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Cubii Making Health Accessible to All with a New Approach to Fitness


Most people who can’t seem to fit a fitness routine into their schedule feel like they don’t have any other options. Some struggle with time constraints due to busy work schedules, while others struggle with physical limitations. Whatever the case may be, a new and revolutionary company is out to provide such people with a fitness routine that fits into their lives. The company’s name is Cubii. 

The health and wellness company is on a mission to help as many people on the planet have a chance to stay fit and healthy by creating solutions that make fitness feasible for most. The company’s flagship product is a beautifully designed seated elliptical walker that integrates movements and workouts to a busy workday or any other part of everyday life. 

“Cubii is changing how the world thinks about fitness,” explains Arnav Dalmia, Cubii’s CEO and co-founder. “For us, staying active is a way of life, not a daily commitment to going to the gym. By making exercise accessible to all physical abilities, ages, and lifestyles, we help hundreds of thousands of users stay active every day.” In essence, using a Cubii allows a busy professional to keep a steady workout while sitting on a desk and slaying through a workday. Studies have shown that using Cubii has allowed many of its customers to lose significant weight through exercise and improve overall health. Cubii also comes as a great alternative to people with injuries or conditions that put them at risk when exposed to high-impact workouts. 

What makes Cubii a unique concept is combining best practices in fitness and technology to create an intelligent measurement tool. Cubii elliptical exercisers pair seamlessly with a mobile app that one can use to measure progress and results. Cubii’s app can tell someone the number of revolutions per minute, steps they take, and even calories they lose. Cubii’s app also integrates seamlessly with other fitness technology like Fitbit, HealthKit, and AppleWatch to consolidate reports with other devices and apps that a user might utilize.

Cubii’s app also connects users to a community of over 500,000 other users who are on their journey to better health and fitness. Through their social interaction tools, customers can encourage friends, challenge others, and compete for rankings. The community also provides an excellent resource for people looking to gain other best practices and information on how to improve one’s health. 

Another aspect of Cubii’s operation is their continuous workout programs that come for free via their YouTube channel and unique platform. These tutorials show users how to best use Cubii’s elliptical exercisers or other ancillary exercise tools that Cubii offers.

After breaching the half a million users mark, Cubii has quickly grown into one of the nation’s most successful health technology companies. It currently stands as one of the fifty fastest-growing health companies in Illinois after posting a 104% growth in staffing last year. The product also took off at a timely venture as people searched for stay-at-home exercise alternatives at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all that Cubii still has to offer and its culture of innovation and value-giving continuing to grow, there’s no knowing what heights the company will reach next. Learn more about the health tech company by visiting its website, and check out its free workout videos on their YouTube channel


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