taxi bookings, vehicles with child car seats, small buses, non-emergency ambulances, medicars, courier services, and many others. These services have proven to be more than helpful for institutions like health systems, payers, senior living providers and municipalities all over the United States. Some of Kaizen’s partners include health centers like Sinai Health System, Tenet Health, Montgomery Place, Northwestern Medicine, UI Health, UnityPoint Health, Weiss Memorial Hospital, West Suburban Medical Center, and many others. The tech-based logistics company also has close ties with transport companies like Uber and Lyft.

By providing a centralized hub for health providers and patients, Kaizen hopes to deliver a meaningful experience that alleviates the strains of getting from one’s home to a medical center and vice versa. The company also hopes to remove the administrative logistics burden from front liners to give them more time to focus on the activities and tasks that contribute to providing quality health care and saving people’s lives. 

In the coming years, Kaizen hopes to continue growing its reach and serve more hospitals in the United States and even beyond borders to serve other health systems in other countries. Learn more by visiting their website


Cubii Making Health Accessible to All with a New Approach to Fitness


Most people who can’t seem to fit a fitness routine into their schedule feel like they don’t have any other options. Some struggle with time constraints due to busy work schedules, while others struggle with physical limitations. Whatever the case may be, a new and revolutionary company is out to provide such people with a fitness routine that fits into their lives. The company’s name is Cubii. 

The health and wellness company is on a mission to help as many people on the planet have a chance to stay fit and healthy by creating solutions that make fitness feasible for most. The company’s flagship product is a beautifully designed seated elliptical walker that integrates movements and workouts to a busy workday or any other part of everyday life. 

“Cubii is changing how the world thinks about fitness,” explains Arnav Dalmia, Cubii’s CEO and co-founder. “For us, staying active is a way of life, not a daily commitment to going to the gym. By making exercise accessible to all physical abilities, ages, and lifestyles, we help hundreds of thousands of users stay active every day.” In essence, using a Cubii allows a busy professional to keep a steady workout while sitting on a desk and slaying through a workday. Studies have shown that using Cubii has allowed many of its customers to lose significant weight through exercise and improve overall health. Cubii also comes as a great alternative to people with injuries or conditions that put them at risk when exposed to high-impact workouts. 

What makes Cubii a unique concept is combining best practices in fitness and technology to create an intelligent measurement tool. Cubii elliptical exercisers pair seamlessly with a mobile app that one can use to measure progress and results. Cubii’s app can tell someone the number of revolutions per minute, steps they take, and even calories they lose. Cubii’s app also integrates seamlessly with other fitness technology like Fitbit, HealthKit, and AppleWatch to consolidate reports with other devices and apps that a user might utilize.

Cubii’s app also connects users to a community of over 500,000 other users who are on their journey to better health and fitness. Through their social interaction tools, customers can encourage friends, challenge others, and compete for rankings. The community also provides an excellent resource for people looking to gain other best practices and information on how to improve one’s health. 

Another aspect of Cubii’s operation is their continuous workout programs that come for free via their YouTube channel and unique platform. These tutorials show users how to best use Cubii’s elliptical exercisers or other ancillary exercise tools that Cubii offers.

After breaching the half a million users mark, Cubii has quickly grown into one of the nation’s most successful health technology companies. It currently stands as one of the fifty fastest-growing health companies in Illinois after posting a 104% growth in staffing last year. The product also took off at a timely venture as people searched for stay-at-home exercise alternatives at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all that Cubii still has to offer and its culture of innovation and value-giving continuing to grow, there’s no knowing what heights the company will reach next. Learn more about the health tech company by visiting its website, and check out its free workout videos on their YouTube channel


Bottle Rocket Media Recognized as One of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awardees

Source: Bottle Rocket Media 

A decade into the video production industry, Bottle Rocket Media continues to be the benchmark for excellent video storytelling, thanks to its team of remarkable creatives. Its standard for excellence is being recognized by UpCity’s Recommendability Rating, an independent organization that specializes in helping businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. This 2021, Bottle Rocket Media is one of the recipients of UpCity’s Local Excellence Awards.

UpCity’s Recommendability Rating was uniquely designed to determine a company’s recommendability, credibility, and trustworthiness in conducting its business. Being awarded the Excellence Award is considered a great privilege as it boosts the awardee’s business status. 

“When you work with Bottle Rocket, you work with creatives who have won Emmys and worked with Oprah, so it is no wonder why they have achieved this award. Congratulations to the Bottle Rocket Media team for winning the 2021 Local Excellence Award,” says Dan Olson, UpCity CEO. 

Bottle Rocket Media was co-founded by producer Dan Fisher and creative Brett Singer, who both worked in the Oprah Winfrey Show, where they worked tirelessly to deliver exceptional results envisioned by Oprah herself. They were part of the group that was branded the hardest working team in show business, thanks to Oprah’s uncompromising eye for excellence. The two could not be any happier that their brainchild company received prestigious recognition, validating their commitment to uncompromising standards from the time they started the company. 

When they started it in 2011, they established a production house that combined traditional video and motion graphics with groundbreaking 360 virtual reality production that guarantees an authentic and extraordinary video storytelling output. As they were contemplating the idea of developing Bottle Rocket Media, they agreed that they would surround themselves with the best creatives they could find in the industry. 

True to their word, Fisher and Singer did invite highly talented people in their team, including Supervising Producers Siobhan Summers and Stephanie Jaslowski, Creative Director Dan Wulfing, Senior Editor David Sarno, Editor Tre Manchester, and a team of exceptional directors, including Kristina Perreault, Joel Kapity, and Mark Cwiakala. Both Fisher and Singer also contribute as directors whenever necessary. 

The Bottle Rocket Media team is composed of individuals who have a wide variety of experiences from broadcast television, agency creative, filmmaking, and developing startups. Putting their minds, experiences, and skills together proved to be an explosive and exciting opportunity, making the company one of the leading production houses in the industry today. 

In 2020, just like countless other businesses around the world, the company was also greatly affected by the pandemic. They did not, however, let the pandemic restrictions get in the way of their dedication to producing compelling video content for their clients. While shooting during a pandemic proved to be very challenging, they still found ways to get the job done without compromising quality. Overall, Fisher confirmed in an interview that 2020 ended relatively well for the company. This year, the whole team is energized to be part of new life-changing projects.

“Remote production won’t go away anytime soon. And it shouldn’t,” Fisher shares in an interview. “It has a ton of benefits to the client and should be an option for all productions moving forward. Yes, it’s true that many clients like to be on set, but until the pandemic is really under control, it will not always be an option. And yeah, it’s harder for us, slowing things down and costing more, but after doing it this way regularly for eight months, we are getting better at it and keeping our clients happy. That’s all that matters,” he concludes.

With the whole industry watching what Bottle Rocket Media will do next this 2021, only one thing is sure – it will continue to exceed expectations and maintain its trailblazer performance the past decade. 

Find out more about Bottle Rocket Media by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook page for updates on its latest projects. 



Gravity Studios Continues to be Chicago’s Leading Recording Hub and a Favorite Among Seasoned Artists

Source: Gravity Studios

After 28 years of making remarkable music with well-respected names in the music industry, Chicago-based recording studio Gravity Studios is still a business leader that continues to have the loyalty of its clients, both old and new. Artists from different parts of the world continue to seek the company out, knowing that their music will be handled by experts who are committed to producing exceptional music with them. The legacy it has built over the past years is still making a difference in the lives and careers of artists who once dreamed of sharing their music with the world. 

The beating heart of Gravity Studios is its founder Doug McBride, fondly known as the Jedi Master of the music industry for his unmatched contribution to the impressive successes of his clients. A music producer and chief mixing and mastering engineer by profession, McBride’s impeccable talent and skills in music production are second to none. It is for this very reason why music artists and record labels trust him with their projects. 

McBride is also a gifted instrumentalist and songwriter. He caught the eye of Atlantic Records when he was just 21 years old. He recorded Veruca Salt’s hit song Seether, which eventually landed the band a promising deal with Geffen Records. Seether was the first song ever recorded in Gravity Studios. McBride also spent two weeks with the 1990s band Smashing Pumpkins to produce the band’s demos that would later become its hit album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

The basic services being offered by Gravity Studios include audio recording, mixing, mastering, music production, session musicians and producers, editing, mix consultation, songwriting development, and music chart writing and arranging. McBride is nothing but proud of his crew, who have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful music with their clients over the years. 

The studio producers and sound engineers working at Gravity Studios are some of Chicago’s best of the best. Its dynamic and hardworking crew has a wealth of experience when it comes to mastering an EP, mixing an album, or simply developing an artist’s sound from scratch. All of the producers and engineers working directly with clients have an all-encompassing appreciation of different musical genres from indie to rock, hip-hop, alternative country, Gospel, neo-soul, punk, and contemporary Christian music. When clients walk into the studio, the journey is centralized on their personal journey and everything they need to give life to their songs. 

Gravity Studios has worked closely with many of the music industry’s biggest names, including Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Swag Lee, Veruca Salt, YBN Cordae, Jon Bellion, Frenship, Phillip Phillips, Silversun Pickups, Travis Mendes, Mavis Staples, Rod Stewart, Walkmen, Cupcakes, Dolly Varden, and Dovetail Joint, to mention a few. The company has also done collaborative work with well-known music production houses such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Amazon Studios, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records, and Bloodshot Records, among others. 

The past 28 years have been nothing but phenomenal for Gravity Studios and Doug McBride, and there is no doubt that the next decades will be just as extraordinary. 

Learn more about Gravity Studios by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects. 



Jennifer Hudson’s New Movie to Start Streaming on Netflix this May 7

Image source: People

Relationships are not all about the happy moments, it’s also the bittersweet moment during the lows. However, at this point, many relationships crack under pressure partly due to a lack of communication. In an interview with Drew Barrymore, actress, model, activist, and media personality Jenny McCarthy opened up about the proactive measures she took to ensure her relationship and marriage to “Blue Blood” actor Donnie Wahlberg a success.

Famous for their incredible work on the silver screen, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are among Hollywood’s favorite couples, their romance straight out of a fairytale book. Many people have often wondered how the couple remained in love despite their busy schedule after all these years together. Jenny is finally spilling the tea on the secret of their undying love for each other.

Opening up to Drew Barrymore on the April 20 episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the 48-year-old media personality affirmed that she felt an instantaneous connection to her now-husband, Donnie, on their first meeting. Still, even then, she understood that every good thing in life required some effort to work.

At the beginning of the relationship, Jenny shared that she took some time to self-reflect, asking essential questions. She decided to tell Donnie to a couples therapy in a proactive measure even before they can have the first fight. She explained that although asking for treatment before a problem is uncommon, she viewed it as a brilliant tool in figuring out how they both function individually in a time of crisis, which will ultimately understand each other better.

The “Masked Singer” star continued that the therapy has been a priceless tactic that helped their relationship as it gave them tools and ideas of what to do during the fights and low moments in the relationship. Waxing stronger in love, Jenny and Donnie celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in 2020 and renewed their wedding vows every year.

Over the years, Jenny and Donnie have remained open about their relationship sharing the moments with their fans. In 2017, Donnie shared that the secret to a happy home is the ability to self-reflect on a problem before it escalates, trace its cause and work on it together as a couple without undue expectations or pressure on a partner. 

The lovebirds also extend the cocoon of their love to each other’s separate families. They both decided not to have kids of their own and instead blended their respective families and kids adjusting into one big happy family. After the passing of Donnie’s mother, Alma Wahlberg, who had dementia, Jenny took to Instagram to pay tribute to the family matriarch. In the post, Jenny disclosed her sweet relationship with her mother-in-law and wrote, “To my sweet Alma. I couldn’t have wished for a better mother-in-law. Always kind, always made me feel loved, and she will always be an inspiration to so many. Love you so much, Alma.”

To learn more about Jenny McCarthy, visit her official website.


NIKE.INC: Saving the Planet for the Athletes to Come

Image source: Business Insider

Over the past decade, the fashion and sportswear industry has evolved and thrived thanks in part to the multiple trends that continue to arise every couple of years. Prominent among the brands setting the blueprint for excellence in quality, design, and durability of quality footwear and clothing apparel is NIKE.Inc, a brand that has established itself as a household name, continues to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. 

Founded in January 1964 by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman NIKE, Inc. (formerly called Blue Ribbons Sports), designs, develops, markets, and sells high-quality athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment, accessories, and services. The company offers products in seven major athletic categories: football, running, basketball, action sports, men’s training, women’s training, and NIKE sportswear. There are also products specifically designed for kids and other recreational sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, golf, cricket, walking, cricket, to name a few.

Dedicated to contributing its quota to protecting the environment and moving the world forward through the shared love sports, NIKE stands at the forefront of breaking barriers and building community to change the game for all by taking a stance against one of the biggest threats to earth – climate change.

To mark the recently concluded celebration of Earth Day, a modern environmental health movement, on April 22, NIKE launched a content series titled “Talking Trash” to encourage open conversation between young leaders and climate experts as they brainstorm small ways everyone in the world can contribute to the health of the environment through various platforms and chiefly through their actions.

The conversation is expected to be a call-to-action for many as more attention is brought to the rising issue of climate change. Taking the first step in implementing the needed changes, Nike is creating sustainable changes across its entire product range, from sports apparel to footwear, to find new ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

The company has adopted a brilliant method of turning trash into treasure by ensuring all NIKE products are made from recyclable material. Protecting the environment for the athletes to come, this revolutionary company has managed to decrease its carbon footprint by 70% by adjusting its production materials to include recycled material while ensuring that the quality of each footwear remains uncompromised.

The company is also collaborating up with its suppliers, industry partners, and competitors to join forces to invest in long-term solutions such as solar power and alternative fuels. In the coming years, NIKE remains true to its mission of providing quality footwear for all. The company also continues its campaign against climate change. It continues to find more sustainable and environmentally-friendly means of production, hoping to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by half a million tons in five years.

To learn more about NIKE, their products, and ways they want to build a more sustainable and healthy environment, visit their official website.


Northwest Natural Holding Company on Expanding its Reach Across the Pacific Northwest

Image source: Business Wire

In 2020, the COVID-19 health pandemic halted the world as its devastating effects spread like wildfire. While scientists, doctors, nurses, and other medical workers took the front line against the dangerous virus, one unsung hero of the pandemic is utility companies, providing essential services such as water, electricity, and gas as people tried to adjust to the new normal. One such company is Northwest Natural Holding Company (NW Natural), an essential service provider ensuring its customers’ economic and social development and overall stability across the Pacific Northwest.

 Northwest Natural Holding Company is the leading utility company providing affordable gas and water distribution. Through its subsidiaries, the company supports over 2.5 million people with gas distribution in the Pacific Northwest and includes water distribution and wastewater services to approximately 63,000 people across four states. Also, the company invests in natural gas pipeline projects supporting over 770,000 residential, industrial, commercial customers in the United States, Canada, and Service Territory.

 The company’s vision started over 160 years ago in 1859 with only forty-nine street lighting for its customers in Portland, Oregon. The tremendous growth and success of NW Natural have been primarily hinged on its safe service delivery, reliability, excellent customer service, and environmental stewardship. The company remains committed to collaborating with its stakeholders to provide safe and affordable energy in an environmentally responsible way.

Expanding its reach across the United States, NW Natural, through its subsidiary, Northwest Natural Water Company, LLC, recently completed two acquisitions and signed three additional agreements to acquire utilities near its existing service territories, taking the next step towards the company’s growth strategy in the water utility sector.

The recently acquired businesses are Morning View Water Company in the Idaho Falls area and Del Bay Association in Freeland, Washington. The NW Natural Water subsidiaries have also executed acquisition agreements with Belle Oaks Water & Sewer Co. in southeast Texas; Troy Hoffman Water Corporation in northern Idaho; and Pelican Point Water Co. in Washington.

The acquisition is a true reflection of the continued traction of NW Natural Water’s growth strategy and its commitment to expanding its presence around the communities it serves. In a released statement by NW Natural Water, the President of the subsidiary company Justin Palfreyman confirmed the acquisitions. “We are pleased to see NW Natural Water expand and grow across our footprint through these acquisitions. It aptly demonstrates the value we can bring to the sector and the strength of our business and community relationships,” he said. He continued that the company is pleased to welcome its new customers and hopes to foster a good relationship with them as an essential provider of safe, clean, and reliable water and wastewater services. 

When the new acquisitions are entirely in place, NW Natural Water will serve approximately 65,000 people and would have invested roughly $111 million in the water sector. The company continues to take confident strides towards its mission of providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy to its customers and actively pursuing future growth.

To learn more about Northwest Natural Holding Company and its services across the Pacific Northwest, visit its official website.


140 Proof Redefines Social Content Advertising

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140 Proof Inc. is an advertising company that makes use of social data from many sources to target relevant ads based on customers’ interests as indicated by their internet and social activities across networks—established in 2009 by Jon Elvekrog and John Manoogian III, the company partners with several apps and social media networks to use people’s public social network activities to target relevant ads with a blended interest graph.

Although 140 Proof began as an app-based network, its name references the 140-character limit on Twitter. And even though 140 Proof does not serve ads on the Twitter website itself; instead, its API is used by third-party apps to display targeted ads appearing on apps, social sites, and mobile networks. Additionally, the 140 Proof service allows advertisers to run campaigns on blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr successfully.

While 140 Proof’s market is primarily domiciled in the United States, it also boasts of serving customers on a global scale. Among brands and companies that are advertising via the 140 Proof’s API include UPS, Victoria’s Secret, AT&T, Nike, Levi’s, Microsoft, and General Motors.

In 2012, 140 Proof launched a platform to help big media brands monetize their content. With this new platform, media brands could offer their advertisers social ads and access to their audience in settings beyond their home website. Additionally, media brands began to use 140 Proof’s targeted advertising algorithms to reach people with interests that are similar to their existing audience.

During the 2012 U.S. elections, 140 Proof provided social advertising to political campaigns and candidates. The campaigns could custom-build the target audience for their ads or choose from 140 Proof’s pre-built voter data or personas, which included “Tea-Partiers” and “Swing Votes.” The election ad service worked best for candidates campaigning at the state level or higher because its technology is more effective with larger audiences.

In 2014, the company took a giant step towards cementing its place as a tech giant when it was granted a patent for targeting users based on personal data. The patented method includes the steps of receiving advertisement request from a third-party environment with associated content, and in turn, identifies a content stream that consists of any form of reference to the third-party content, identifying a persona based on the user associated with the content stream that had been identified and lastly serving advertisement to the third-party environment based on the identified persona.

Another major turning point in the growth of 140 Proof was in 2012 when the company began to offer video on any app running 140 Proof ads. The first video ad content on the platform was for Chevrolet during the Super Bowl. The ads generated 50 million impressions in 2 days and resulted in 120,000 downloads of Chevy’s “Chevy Game Time” app, which was a spike, considering the download count before the ads.

In August 2016, 140 Proof was acquired by AcuityAds for up to $20 million in cash, making it an impressive acquisition, especially for a company that had barely been in existence for half a decade.

Indeed, 140 Proof is a tech giant in its own right because it came on board with the right strategy and formula, coupled with the right team of best minds.

Learn more about 140 Proof Inc. here.


Wells Fargo & Company Navigating the Waters of Controversy and Standing Tall

Image source: Yahoo Finance

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational company operating in the financial industry with its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, operational headquarters in Manhattan, and executive offices throughout the United States and overseas. 

Wells Fargo’s primary subsidiary is National bank Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., which is incorporated in Delaware and designates its main office as Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is the fourth-largest bank in the U.S. in terms of total assets. It is ranked number 30 on the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the world’s largest corporations by total revenue. 

In July 2015, Wells Fargo edged past ICBC to become the world’s largest bank by market capitalization before slipping behind JPMorgan Chase in September 2016 after a scandal involving the creation of over 2 million fake bank accounts by Wells Fargo employees. Wells Fargo experienced further falls when it fell behind the Bank of America to third by bank deposits in 2017 and fourth behind Citigroup by total assets in 2018. Wells Fargo is considered a systematically important bank by the Financial Stability Board. 

In its present form, Wells Fargo is a result of a merger between San Francisco–based Wells Fargo & Company and Minneapolis-based Norwest Corporation in 1998 and the acquisition of Charlotte-based Wachovia in 2008. Following the mergers, the company transferred its headquarters to Wells Fargo’s headquarters in San Francisco and merged its operating subsidiary with Wells Fargo’s operating subsidiary in Sioux Falls. Along with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup, Wells Fargo is one of the “Big Four Banks” of the United States. As of June 2018, it had 8,050 branches and 13,000 ATMs. In 2018 the company had operations in 35 countries with over 70 million customers globally.

In a 2014 Banker and Brand Finance study of the top 500 banking brands, Wells Fargo was named the world’s most valuable bank brand. This was for the second year running as it was named the most valuable brand in 2013 too. In 2016, the company ranked 7th on the Forbes Global 2000 list of largest companies in the world and on the Fortune 500 list of the largest banks in the US, it ranked 27th. Also, in 2015, the company was ranked the 7th most respected company in the world, and in the same year, it ranked 22nd most admired company in the world. 

In terms of rating, as of December 2018, Wells Fargo achieved a Standard & Popes credit rating of A-. Although in 2007, the company was the only AAA-rated bank, albeit for a brief period. 

In June 2018, as a result of some of the controversies that have trailed the company for years, Wells Fargo began retreating from retail banking in the Midwestern United States by announcing the sale of all its physical bank branch locations in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to Flagstar Bank.

Although Wells Fargo like any other multinational company has had its fair share of controversies and run-ins with the authorities and media, the company has remained resolute in delivering first-class financial services to its teeming customers. Hence, being considered as one of the most important banks in the United State was not accidental. 

Visit Wells Fargo to learn more. 


Motorola Solutions, Inc Paves the Way for Development of Technology by Providing Concrete Solutions

Image source: SDM Magazine

The advent of technological advancements has provided many opportunities for growth, prompting many individuals, artists, influencers, and emerging powerhouses to realize their potential in climbing the summits of success. More impressively, it has also revolutionized many aspects of our lives, including how we purchase necessities, read the news, acquire knowledge, and socialize with friends. However, one of the most innovative breakthroughs that the digital age has provided us is improved communication. Standing at the forefront of this ever-changing industry is Motorola Solutions, Inc, an esteemed leader in global communications and analytics.

Formerly known as Motorola, Inc, this highly adaptable telecommunications provider has been gracing the industry with its grace and finesse. Its diligent efforts of creating brilliant and groundbreaking solutions have earned acclaim from countless peers and established powerhouses across the industry, solidifying its reputable stance around the world. Not only did Motorola Solutions, Inc improve social connections, but it also revolutionized communications, prompting growth and development across a variety of trades.

Primarily headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Motorola Solutions, Inc is a trailblazing enterprise that transcends limitations, exceeds expectations, and breaks boundaries. Ever since it delved into the technological space with a visionary goal in mind, this multifaceted power player has proven itself worthy of its reputable name. With Greg Brown’s exceptional leadership, it comes as no surprise how Motorola has become a household name around the world.

Throughout the years, Motorola Solutions, Inc has evolved from being an American manufacturer of wireless communications and electronics systems to a global provider of data security and communications and telecommunications equipment. On top of that, this multifaceted entity primarily focuses on selling products and services to public safety and government agencies, such as law enforcement and emergency medical services, as well as private entities like hospitality, retail, logistics, and transportation, in order to usher a new era of data security.

Being a globally renowned leader in communications, Motorola Solutions, Inc is an entity that is widely known for its unique approach to technology. Ever since Motorola, Inc decided to split into two companies back in 2011, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, the company has created technology platforms ahead of its time. From command center software to video security and analytics, this powerhouse has succeeded in making communities and businesses stay connected while staying productive and secure.

With a wide variety of breakthroughs over the years, Motorola Solutions, Inc takes on the challenge of developing more products and services dedicated to societal growth. As a matter of fact, employees from around the world are consistently delivering solutions, carving paths towards the summits of success. With a rich history filled with firsts in the industry, including the creation of mobile communications and the development of the first commercial handheld cellular phone, Motorola is bound to take the industry by storm.

Without a doubt, Motorola Solutions, Inc has demonstrated its exceptional prowess over the years by consistently revolutionizing industries, one solution at a time. In the coming years, it is bound to continue its promise of building a better world and making a difference.